Ted talk assignment

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ted talk assignment

Ted, talk, tuesday: Why you want Gritty Employees rework

To put it in colloquial terms, i pulled a beyonce move and let out my sasha fierce, which works in its respective way. When performing, having confidence definitely builds a lot of ethos because both you and the audience know exactly what is being discussed. Keeping that in mind, for Saturdays re-do, i plan to do just that to get over my nerves when delivering the information. My main concern is letting my information flow, not discrediting myself, and introducing sources appropriately. The first time, i found myself pausing and trying to take up time by asking too many questions and have seemed to have lost my sense of direction in the general point I was trying to make. I soon found myself overcome by ums and at some points attacking my poor audience. In that regard, for these next couple of days Ill definitely be practicing, practicing, and practicing in order to achieve that success that I was originally aiming for.

Ted, talk, tuesday: What makes Us feel good About Our Work

I had a lot to cram in 5:30 (and it hit about that much time exactly!) but just taking the time to practicing saying certain things so it doesnt sound like words all run together, would improve the way my ted talk sounds (and improve. Eye contact was another thing. I practice so much just speaking to one person, that I forgot theres another audience anxiety present in the first place! During my 2nd ted talk, i was mostly talking to madison, and at one point I remembered that Emily was there too, but I shouldve focused on a fictional audience by looking at more than one spot (especially for the sake of the video). Little things make huge differences! Tagged king, rcl, rcl1213, ted 1, reply, posted on, november 8, 2012 by, stacy justo, reply. Tuesdays ted talk wasnt my best performance exactly. While the thought of being put on the spot can be nerve-wrecking, its always good to know what exactly youre talking about and how well you autumn can convince your audience that fact. The only positive thing I could say about my ted talk is that I was confident enough to engage with the audience. Even though I havent really spent too much time talking to my classmates outside of class, i felt comfortable going up to them during my presentation and asking them questions regarding my topic in order to help prove my point.

If you are an efl student, have you have tried to use ted talks to help you learn English? Get weekly articles and resources straight to your inbox. Posted on, november 15, 2012 by, stacy justo 1, overall, Im so glad that my ted talk did a 180 from the last time i gave. For me, i mostly had trouble bringing out the shift that has occurred in digital communication because there are so many approaches that couldve been taken (which led to my confusion!). At first, i began talking about the anonymity that people have with only social networks, but that could also be applied to other digital forms of communication, so in limiting my argument to just social networks hurt my argument more than help. Eventually, once i had a clear argument for my ted talk, i asked Kyle for help after my first fail, and practiced my information every single day. The only thing I would say for the second time that I would make better is just enunciating.


ted talk assignment

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Step 3: In-class Discussions, after in-class oral practices, i try to engage students in discussions about meaningful subjects. For instance, in the speech previously mentioned in this article, special Olympics let me be myself- a champion, my students were asked to respond to various questions, such as do you think a medal won by someone competing in the Special Olympics is as impressive. Explain to your partner why you feel the way you. For the speech teach every child about food, students worked in pairs discussing questions empire like what foods should a person eat on a regular basis in order to maintain good health? Then, after a period of time talking with each other, i asked them to report back their thoughts or findings. What I like best about incorporating ted talks into my language classes is that i know i am having students do meaningful and interesting work, which is very important to their growth as English language learners. If you are an efl teacher, do you think you would like to try to use ted talks in any fruit of your classes?

For the 2nd listening, students are encouraged to try to listen to a speaker without reading the transcript. They are told to focus more attention on the ways in which a speaker uses intonation and how stress is put on certain words. Finally, students must make their own recording of the same speech, and send the audio clip assignment. Step 2: In-class Oral Practice, after students have had the chance to listen and record one of the speeches at home,  that speech is shown to everyone during class by using an overhead projector. At that time, different students will be chosen to read a sentence from the speech. If any errors have been made in pronunciation, i will then tell everyone how to say the word/s correctly. Then the whole class is asked to read that same sentence. Also at this time, students are chosen to verbally give their own definition of certain words in the speech, and they are told how they should use intonation and word stress when speaking. This activity is usually concluded after the whole class has read between two to four paragraphs.

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ted talk assignment

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Is the vocabulary used in the speech too difficult for many of the students to understand? How efl teachers Can Use ted talks. Each ted talk has a transcript of a particular speech. Since each speech ranges in length from under 5 minutes to a maximum of 18 minutes (although some go beyond that time frame teachers should make a decision as to whether a particular speech is too brief or long for the class they are teaching. A very helpful feature ted talks offers on their website is listing the speeches into different categories based on Topics and Duration (0-6, 6-12,12-18, 18 languages (these speeches have the transcripts written in more languages than simply English events, and one can even find.

The following information explains how i often incorporate ted talks into my speaking and listening classes. Step 1: Out-of-class Listening and Speaking Practice. Every week, i give my students the name of a speech and the speaker, along with the specific webpage where the speech can be located. Students begin by reading the entire transcript, and finding out the definitions and meanings of any words or phrases which they may not understand. Then they listen to the speech while reading the transcript. During this first listening, it is especially important for students to pay close attention to a speakers pronunciation since many of the ted talks speakers use vocabulary words which may be unfamiliar to them.

They also admired the hard-work these girls put forth to help their country. Ted talksAuthentic Material, as a long-time efl teacher on the small, yet interesting island of taiwan, i try to expose my students to as much authentic material as possible. One reason why ted talks can absolutely be considered to be authentic, is due to the fact that the speakers are not simply reading a script which has been written by someone else, as is often the case with a lot of language learning material. Instead, ted speakers always share their own personal stories, passions, ideas and desires with the audience. Also, ted talks are sometimes given by people whose native language is not English, which is exactly what efl students are likely to encounter in real-life situations. Thus, anyone who listens to a ted talk may hear people speaking English with a number of different accents, such as German, French, or Korean, and they do not always have perfect pronunciation when they speak.

This is useful for English language learners because it may help them to realize that they do not have to be afraid or feel embarrassed about making mistakes when they are speaking English. Possible downsides to Individual ted talk Speeches. While ted talks do make a valuable contribution to the field of English Language learning (ell there are some potential downsides which efl teachers must take into consideration prior to asking students to listen to any particular speech. After I have found a possibly good speech for my students, i find it extremely useful to ask myself the following questions: does a non-native english speaker use comprehensible English? Do i need to give the class any background information about the speaker or the topic? Is there any speaker who uses profanity, or language which may be considered to be inappropriate? Does the speaker actually speak too fast?

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Special Olympics let me be myself-a champion. The speaker, matthew Williams, is a young man with an intellectual disability who has won metals by competing in sports competitions. Several students thought that his speech was inspiring, and many of them expressed a desire to learn more about the Special Olympics after listening to him. Another talk which was received positively was given by the British chef and tv personality, jamie oliver, who in his speech, teach every child about food, discussed words the problem of obesity among American people. Some students said they liked Olivers speech because they were familiar with him from television shows, while others felt that obesity was an important issue because it was starting to become a problem in taiwan. Finally, our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali is a speech given by two teenage sisters, who talk about the problems that trash and plastic bags are creating on their beautiful island of Bali. This speech was very well-received by students because it was comparatively easier for them to follow, both in content and in the vocabulary the girls used, than some of the other ted talks.

ted talk assignment

In this article, i explain the two primary reasons why i like using ted talks in my classes. Then, i reveal some possible problems efl teachers need to be aware prior to introducing any of the talks to their students. Finally, i show how I have been using ted talks in my listening and speaking classes. Ted talks Topics Are (almost) Endless. One of the most impressive things about ted talks is that essay there are simply so many of them. At the time this article is being written, a quick check of the ted site reveals that there are 2200 talks to stir your curiosity. Based on feedback received from my students, they found listening to people speaking about various subjects each week to be both interesting and educational. One such talk that many of them liked is titled.

the same reason. With so much material readily accessible, we can find ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of items that are available. Even worse, after we have found something online which seems promising, we may struggle to come up with a way to have our students use it so that it will be beneficial to them as they endeavor to learn English. It for this reason that I was thrilled when I found ted talks online. What Are ted talks? For those who are unfamiliar with ted talks, they are a series of public speeches made by both notable and not so famous people. Although many of the talks have been freely available online since 2006, i personally did not listen to my first ted talk until 2013. However, once i did, i knew that this was going to be an invaluable teaching tool.

Obviously, life is filled with moments, both happy and sad. The most affecting part of his talk and film comes with footage of his sister-in-law, who was taken ill in the last year and who spent much time, desperately sick, in hospital. This quiet footage of a family, hoping and waiting, is truly moving. Recording these one seconds on a bad day is extremely difficult, kuriyama admits. We take our essay cameras out when were doing awesome things; we rarely do that when something horrible is happening. Yet filming the bad times has helped him to process, to recognize, to dealand he concludes by wondering if it might not do the same for us all. Teaching English Using ted talks, we efl teachers today are indeed a very fortunate group of people.

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Your name, email, what is the issue? Photo: James Duncan davidson, on his 30th birthday, cesar Kuriyama quit his job in advertising. At the same time, he started a project: One second every day for which he cuts together one second of footage from every day of his life into an ever-expanding project. Weve seen these daily-picture kind of projects before, but this is certainly ambitious. As Kuriyama explains, its a project he plans on conducting for the rest of his life. . If I live to 80, i will have teresa a five-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life, he says to applause. At 40, Ill have a one-hour video of my 30s. He shows the film to the audience, and its interesting to see how much richness the footage includes. Sometimes, he says, it can be difficult to narrow down his choice to just one second, but as the project has gone on, he has become ever more convinced that this is a way he will remember his life forever.

ted talk assignment
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  6. Thus, anyone who listens. Finally, students must make their own recording of the same speech, and send the audio clip assignment. The lesson plan is based on a ten minute. Ted talk : tthe curly fry conundrum: why social.

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