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Together, the White tiger, Blackbyrd, and d'angelo finished off the corporation agents, though one of them stunned the White tiger, who was saved by jack of hearts. However, all of the attackers were dead, and thus could give no further information on their employers (they were not known to be corporation agents). Distraught over her own injuries, the violence, and the deaths of their attackers, Awilda struck the White tiger, telling him he was not her brother. He stopped her, but she collapsed, dazed and not hearing his efforts to explain things to her, after which she departed. The White tiger reluctantly agreed to accompany d'angelo and Blackbyrd to El  Tigre bar, on Willis avenue and 141st street; Jack of hearts was not yet recovered enough to join them. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu27) - en route to El Tigre bar, the White tiger encountered 13 year old Marguerita yvette "Cheeky" Molina who was impressed with and followed the tiger. Inside El Tigre bar, Blackbyrd and d'angelo tried to pressure the inhabitants to yield information on "El Tigre." White tiger, watching the swiveling television screen, saw the bartender, Whitewash, pull a shotgun out, and he warned Blackbyrd and d'angelo in time for them to duck. White tiger disarmed Whitewash and several other gunmen, but when they tried to get information on "El Tigre smiler told them that he thought White tiger/Tigre Blanco was "El Tigre." White tiger again saved Blackbyrd and d'angelo, this time from a laser hidden within the.

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Jack then accused the White tiger of murdering his father, Philip Hart, and recounted the details of his father's death and his own empowerment. Having faked unconsciousness to learn Jack's story, the White tiger suddenly attacked anew, continuing to voice his innocence until the fight carried them off the roof. Beginning to doubt his own accusations, jack rolled to take the impact himself and was injured. As the tiger rose, he was confronted by Awilda ayala, d'angelo, and Blackbyrd who wanted to know his connection bank to hector ayala and where he had gotten the former Sons of the tiger's amulets. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu24/5) - after taking Jack of hearts to the hospital, the White tiger revealed to Awilda, d'angelo, and Blackbyrd that he was Hector ayala and told them how he had found the tiger Amulets. They were then interrupted when Jack's body began discharging destructive energy blasts after the doctors had tried to take off his armor. The tiger dodged the blasts and again contained Jack's power by holding his wrists, ignoring the burning pain until Jack awakened, mostly healed, and regained control of himself. Jack revealed the involvement of "The tiger" in south Bronx. As Blackbyrd pondered a connection to the south Bronx Tiger-Bar, and Awilda tried to convince the White tiger to stay out of this, corporation agents attacked, seeking to finish off Jack of hearts. The White tiger attacked them, but the corporation agents eventually took out Blackbyrd and then threatened to kill Awilda and d'angelo if the White tiger did not allow them to kill Jack of hearts. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu26) - either recovering or having feigned unconsciousness, Blackbyrd suddenly shot several of the corporation agents, enabling d'angelo to catch his own attacker off guard and knock him out, and then the White tiger drop-kicked the man holding Awilda.

This left Nestor more confused than before. Realizing he had bewildered his father and distraught over his various problems, the White tiger beat his hands bloody against a brick wall, after which he was ambushed by an energy blast by jack of hearts. After Jack accused him business of killing someone, the White tiger tried in vain to convince him otherwise, then dodged further attacks. White tiger got the advantage of Jack by restraining his wrists (from which he released his energy) but let go when Hector's mind briefly forced its way to the fore. White tiger regained control of himself, but Jack stated his plans to prove his guilt in a trial by fire. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu23/4) - when Jack threatened to attack again, the White tiger fought back, striking him repeatedly though his hands opened up and began to bleed again (from his recent punching of the bricks). He dodged Jack's first blast, but took a blast to the eyes just as he kicked Jack off the roof. Just as he regained his vision, jack returned and blasted him repeatedly until he collapsed.

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Jack mistakenly assumed the tiger was the White tiger. In reality, it was the ship, "El Tigre on which Corporation agents were based. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu22/5) - white tiger saw the newspaper article on himself, but then reverted back to hector ayala who had no memory of his dual identity. The figure in the newspaper seemed familiar, and then Hector realized that figure wore the same tiger Amulets he wore, and realized they were the same man. With that realization, hector had flashbacks to the White tiger's adventures. Frustrated because he didn't understand what was happening, he crushed a steel pipe in his hand. The White tiger subsequently appeared to his overworked father, nestor (who held three jobs telling him that Hector wished him to know that he was well.

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He was then struck down by a blast from the Prowler who accused him of killing the "Kid." The White tiger fought back, denying the accusations, and the Prowler began to wonder if he hadn't reacted without thinking; as he made the offer to talk. Trying to distract the tiger, the Prowler underestimated the force of a blow against a chimney, and he sent a large chunk of concrete at the tiger, who shattered it with a single blow. The two fought hand-to-hand, but after the tiger accidentally knocked the Prowler off the roof, the Prowler caught himself on the wall and then stunned him with a magnesium flare. When the Prowler prepared to press his advantage, the White tiger proved to have already recovered and then subdued the Prowler with a series of strikes. The tiger grabbed Prowler in a headlock, and the Prowler stopped word struggling, noting he had been convinced of the tiger's innocence and put his life in the tiger's hands as a show of confidence. D'angelo and several other nypd officers confronted the two vigilantes, but then revealed that the tiger had been cleared of charges of killing Lopez. When the tiger and Prowler fled, some nervous cop started firing.

The tiger leapt off a building, slowed his momentum on a fire escape, and landed on some trash cans. He then reverted back to hector, who didn't remember the tiger's activities and was again overcome by nausea, as well as feeling that the cops and his own family were now against him. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu22/5 (fb) - bts) - a photographer for the daily Globe obtained pictures of the White tiger battling the Prowler. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu24/5? (fb) - bts) - jack of hearts learned that the men who had killed his father were sent by "The tiger" in the south Bronx.

Which Awilda told him she knew was false, since she had been out with Angela last night. Now suspicious about Hector, Awilda nonetheless covered for him with their mother, but then questioned him further, noting that they already had one problem to deal with, their drug addict brother, filippo, and wondering if he was having the same problem. Just then, nypd detective  Jimmy d'angelo and two officers, Price and?, showed up at the ayala's door, asking about Hector in regards to a suspect in a gang war killing of Lopez. Hector denied any such activities, but then confessed that he didn't really remember. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu21/5 (fb) - bts) - hobie brown read of the death of Lopez, whom Hobie had taken on as a big Brother, and - noting that Hector ayala and the White tiger were suspects, resolved to punish whoever was responsible.

(Deadly hands of Kung Fu21/5) - after d'angelo explained how they had found Hector's radio, awilda tried to cover for him, but Hector admitted that he wasn't home the previous night but that he had no idea where he had been. When d'angelo announced his intent to bring Hector to the station for questioning, the tiger Amulets started glowing, and Hector, fearing he might black out again, punched the one cop, threw him into d'angelo and Price, and jumped through his parent's closed window, ignoring d'angelo's. Waves of energy crashed over Hector, and he was overcome by nausea; unable to remove the Amulets, he transformed into the White tiger again. When Price and the other officer searched the now vacant alley in which Hector had landed, the White tiger leapt down from above, and stunned both men with a kick and a punch. When the neighbors seemed excited by the fight, the White tiger fled, refusing to stand as an example of violence. From above, the Prowler watched. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu21/5 (fb) - bts) - the White tiger overheard that the night watchmen was in shock and could not tell the nypd who had killed Lopez. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu21/5) - later, as the White tiger hid in the shadows as the nypd formed a dragnet to try to locate him, some officers saw and fired on him, but he dodged.

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Hector didn't remember what he had done as the White tiger, though he did recall picking up the Amulets. As he did so again, he was overcome with waves of friendship nausea and ran down the street (leaving behind his radio). He used the fire escape to sneak back into his parents' apartment, then as another wave of nausea and weakness hit him, he removed the amulets. Exhausted, he then fell asleep, dreaming of the sons of the tiger and of his finding the Amulets. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu20/5 (fb) - bts) - while hector slept, his sister Awilda, having heard his rough entry into the apartment, checked on him and found him asleep on the floor, fully biography dressed. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu21/5 (fb) - bts) - nypd detective Jimmy d'angelo and two officers, Price and?, found Hector's radio near the train yard where "Kid" Lopez had been shot. Noticing the blood on the radio, they dusted it for prints and determined it to be hector ayala's. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu20/5) - after Hector woke up, he re-donned the Amulets and buttoned up his shirt to hide them from Awilda, after which he lied about his evenings activities, claiming to have been out on a date with Angela.

(Deadly hands of Kung Fu19/5) - after the sons of the tiger (Abe Brown, bob diamond, and Lin Sun) broke up and threw their Tiger Amulets into the alley outside the sons of the tiger Kung fu school, they were found by hector ayala. Stringing them together into a single necklace and putting it on, ayala was affected by the tiger Amulets' energies and empowered and costumed as the White tiger. Additionally, he had visions of the sons of the tiger and knew that his new alias was the White tiger. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu20/5) - witnessing the nomads gang (including Brother cool, duke, eddy, manuel "Manny kid" Lopez, and at least 3 others) beating and preparing to kill a south Bronx train yard's security guard, the White tiger made a dramatic appearance to stop. He outfought and incapacitated all the older members, but then Lopez whom the older members had been trying to get to shoot the guard, turned the gun on the White tiger. Hector tried to talk lopez down, but when the guard started to get up, aaa lopez panicked and fired the gun. The White tiger dodged sufficiently to avoid being shot in the chest (receiving a wound to the shoulder instead and the guard hit Lopez in the back of the head with his nightstick, inadvertently striking a fatal blow. The guard noted that he had hit harder than he'd meant to due to getting carried away, but the White tiger punched him down and accused him of murdering a young boy that the tiger might have guided from the world of violence. The White tiger departed, returning to the same spot he had found the Amulets as morning approached, at which point he suffered a severe headache and returned to his civilian guise in a flash of light.

ayala (wife awilda ayala-del Toro. Del Toro (brother-in-law note: Previous entries have noted Hector ayala to have an "unidentified younger sister (deceased - don't know if aya is meant to be this sister, indicating she apparently only appeared to have died, but survived. Or perhaps she is a previously unseen sister who had gone her separate ways and was never mentioned before? It is further unrevealed whether Hector is of any relation to carlos ayala, one of the "caterpillar" (children of superhumans) agents of Nick fury Aliases : El Tigre Blanco Place of Birth : San juan, puerto rico base of Operations : South Bronx, new York city. Hector's transformation into the White tiger and vice-versa neutralized toxins present in the other's system, and possibly healed wounds. Hector ayala's persona initially was subliminated when transformed to White tiger (perhaps dominated by the spirit of the jade tiger and/or the personae of previous amulet wearers). Removal of the amulets initially resulted in painful withdrawal symptoms, although these lessened in severity over time. Height : 6'0" weight : 190 lbs. Eyes : Brown hair : Black history : (Deadly hands of Kung Fu31 (fb) - bts) - per Filippo, hector had to be led to collect unemployment. (Deadly hands of Kung Fu21/5 (fb) - bts) - hector's fingerprints were on record with the new York police department (nypd).

White tiger, real Name : Hector ayala, identity/Class : Human magic user ; identity publicly known; citizen of usa with criminal record. Occupation : Unrevealed; undertook, but did not complete undergraduate studies at Empire State University. Group Membership : Formerly, defenders plan for a day (Black goliath (Bill Foster captain Marvel (Mar-Vell captain Ultra (Griffin Gogol havok (Alex Summers hercules, Iron Fist (Danny rand jack of hearts (Jack hart marvel Man (Wendell vaughn. Marvel (Carol Danvers nova (Rich Rider paladin, polaris (Lorna dane prowler (Hobie brown son of Satan (Damian Hellstrom tagak, torpedo (Brock jones) - more specifically, hercules' group (Black goliath, captain Ultra, havok, hellcat, hercules, Iron Fist). Affiliations : Blackbyrd (Nathaniel Byrd. Jimmy d'angelo, daredevil (Matt Murdock defenders (. Hellcat (Patsy walker hulk (Bruce banner nighthawk (Kyle richmond valkyrie (Brunnhilde holly gillis, human Fly (Rick rojatt foggy nelson, savage skulls, Spider-Man (Peter Parker). Enemies : Carrion (Miles Warren clone copperhead (Arthur reynolds darter (Randy vale defenders imposters (Batroc the leaper (Georges Batroc beetle (Abner Jenkins Blob (Fred dukes Electro (Max Dillon looter (Norton Fester Plantman (Sam Smithers porcupine (Alex Gentry sagittarius, whirlwind (david Cannon district Attorney delacourt,.

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Frank baum ( ). The timeless story of the wizard. Follow resume Dorothy as she leaves Kansas for oz on a cyclone. She meets many strange, and wonderful people and creatures along the way. Enjoy it again with your children and family. Characters: Genre(s Children's Fiction, Dramatic readings, Action adventure. Language: English, group: oz books - original and official. White tiger (Hector ayala; Sons of the tiger, Spider-Man character).

summary of aunt jennifer's tiger
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  7. In the first stanza, aunt, jennifer s situation and character is contrasted with her artistic creation that portrays her aspiration. The equipment on board, however, is still sending scientific data back to earth, a spokesman for Russia s, institute of, biomedical Problems said. White, tiger led his allies to escape the ship before the explosions could kill them.Quesada (editors) Daredevil II69 (March, 2005) - brian Michael Bendis (writer Alex Maleev (artist jennifer. Enjoy it again with your children and family.

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