Shakespeare 12 night summary

Twelfth, night by william, shakespeare

shakespeare 12 night summary

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Viola tries to make orsino's suit, but is unsuccessful; Olivia begins to show interest in viola as Cesario in this scene. Viola is sent away at last, and Olivia has Malvolio go after viola, with a ring and an invitation to come back tomorrow. Act II: Sebastian, viola's brother, is shown alive, and in the company. Antonio, a somewhat shady sea-captain. Sebastian tells Antonio of his sister, viola, who he fears has been drowned; he thanks Antonio for his kindness in saving him and resolves that he must be off alone. Malvolio catches up to viola, with the ring he was instructed to give viola by Olivia.

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Sir Toby has great affection for Sir Andrew, but Maria does not; she believes that Sir Andrew is a drunkard and a fool, and not to be suffered. Sir Toby attempts to introduce sir Andrew to maria; wordplay ensues from a series of misunderstandings, puns, and differing usages of words. Maria exits, and Sir Toby and Sir Andrew continue to quibble, with some amusing results; at last, they decide to start drinking. Viola has now disguised herself as a boy, cesario, and has been taken into the service of count Orsino. Valentine remarks that Orsino and viola, as Cesario, have become close in the short time that viola has been employed; indeed, Orsino has already told viola of his great love for Olivia. Orsino asks viola to go to Olivia and make orsino's case to the lady; viola says she will obey, although she confesses in an aside that she already feels love for Orsino, and would rather be his wife than try to woo olivia for him. Feste first appears in the play in Act. Olivia enters, with her attendants, and is somewhat displeased and short with Feste; thrones Feste says she is a fool for mourning her brother, if she knows that her brother is in heaven. Viola/ Cesario arrives at Olivia's house, and is admitted after much waiting, and being examined by both Sir Toby and. Viola is brought in to meet Olivia, who finds out viola is a messenger on Orsino's behalf, and Olivia discourages viola from wooing her for the count.

Viola hopes that her brother was saved, as she was; the captain, who also managed to get ashore, tries to console her of the hopes of finding her brother alive. The captain recalls seeing her brother in the water after the shipwreck, clinging onto a mast, and riding above the waves. As it happens, the captain is from Illyria, and tells viola of count Orsino, and of his love for Lady Olivia; the captain also mentions Olivia's recent loss of both her father and her brother, and viola, points having lost her brother as well, commiserates with. Viola proposes that she serve orsino, since he is a good and just man; she conspires with the captain that she may be presented to Orsino as a eunuch, and that her true identity as a foreign woman be concealed. The captain agrees to help her, and he leads her to Orsino. Sir Toby, olivia's drunken uncle, is approached by Olivia's handmaiden, maria, about his late hours and disorderly habits. Maria also objects to one of Sir Toby's drinking buddies, sir Andrew, aguecheek, a rather foolish man who sir Toby has brought as a potential suitor to Olivia.

shakespeare 12 night summary

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Lots of confusion follows around the mistaken identity of Sebastian and Cesario, and exactly who is promised to whom. Eventually all is revealed, the brother and sister are reunited and the love triangle is resolved into two couples, sebastian and Olivia, and viola and Orsino. Finally, viola discovers the trick that has been played on Malvolio, and he's released from confinement. Act I: count Orsino of Illyria is introduced; he laments that he is lovesick, and wishes that "if music be the food of love he could kill his unrequited love through an overdose of music. Orsino's servant Valentine, whom professional Orsino sent to give his affections. Olivia, returns; Valentine was not allowed to speak empire directly to Olivia, but Olivia sent a message, via her handmaiden, that Olivia will continue to mourn her dead brother, and will neither allow Orsino to see her or to woo her. Viola lands in Illyria, after a terrible shipwreck in which she was separated from her twin brother, sebastian.

Tricking Malvolio, olivias butler, malvolio, disapproves of all the other members of her household her drunken uncle sir Toby belch, his friend Sir Andrew Aguecheek and her servants, maria, feste and Fabia. Fed up with Malvolio constantly spoiling their fun, they decide to play a practical joke on him. Malvolio is secretly in love with Olivia, and the others trick him into believing that these feelings are returned. Maria forges a letter to malvolio, supposedly from Olivia, suggesting that she loves him and he should wear yellow stockings and smile all the time. Malvolio does as the letter suggests, and Olivia thinks he has gone mad, so has him locked. Sebastian returns, viola's brother, sebastian, who believes his sister is dead, arrives with his friend and protector, Antonio, who rescued him from the shipwreck. She mistakes him for Cesario and asks him to marry her, he agrees. Confusion, coupling and a happy ending.

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shakespeare 12 night summary

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Seeing both twins together, all is revealed to Olivia. Orsinos fool, feste, brings a letter from Malvolio and on his release the conspirators confess to having written footer the false letter. Malvolio departs promising revenge. Maria and Sir Toby have married in celebration of the success of their device against the steward. The play ends as Orsino welcomes Olivia and Sebastian and, realising his own attraction to cesario, he promises that once she is dressed as a woman again they, too, will be married. Viola and her twin brother Sebastian have been shipwrecked; each believes the other to be drowned. Viola disguises herself as a young man dissertation and, under the name of Cesario, gets a job as a servant for the duke, orsino.

A love triangle, orsino is in love with Olivia, but she's mourning for her dead brother, so has rejected all his advances so far. He sends Cesario (who is really viola) wth love letters to woo olivia on his behalf. Unfortunately for the duke, olivia is taken in by cesarios disguise and falls in love with him. Viola has secretly fallen in love with Orsino, and Orsino is confused by his feelings for his new male servant. So, viola loves Orsino, orsino loves Olivia and Olivia loves Cesario/Viola.

Despite his rejection Orsino sends his new page cesario (Viola in disguise) to woo olivia on his behalf. Viola goes unwillingly as she has already fallen in love at first sight with the duke. Olivia is attracted by the boy and she sends her pompous steward, malvolio, after him with a ring. Olivias uncle, sir Toby belch, her servant Maria, and Sir Tobys friend, sir Andrew Aguecheek, who is also hoping to woo olivia, and is being led on by sir Toby, who is trying to fleece him of his money, all plot to expose the self-love. By means of a false letter they trick him into thinking his mistress Olivia loves him.

Malvolio appears in yellow stockings and cross-garters, smiling as they have told him to in the letter. Unaware of the trick the countess is horrified and has Malvolio shut up in the dark as a madman. Meanwhile violas twin brother, Sebastian, who has also survived the shipwreck, comes to Illyria. His sea-captain friend, Antonio, is a wanted man for piracy against Orsino. The resemblance between Cesario and Sebastian leads the jealous Sir Andrew to challenge cesario to a duel. Antonio intervenes to defend Cesario whom he thinks is his friend Sebastian, and is arrested. Olivia has in the meantime met and become betrothed to Sebastian. Cesario is accused of deserting both Antonio and Olivia when the real Sebastian arrives to apologise for fighting Sir Toby.

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Sir Andrew Aguecheek, malvolio, steward to Olivia, feste, a clown; Olivia's servant. Olivia, a rich countess, viola, in love with the duke. Maria, olivia's maid, a sea captain, lords, Priests, sailors, Officers, musicians, and Attendants. Here is a brief plot summary of Twelfth Night : Orsino, the duke of lllyria, is in love with his neighbour, the countess Olivia. She has sworn to avoid mens company for seven years while party she mourns the death of her brother, so rejects him. Nearby a group of sailors arrive on shore with a young woman, viola, who has survived a shipwreck in a storm at sea. Viola mourns the loss of her twin brother but decides to dress as a boy to get work as a page to duke orsino.


shakespeare 12 night summary

Adding to this confusion, belch and Aguecheek enter claiming that viola/Cesario has violently assaulted them. In the midst of viola's denials, sebastian appears. The brother and sister recognize one another and are reunited; Sebastian helps to clear the confusion as to who fought and married who. At the end, Orsino and viola pledge their love, olivia and Sebastian will remain satisfactorily wed, and Olivia rebukes Belch and Maria for their abuse of Malvolio, who vows his revenge upon the whole lot. Belch agrees to wed Maria to make dialogue up for getting her in trouble, and allexcept the disgruntled Malvoliowill apparently live happily ever after. Dramatis Personae: Orsino, duke of Illyria. Sebastian, brother of viola, antonio, a sea captain, valentine. Curio, sir Toby belch, uncle of Olivia.

encounter Sebastian, who doesn't back down from Aguecheek when challenged and resoundingly beats him. Olivia intervenes in the matter, andmistaking Sebastian for viola/Cesariopresses her suit for him. A bemused Sebastian agrees to marry her. Antonio is brought before the duke for questioning, and viola relates the events of the duel. Antonio tells everyone how he dragged "this man" from the surf, saving his life. Then Olivia enters, searching for her new husbandwhich she thinks is viola (as Cesario).

In the two major subplots of the play, sebastian (Viola's twin, presumed dead) comes ashore in Illyria thinking that viola has drowned in the shipwreck. A man named Antonio rescued him from the surf, and report continues to aid himat some risk to himself, as Antonio fought against the duke at one time. Meanwhile, in Olivia's house, sir Toby belch (her uncle) has hoodwinked a foppish Sir Andrew Aguecheek into supporting him by convincing him that he could be a suitor to Olivia. There is a running feud between Malvolio and Belch; with the help of Maria, olivia's maid, and Feste, a clown, belch plots to make a buffoon of the steward. Maria writes a love letter to malvolio that will make him think Olivia has fallen for him. Malvolio falls entirely for the sport, which eventually leads to his confinement as a madman. All the while, belch is egging Sir Andrew into a duel with viola's "Cesario" character as she departs from Olivia; Olivia is now entirely smitten with Cesario, even though viola continues to press Orsino's cause.

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Characters, download pdf, return to synopses, viola has been shipwrecked in a violent storm off the coast of Illyria; in the process she has lost the her twin brother, sebastian. She disguises herself as a boy and assumes the name cesario for protection. Thus disguised, viola becomes a page in the service of Orsino, the duke. It seems that Orsino is having little luck courting Olivia, who is in mourning for the deaths of her father and brother. As Orsino's proxy, viola is sent to Olivia with love letters. Viola refuses to budge until she is let in to see olivia; Olivia, intrigued by the impudent young "boy contrives to get "Cesario" to return by sending her steward, malvolio, after her with one of Olivia's rings. Viola realizes to her dismay that Olivia has fallen for her Cesario rather than duke orsinofurther complicated by the fact that viola has had stirrings herself for Orsino.

shakespeare 12 night summary
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  3. Free summary and analysis of the events in William Shakespeare s Twelfth Night, or What you will that won t make you snore. Twelfth Night study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes.

  4. Read the story of Twelfth Night, also known as What you will - a comedy which cent res on mistaken identity. Plot summary of Shakespeare s Twelfth Night: Orsino, the duke of lllyria, is i n love with his neighbour, the countess Olivia. She has sworn to avoid men.

  5. Of Maria, feste, and Sir Toby, and the plot involving their determination to take their revenge upon him provides the best humor of the play. Viola is shipwrecked and believes her twin, sebastian, has been killed. Masqueradi ng as a boy, she enters the service of duke orsino.

  6. A depiction of Olivia by Edmund leighton from The Graphic Gallery of Shakespeare s Heroines. Complete summary of William Shakespeare s Twelfth Night. Enotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Twelfth Night. Various critics divide Twelfth Night into various types of plots and/or subplots.

  7. A short summary of William Shakespeare s Twelfth Night. This free synopsis cov ers all the crucial plot points of Twelfth Night. Viola has been shipwrecked in a violent storm off the coast of Illyria; in the pro cess she has lost her twin brother, sebastian. She disguises herself as a boy and.

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