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report signature blade

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Cloud fall to the side, blade storms over the waste bin. Inner-city - second alley - night the remaining vampires stumble into a narrower alley where a group of bums are warming themselves over a series of oil drum fires. Jigsaw slips, tripping over one of the burning oil drums, catching himself ablaze. He doesn't give a shit. He keeps on running, barreling his way into - int. Noodle factory - night - the back entrance of a cramped, sweat-shop.

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The embers melt the snow where they land. A super-charged foot chase ensues, with hunter and prey moving at speeds in excess of anything a human would ever be capable. We're talking thirty-five, even forty miles an hour. On blade running like a bull, condensed vapor streaming from his mouth and nostrils. Splashing through puddles of icy water storming through barriers of plywood and razor wire, leaping over mountains of garbage bags. On the vampires as they flatten a length of cyclone fencing like it was crepe paper. They scramble up an obstacle of waste bins, leaping into the air - back to blade pulling out his twin-bladed boomerang as he runs. He flings the weapon. It twirls around, catching -. Cloud in mid-leap and cutting the vampire completely in half. As the disintegrating halves.

They race down a flight of stairs, tripping and tumbling over themselves. In descending order, they are: rush, a pimped-out Vanilla Ice clone wearing Karl Kani gear, followed by jigsaw,. Cloud, t-bag and segura. Blade exits just behind them, eschewing the stairs completely and vaulting over the railing. He unholsters his degenerative mach pistol as he drops, firing it as he lands in a cat-like stance on the snowy ground below - ba-bang! A silver-tipped bullet punches through t-bag's chest. He turns to ash even as his fellow vamps dash through the disintegrating cloud that used to be his body.

report signature blade

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Because of the british lights above, there are alternating pools hibernation of light and shadow in the hall. Nomak advances towards us, his face coming in and out of darkness. Nomak vampires - with each pool of light, his awful smile seems to distort further and further, until his mouth seems to be widening all the way back to his ears. Nomak (cont'd) I fucking hate vampires. On the floor, the vampire guard cries out in fear, helplessly raising his hands to defend himself. Nomak howls and leaps towards him/us, blacking out the screen with his hurtling form as we - cut to: ext. Inner-city back-alley - night boom! A second-story door flies open and five vampire thug wannabes come spilling out.

Guard 2 starts to back away when - bang! Nomak slams against the other side of the steel door. The door begins to bend, hand-shaped impressions bulging outward as Nomak starts to peel the door apart like it was an aluminum can. Guard 2 has seen enough. He turns and runs even as the door caves inward off its hinges. Forward momentum sends the door sliding across the hallway floor where it trips up the guard. On the doorway as Nomak steps into the hallway.

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report signature blade

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Nomak lashes out, knocking the synopsis guard backwards. Nomak clamps his mouth memo onto her throat, slamming her back against the wall. The vampire doctor rushes to the door, scrambling to unbolt. Nomak reaches for him, howling with blood-drunk laughter as he lifts the doctor. Nomak flings the doctor about like a toy, using his body to smash the lights, then the security camera above. Community blood bank - hallway - night we hear screams and horrible noises coming from the examining room.

Guard 2 draws a gun and looks to the security monitor with alarm. The screen goes black. He looks to the small window, trying to peer into the now-darkened room beyond - splash! A wave of blood smears across a window. A hand wipes a patch of blood away, revealing Nomak's baleful, distorted eyes.

We realize now that they are both vampires. He grips Nomak by the throat, forcing him back into the restraint chair. As the vampire guard does so, his hand brushes against Nomak's jaw. The flesh on Nomak's chin briefly separates along the scar - almost as if it were a seam. The guard pauses - and Nomak laughs.

Definitely not the reaction the vampires were expecting from a potential victim. Nomak starts to shake and twitch, like he's going into some kind of seizure. The whites of his eyes bleed red. He throws his head back, opening his mouth as a pair of razor. Sharp canines extrude from his gums. These are longer, much more lethal-looking than the fangs of the vampires and.

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Nomak notices a security camera mounted above. Nomak (anxious) How unusual? The nurse sets aside nomak's file, looking uncomfortable. Nurse your blood has a very rare phenotype, one that's quite valuable to people like. What are you talking about? A kind-faced doctor enters, nodding to guard 1. Doctor it's a good news-bad news scenario, jared. Good news for us, engelsk bad for you. The doctor and Nurse smile, baring fangs.

report signature blade

Nomak no - (apprehensive) does that mean I can't be a donor? We came up with some unusual results on your blood test. Nomak follows the nurse to a steel door were two security. Both look bored, paying little attention to the monitor which offers a view of the examining room beyond. There is also a small window with safety glass. Guard 1 opens the door, following Nomak and the nurse inside. Guard 2 remains behind, manning the hallway. Community blood bank - examining room - night. The nurse ushers Nomak into the room, indicating he should sit in a kind of reclining dental chair with arm and headrests.

their progress in a convex safety mirror suspended from the hallway ceiling as they pass all manner of medical supplies - centrifuges, an apheresis device, etc. Nurse (referring to her clipboard) I see from your questionnaire that you don't have any immediate next of kin? Nomak not that I'm in contact with. Nurse nobody to call in case of an emergency?

Others read: "you are making. Difference "give life and "becomlatelet donor". We overhear a hibernation bored-looking employee behind the information desk quizzing someone over the phone: employee have you recently visited a tropical country? In the past twelve months have you gotten a tattoo, non sterile acupuncture, or undergone any ear, skin or body piercing? We move past the employee to nomak, waiting. Nurse (O.S.) Jared Nomak? We get a better look at his face now - he has a thin scar running from his lower lip down his chin.

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Community blood bank - night. Pull back from a neon red cross ablaze in the cold feasibility December night to reveal an inner-city, store-front clinic. Trash and leaves blow over wet, snowy pavement. Angle on a pale figure standing across the street. He looks feverish and strung-out, in serious need of a fix. He starts towards the clinic. Community blood bank - entrance - night. Potential donors sit in a waiting area, filling out forms, leafing through informational material. A sign in the window reads: "Se habla Espanol".

report signature blade
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These include the archive of the celebrated board of Longitude and the papers of Charles Darwin. Writing : Write Clearly and Powerfully;.

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