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operations administrator resume

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Although these workers seek to increase basic knowledge without necessarily considering its practical use, such pure and abstract knowledge has been instrumental in producing or furthering many scientific and engineering achievements. Many theoretical mathematicians are employed as university faculty, dividing their time between teaching and conducting research. (see the statement on teachers postsecondary elsewhere in the handbook.) Applied mathematicians, on the other hand, use theories and techniques, such as mathematical modeling and computational methods, to formulate and solve practical problems in business, government, and engineering and in the physical, life, and social. For example, they may analyze the most efficient way to schedule airline routes between cities, the effects and safety of new drugs, the aerodynamic characteristics of an experimental automobile, or the cost-effectiveness of alternative manufacturing processes. Applied mathematicians working in industrial research and development may develop or enhance mathematical methods when solving a difficult problem. Some mathematicians, called cryptanalysts, analyze and decipher encryption systems designed to transmit military, political, financial, or law enforcement-related information in code.

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He is quite familiar with Unix-based operation systems. He hasnt had enough experience in working under time pressure. In his recent position levi vance was normally engaged in doing assisting tasks. As a system administrator he being was to coordinate with other departments of the corporation. Levi vance had to spec out computers to be bought and installed. Write a resume of your own. Additional reading Mathematicians Mathematics is one of the oldest and most fundamental sciences. Mathematicians use mathematical theory, computational techniques, algorithms, and the latest computer technology to solve economic, scientific, engineering, physics, and business problems. The work of mathematicians falls into two broad classes summary theoretical (pure) mathematics and applied mathematics. These classes, however, are not sharply defined and often overlap. Theoretical mathematicians advance mathematical knowledge by developing new principles and recognizing previously unknown relationships between existing principles of mathematics.

Bs computer Science, new York University, ny (2004). Are these statements true, false, or there is no information? Levi vance holds the degree of a bachelor of Arts in british Computer Science. He is seeking a new job to hone his skills in computer systems administration. Levi vance has worked 6 years as junior system administrator. His responsibilities included software development. Levi vance is quite skilled in hardware, software, and network troubleshooting.

operations administrator resume

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Tom y inc., minneapolis, mn october 20Junior System Administrator, assisted in the operation of Tom Ys computing environment. Assisted in hardware installation and maintenance of workstations, servers, networking equipment, and other supporting hardware. performed user account creation, deletion, and configuration. supported cross-platform slogan software on non-unix client platforms, including some windows and Macos x support under the direction of other systems administration staff. supervised backup and disaster recovery operations. performed occasional off-hours and remote support. Education and professional training: Microsoft, novell, and Oracle certified.

Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Uncommon ability to work independently and as part of a team. Professional Experience, wildwood Association Inc., minneapolis, mn may 2008 Present. Systems Administrator, analyzed software and hardware matters of significance pertaining to networking connectivity issues, printer, server, and application to meet business needs. coordinated hardware and software installations and upgrades. Resolve any issues caused by the system upgrades or changes in the company policies. coordinated with various departments to implement the designs and test the software reliability. monitored troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common system problems. coordinated testing, upgrade and configuration of system files and services.

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operations administrator resume

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Expanded e-mail capabilities through interconnecting Microsoft Exchange implementing Internet mail Service (IMS) and the deploying Outlook web Access. Maintenance of Microsoft Office outlook web Access and maintenance of Microsoft Office outlook e-mail, calendaring scheduling. Troubleshooting of Microsoft Office outlook database healthful structure problems. Documentation of end-user workstation for troubleshooting tips and maintenance procedures for help desk. Education: University of Arizona bachelors of Science in Information Systems Management; Fall 2010 Training: Computer and Data communications; Jan 2006 Introduction to key management; nov 2005 Network technologies and cisco configuration; Apr 2004 Awards: Click to download the windows System Administrator Resume sample Two. Summary: Established track record with 6 years of experience in helping organizations to efficiently use their networks; ensuring that the design of an organizations computer site allows all of the components to fit together and work properly. Monitor and adjust the performance of networks, troubleshoot problems reported by users and by automated network monitoring systems and make recommendations for enhancements in the implementation of future servers and networks.

Highlights of qualifications: Strong experience in Information systems and network administration. sound familiarity with Windows and Linux operating system. familiarity with basic Windows Server 2003/2008 administrative tasks. wide knowledge of Network Operations, software and hardware support. Strong hardware and application troubleshooting skills. Ability to operate tools, components, and peripheral accessories. a proven record of reliability, the ability to perform under time constraints.

Investigated new technologies, software, patches, and security packages, which will improve system performance and systems administration procedures. Managed, led and supported Windows nt, 20ctive directory domain network in multi-locations. Managed systems configuration and maintenance, problem troubleshooting, system and network security with Cyber Trust, scripting applications and program management, network monitoring and performance tuning, planning and directing upgrades and testing operations to ensure optimum system functionality. Performed high-level planning, implementation, recommendation. Met with Vendors to provide new technology (Software, hardware, tools, and device) to enhance the windows network architecture.

Contributed to defining policies and procedures including domain migration, server consolidation, multi-platform migration, disaster recovery, enterprise backups, and sms server and provide capacity-planning, performance and exceptional problem-solving, general systems health reports such as up time log. Monitored system and network activity to quickly detect any problems related to system security, performance, or system failures in a timely fashion and meet sla agreements and provide daily technical support and 24, 7 on-call support as well as weekend outage and miscellaneous tasks. Implemented all phases from design through proof of concept, pilot and deployment. Implemented all product functionality, from im and presence, file transfer, peer to peer and multi-party voice and Video integration. Planned, designed, tested, implemented and served as Support for the microsoft ocs. Installed and configured Migrated Exchange 2000 to 2003, Exchange client configuration using Microsoft Office outlook.

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Power shell automation for creation of virtual servers to vhosts. VMware mixed mode support environment customer test environment. May 2006- jan 2008 bcd inc. Managed systems configuration and maintenance, desk problem troubleshooting, system and program security, applications and program management, planning and directing upgrades, and testing operations to ensure resumes optimum system functionality. Provided design, implementation, administration and support of Windows 2000 Active directory and Windows nt legacy domain. Architected, installed and maintained Windows nt, server solutions for both production and development environments. Managed the help desk desktop Support team which supported Windows.X, 2000, xp, vista and Windows 7 along with the ms-office including mail services.

operations administrator resume

Assist as part of a team in building and managing lab environments with complex settings, configurations, topologies and equipment including servers and various network elements. Network troubleshooting in complex environments, vlan configurations, port trunking. Assist in development, improvement and maintenance of imaging, deployment solution. Administer multiple disjoint Active directory forests, domains, dhcp, dns and various other Infrastructure services. Trust relationships setup, dcpromo and decommission. Updates, patching and software installations via group policies (GPO). Racking and patching equipment as needed. San (storage area networks) and das (direct-attached storage) and associated hbas (both scsi and Fiber-Channel) plus Windows Storage server with iscsi connections. Sql server installation, clustering configuration for Windows Server 2008.

virtualization configuration for servers. Monitor ticketing system for new tickets and work-items. Maintain hardware inventory control in ticketing system. Proactively monitor systems health by physically inspecting environment and utilizing provided tools such as scom, whats. Troubleshoot server hardware and software issues and escalate accordingly.

Experience: Sep 2009- feb 2010 abc inc. Administration of Windows 20ervers. Implementation of changes on production servers in a large web Center environment. Build servers for production and test environments following strict build procedures. Assist in troubleshooting production issues with members of other teams within. Troubleshoot server hardware issues and work with service providers to facilitate repairs. Jan 2008-Jul 2009 xyz corp.

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999 main Street, any town, ny (home) (cell summary: looking for a position as a system Administrator or Network Administrator with the opportunity to work with other administrators to improve customer service and essay the reliability of the assigned information system. As a systems administrator for a start up it company, responded to rapid changes in technology, personnel, and work environments. Technical qualifications: 10 years total experience with Information Systems, network security, information and Personnel Management. Seasoned Systems Administrator familiar with ms windows 2000-20, xp os and Sun Solaris.8. Extensive experience with Active directory, domain Name system, windows Internet Naming Service, and Microsoft Exchange. Experience with tcp, ip and ip routing, lan, wan, can designs, bridges and switches, osi model and fiber optic technology. Experience with contract management and knowledge of technical task order creation and oversight. Extensive knowledge of 24-7 implementation and management of information technology support operations to include help desk, call-in support and work priority management, and the use of Remedy. Extensive supervisor and management position experience.

operations administrator resume
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