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Here is a small part of a sample college essay to jump start you onto the right path. Sample college Essay example, for as long as I can remember I have wanted to have a career that involved helping special need kids. Whether it is in education, or physical therapy, or a mentor, i have a compassion for them, and admire them for the everyday struggles they face and overcome. And they seem to be very comfortable with me, and like to spend time with. Most people just look at them with pity, and treat them like outcasts. But if they would just spend the time to get to know them, they would see how truly amazing they are. In my junior year of high school I got the opportunity to participate in job shadow program. I chose to shadow an elementary special education teacher, and it was one of the greatest experiences in my life, so far.

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This simple yet very philosophical statement brings to months simba a lot of enlightenment that he can never break with his past by resume simply refusing to return to the Pridesland. He hopes to save the Pridelands from the authoritarian rule of his ruthless uncle: Scar. Simba does not return self-righteously, but rather calm, caring and accepting all the psychological punishments due to him. . His beloved mother and other helpless lions in the face of Scar, who had believed him dead, are shocked to see him alive and blame him for abandoning them. Simbas return is justified by the rewards of his long retreat when he forces his uncle out of the kingdom. He does this by challenging him to a deadly duel and ultimately succeeding to make him own up to causing Musafas death. There is celebration and unexplainable joy as Simba, bold and majestic, ascends the Pride rock through a rains torrent. There is an air of reclaimed authority as Simba surveys the expanse of his Kingdom with great focus and command. The scenery systematically transforms into fertile foliage—an effective imagery of Simbas successful and rewarding journey. The main purpose of a college essay is to present yourself to the admissions officer, and persuade them to consider you as a good candidate for their school, scholarship, etc. Depending on the college essay questions and/or topics this process can be very difficult and take some time.

Chancing upon this highly coveted life-refreshing elixir becomes impossible for him even in this abundantly blessed flourishing jungle that he has come to call home. He now has to make a break with his belief in a life of hakuna matata (which means a life that has no worries) which essentially aims at eclipsing his urge to take up responsibility for the troubled Pridesland. A strange encounter with an overly intelligent and generous mentor brings Simba the emancipation that is vital to his most needed enlightenment. . Rafiki, the baboon, takes Simba (now a grown lion) to a pool of water and asks him to look at his reflection. Strangely though, what Simba sees is not his image but that of his dead father: Mufasa. . Asks the baboon, he still lives in you. . Although memories of his dead father have always been around and at the sanctuary of his heart, it is only at this time that Mufasa resurfaces to the troubled Simba in a swirl of clouds. He tells Simba you have already forgotten who lab you are and me as well you are more than what you have turned into you must take your rightful position in the circle of life.

mentor essay

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Initially simba rejoices in the happy and calm life of a cub in the Pridelands. He is the sole heir to king Mufasa who tirelessly takes in his entire fathers daily teachings in hunting, patiently endures his normal punishments for childish misconduct, and wisely considers his elders informed advice and prophecies on his future. His father tells him one day, simba, the sun will set on me as the king and will rise with you the following morning as the new king. Simba is content in this existence where he only has to play in the elephants graveyard with his cub female friend, nala. Fate suddenly puts an end to this state of happiness when Mufasa is killed trying to save simba from the wrath of a stampede. Scar, king Mufasas deceitful and opportunistic brother, accuses Simba of causing points his fathers demise and succeeds in making him leave the Pridesland forever. This involuntary call for adventure ultimately forces the young Simba to leave pridesland (his only source of satisfaction and security) and, as a result, enters a new world defined by hardships, terror, social alienation and painful experiences. Indeed, life away from the Pridelands is not a party for the young cub as he tirelessly looks for peace against the forces of self guilt and shame.

At the start of Disneys animated movie, lion King, a lion cub (Simba) trembles at the scary glare of three hyenas that have cornered him in a prohibited elephant graveyard. Simba growls fiercely but cannot frighten the hyenas. Unfortunately for him, he will soon learn that his truancy will brand him a murderer. He will later cause the death of his father who tries to save him from a warthogs stampede. He is accused of killing his father and when his uncle takes over the leadership of the pridelands, he is excommunicated from the lions society. He wonders to far away lands defined by abject suffering where survival calls for crime. He will return to the prideslands stronger after an encounter with his death fathers ghost to save his fellow lions from the tyranny of his selfish uncle.

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mentor essay

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And they must have subtly communicated respect for and enthusiasm about these students, so that the students themselves felt more capable of understanding and anticipated better performance from themselves. Rosenthal calls this the pygmalion effect. Others call it the rosenthal effect. And still others see it as a special case of what has come to be called self-fulfilling prophecy. So the mentor that believes in you make is the better mentor.

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Whats something that makes a great mentor that also lets you know they are the right mentor for you? When teachers believe their students are smarter than average, more adept, the students perform better. Via the heart of Social Psychology: a backstage view of a passionate Science : Rosenthal and Lenore jacobson (1968) did the same study in a classroom, telling elementary school teachers that they had certain students in their class who were academic spurters. In fact, these students were selected at random. Absolutely nothing else was done by the researchers to single out these children.

Yet by the end of the school year, 30 percent of the the children arbitrarily named as spurters had gained an average of 22 iq points, and almost all had gained at least 10 iq points. The spurters were also rated much higher in their classroom performance by their teachers. Rosenthal compared his results to an expensive total push campaign funded by the title i education act that led, after three years, to gains that were much smaller than even the gains for the control students in these classrooms. Something had definitely happened to the teachers of these students. Rosenthal was fairly certain the teachers did not spend more time with the alleged spurters because these students improved less on their verbal scores than their reasoning scores. Rather, he thinks the teachers were more excited about teaching these students, and maybe about teaching generally.

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Via, the talent Code: Greatness Isnt Born. Heres How : Gallimore and Tharp recorded and coded 2,326 discrete acts of teaching. Of them, a mere.9 percent were compliments. Only.6 percent were expressions of displeasure. But 75 percent were pure information: what to do, how to do it, when to intensify dillard an activity. One of woodens most frequent forms of teaching was a three-part instruction where he modeled the right way to do something, showed the incorrect way, and then remodeled the right way, a sequence that appeared in Gallimore and Tharps notes degenerative as m, m, m ;. As Gallimore and Tharp wrote, woodens demonstrations rarely take longer than three seconds, but are of such clarity that they leave an image in memory much like a textbook sketch.

mentor essay

Gritty people, the theory goes, work harder and stay committed to their goals longer. (Grit also predicts retention of cadets at West point, duckworth has found.). But another trait seemed to matter even more. Teachers who scored high in life satisfaction—reporting that they were very content with their lives—were 43 percent more likely for to perform well in the classroom than their less satisfied colleagues. What methods do they use? Explanation, demonstration, imitation, correction, and repetition. Break down proper technique, quickly correct errors and get students to repeat until its second nature.

the Older Person. Teaching is like any other talent: It takes time to grow. This is why so many hotbeds are led by people in their sixties and seventies. Great teachers are first and foremost learners, who improve their skills with each passing year. What else does the research say? Look for perseverance ( grit ) in their resume. And dont ignore how happy they are. Life satisfaction was an even better predictor than perseverance : What did predict success, interestingly, was a history of perseverance—not just an attitude, but a track record. Those who initially scored high for grit—defined as perseverance and a passion for long-term goals, and measured using a short multiple-choice test—were 31 percent more likely than their less gritty peers to spur academic growth in their students.

Is honest, sometimes unnervingly so: he will tell you the truth about your performance in clear language. This stings at first. But youll come to see that its not personal— its the information plan you can use to get better. 3 seek someone Who gives Short, Clear Directions. Most great teachers / coaches / mentors do not give long-winded speeches. They do not give sermons or long lectures. Instead, they give short, unmistakably clear directions; they guide you to a target. Teaching is not an eloquence contest; it is about creating a connection and delivering useful information. 4 seek someone Who loves teaching Fundamentals.

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Mentors have been essential for. No matter how many books you read or how much time you spend researching on the web, mentors are still a crucial part of learning in any arena. So how do you find a great one? Daniel coyle goes through the research in his excellent book. The little book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving your skills and pulls together five points: 1 avoid Someone Who reminds you of a courteous waiter one who focuses his efforts on keeping you comfortable and happy, on making things go smoothly, with a minimum. This is a good person to have as your waiter in a restaurant, but a terrible person to have as your teacher, coach, or mentor. 2 seek someone Who Scares you a little. Look for someone who: Watches you closely: he is interested in figuring you out — what you want, where youre coming from, what motivates you. Is action-oriented: She often wont want to spend a lot of time chatting— instead, shell want to jump into a few plan activities immediately, so she can get a feel for you and vice versa.

mentor essay
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  4. Also find another college essay sample to help you in or get in college. Everything you need to know about How do you find the best mentor for you? Mentors have been essential for. Lion King essay - art.

  5. Read my critique max s college admissions essay on teaching summer camp. Max writes about a student who challenges him and makes him rethink his assumptions. A sample college essay which was used in by a college student is located here.

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