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A) admission b) regulation c) innovation. Most students take in the summer for about six weeks. A) exams b) job c) accommodation. A) spend b) receive c) pay exercise. Read the text and answer the following questions:. What areas of life have linguists extended their work since xix century? What kind of matters do they examine nowadays?

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The Open Universitys courses are taught through television, radio and course books. Higher-educational institutions include only universities and colleges. Form adjectives from the given nouns: Finance financial, philosophy -, theology -, technology -, history -, education -, difference -, independence -, autonomy. Form nouns from the given verbs: divide division, educate -, found -, decide -, regulate, examine, appoint -, govern, pay. Transform as in the model: to educate people education of people, to found the university -, to regulate the studies -, to examine students -, to appoint the tutors -; Degree of a bachelor bachelors degree, degree of a master -, life of the students. Match English and Russian equivalents: Higher-educational institutions -. Choose the right word: essay Oxford is of all British universities. A) the youngest b) the oldest c) the poorest. All British universities are institutions. A) state b) old c) private. The to the Universities is by examinations or selection.

Higher education also includes teacher-training schools, junior colleges, and mother institutes of technology. The basic entrance requirement for most higher-educational institutions is the completion of secondary education, and the usual entrance age is about 18 years. The admission to universities is by examination and selection. The number and type of faculties is the same at all British universities. Most students never work in summer; they work during the academic year. The first postgraduate degree is that of Master. Universities are centers of research.

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It british was founded in 1971. Some people dont have an opportunity to study full-time, and the university allows them to study for degree. The universitys courses are taught through television, radio and course books. Its students work individually and with tutors, to whom they send their papers. The students discuss their work at meetings or through correspondence. The correspondence course, however, is the principal educational technique. Televised lectures and seminars merely supplement. In summer they attend short courses. Higher-educational institutions include not only universities and colleges but also various professional schools that provide preparation in such fields as law, theology, medicine, business, music, and art.

The students receive grants. They have to pay fees and living costs but every student may receive from the local authority of the place where he lives a personal grant which is enough to pay lodging and food. Most students take job in the summer for about six weeks, but they do not normally do outside work during the academic session. Students who pass examinations at the end of three or four years of study get Bachelors degree. The first postgraduate degree is normally that of Master conferred for a thesis based on at least one years fulltime work. Universities are centers of research and many postgraduates are engaged in research for higher degree, usually doctorates. One of the developments in education in Britain is certainly the Open University.

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They are in London, durham, manchester, birmingham, leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, nottingham, etc. The University of London is the largest of them. The division between Oxford and Redbrick is sharp. Redbrick universities were built to provide a liberal happiness education for the poorer boys and to give technological training. The universities which were founded after the second World War are called the new universities. They are in Staffordshire, kent, Essex, lancaster, sussex, and York. Some of them quickly became popular because of their modern approach to university courses.

All British Universities are private institutions. Every university is independent, autonomous and responsible only to its own governing council. The number and type of faculties differ from university to university. Each university decides each year how many students it supposes to admit. The admission to universities is by examination and selection (interview).

What capabilities do these special instruments have? Do you think that people need to have such Scientific Centers? Materials science and engineering, at clemson graduate school (02:50). What does materials science deal with? Study the meaning of the words: to direct ( to be the head of faculty, equipment, microscope, to depend on). Read and translate the text.

There are more than 40 universities in Britain, of which 36 are in England, 8 in Scotland, 2 in Northern Ireland and 1 in Wales. The two oldest universities in England are Oxford and Cambridge. Oxford is the oldest of those two universities. It is more philosophical, classical, and theological. England had no other universities, apart from Oxford and Cambridge, until the 19-th century. The universities which were founded between 18re known as redbrick universities (they were called so because that was the favourable building material of the time).

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Do you know the following words? Can you guess the meaning of any of them? Study the meaning of the words: research, equipment, capability. While-listening, watch the video a part lab by part and answer the following questions: 00:05 00:24. What is Material Science centre? What does the centre do? What is the equipment really the speaker is talking about used for? What kind of equipment does the centre have? How many Universities in America have special equipment (or instruments for research) that the speaker is talking about?

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Ø do you know any write institutions that might help young peoples to develop their talents and make good use of their spare time? Ø did you attend any vocational classes (musical, sport, dancing, chess, etc.) when you were at school? Scan the text and point out the activities teenagers are engaged. Try to make your own small text about properties of wood, gold (or any other material of your choice). Materials science centre - what does it do? What do material engineers do in their career? What do you think is the aim of a material Science centre?

part in different protest actions. Are they really interested in politics? What are they protesting against? Are there any political organizations for teenagers in Russia? Surf the Internet to find material about youth organizations in Russia and abroad. The problem of self-realization lead in ø what is self-realization? What is necessary for a person to realize him/herself? Is it possible to realize oneself nowadays?

What are they doing there? Sometimes teenagers find it difficult to communicate with their parents. Who should help teenagers to solve the problems? Could parents be helpful? How should parents communicate with their teenage children? Should they try to share their interests, pop music for instance? Would you agree that these are some of the important problems of teenagers? Who am i, im bored, They dont understand me, people are laughing at me, i dont know what to do, i havent really any good friends.

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Make a summary of the text. Use the following phrases, the article is headlined. The main idea of the article. The article touches upon. The author starts by life telling the reader that. Should parents restrict their children freedom? Do you think teenagers have too much freedom in our country? In Russia you may see many teenagers in the streets late at nights?

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In Personal mission statement : An analysis of medical students and general practitioners reflections on personal beliefs, values and goals in life the authors examined medical student submissions of personal mission statements. My home is very beatiful.

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  1. Gnu make — développeur Projet gnu dernière version. Make a short summary of the text in written form using these expressions. In the first part.

  2. Read the text and answer the following questions. Answer the following questions on the text. Precis — preɪsi (also précis) noun (plural same si:z) a summary of a text or speech.

  3. Read and translate the text. There are more than 40 universities in Britain, of which 36 are. Make up a summary of the text (in English). The work oorensic linguist.

  4. Make a summary of this text. Try to make your own small text about properties of wood, gold (or any other material of your choice). Make up a summary of the text using the following scheme.

  5. The maximum size in the International Standards Organization recommendations is 8 ft by. Advice 1: How to make a summary of the lesson. To conduct a good school lesson, it is important to consider all of its details are still in the.

  6. Make a summary of the text Import and Export Regulations by ukraine customs. Answer the following questions. Make a summary of the text. Containers are large and heavy.

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