Merits and demerits of mobile phones essay

Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phones

merits and demerits of mobile phones essay

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in points

Written by  Vijay punna, model Essay 5: Technological developments in this modern era have transformed the way we socialise. Advancements in communication networks have played a vital role in bringing people closer. In my opinion, there are both pros and cons of this development and this essay will analyse how technology has changed the types of relationships made by people. In ancient times, people used letters and telegrams to interact with each other. With the advent of modern communication systems like telephone and the Internet, people can collaborate more effectively. For instance, we can interact through emails rather than letter and businessman can have online meetings through the conference calls.

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With the absence of one's dearest one, he used to be all alone before the introduction of technology. But, it is possible to get in handwriting guin touch with his sweetheart. And also, he can send and receive money within seconds over the thousands of miles using latest money transfer machines. As a result, he can look over and take care of his family's financial problems and needs without his presence at his home. For instance, my uncle who stays in the United States calls his family and others via skype daily whereas, my dad who used to work in Dubai could not keep in touch with us as at that time the telecommunication had not installed. Thus, that made my father bound to visit us frequently. Consequently, he spent a large amount of money travelling and could not communicate us as frequently as he wanted. In many positive ways, the technology has affected the relationships between people and I would say these are positive developments. Imagine without technology, what would happen to the people and the world. In many ways, we are getting the help of using technology.

From desk the introduction of telecommunication and electronic mail, the lives of people turned out to be easier and the communication among people became easier and more convenient. They can contact their families and friends using these advanced services over the countries. Without visiting their homes frequently, they can make money or accomplish their goals. For example, a military man has to serve his country at the borders and it is uneasy to go home and spend some time with his family and acquaintances thoroughly. However, he can make contact his family via telephone and other services. With the help of telecommunication and electronic mails, he can keep in touch with his family and buddies. In this way, the technology makes people close to each other. This absolutely positive development as we have huge benefits using technology.

merits and demerits of mobile phones essay

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile, essay, speech

As a result, people visiting each other and spend a lot of time together hence more connected society emerges. To conclude, as we have found out there is no easy answer to this question. Nevertheless, technology makes a huge difference to peoples' lives in terms of communication and I believe that this is a positive impact report in our society. (Total words: around 278 Written by Lubna). Sample Essay 4: From last century outsiders to these present days, there have been many changes in the way people interact with each other as there have been evolutionary changes in technological fields. One may say this transformation has negative effects on relationships between people or positive effects. I believe that there have been more positive effects than negative ones among the people due to the reasons that in few seconds of time people can contact their dearest ones and technology gives strength to people by making them closer to each other even.

For example, a friend who lives in the uk can chat and talk with their friends in China using a mobile phone or social network. Another field in which technology affects our life is the way that people make friends. In other words, it has been observed that these days we can make friends from all nationalities without any effort or travel and this helps with culture interchange and help people who suffer. In my thought, this is a positive impact to the community for two reasons. Firstly, human life has become more convenient, this provides people with more opportunity to spend their leisure time with their kin. For instance, with the Internet, we can shop and work from our dwelling house without going outside anymore. Secondly, travel around the globe has become usable and cheap.

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merits and demerits of mobile phones essay

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This can never be compared to a social network friendship. One can only get to know someone by spending time together for the future reason that the Internet cannot replace shared experience and personal communication. However, due to the Internet, people can make friends anywhere from the world which was quite impossible in the past era. Finding school and college friends and getting in touch with them is an advantage that the Internet offers. However, true friendship is not possible if two people do not spend time together, share their common interests, talks a lot and help each other both in good and bad times. Rightfully, life is meant to be lived and have many physical experiences, bonding with another persons physical presence.

Instead of being a true friend to the people around each other, they are spending time online to make friends. This is, in my opinion, is a negative aspect of the digital era. In conclusion, making friends beyond boundaries and getting in touch with childhood friends could be the advantages of the digital era but the way we are becoming dependent on the technology and the way we are pretending to maintain our friendship online have negative consequences. Written by - wiki joy, essay answer 3: It is true that technology in recent years has altered the path that people communicate with each other. There are many ways that technology affects our relationships, and in my opinion, this is a beneficial development. To begin with, the most obvious transformation in people relationships is how they communicate with each other. By this, i mean that the Internet has converted the world into a small village and nowadays people around the world can reach each other easily and rapidly.

To conclude, despite all that, i still see some failings in the development of the means of interaction. For instance, the very high cost each person spends every day on communication. Another defect, many elder people are not accustomed to this modern technology. But that doesn't have a great effect on the positive role technology has made in the field of interaction between people and I think these defects are very easy to be solved. (Total words: around 494, Written by  Abdullah Hassan).

Sample Answer 2: A true relationship between two people requires face to face communication and time to truly get to know each other. Regardless of what humans think, all individuals admire the feeling of being wanted even if its a lie. The digital world has created the sense that it is passable to be who anyone wishes to be online. However, i believe that the way people know each other online and the type of relationships they make virtually have changed and for the worse. Instead of being a true friend to the people around each other, most are being turned inward, forgetting the true definition of a friend. Human beings have feelings and they feel broken at times and do not always smile but the Internet only shows one's happy moments keeping one from fully being known. The types of friendships people make these days are quick and short lasting. In real life friendship, people see each other at ones best and worst time and remain there for one another.

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Besides personal communications, official and business communications have become easier. Email campaign offers a good marketing opportunity for business owners and people can complain about certain thing using emails without exposing their identity. Not all of the people have the availability of technology and they still use the old form of communication. People now can deceive others using identity theft and fraud identity. The personal touch of communication like handwritten letters, face-to-face communications were more effective in some cases. Like meeting your friend is still more important than just writing him an email. We make so many friends via chatting or social networking which would not have been possible without the advancement of technology and its contribution to the communication. Cell phones, emails and social networking have enhanced the way of communicating and we can talk to anyone with a minimum cost. It's now not unusual to prepare for a visit and even several visits to your relatives and friends on the same day, while in the past this may have taken several weeks or months.

merits and demerits of mobile phones essay

of us enjoy the positive things the technology has bought for. In the past, the ways of interaction were very limited. Unleash your imagination; if you want to speak with your friend, you would have to go directly to his house or send him a message which may take few days to get a response. I completely believe that technology has a great tangible effect on our communication. Nowadays, it's very easy to interact with your relatives -and even with the government and organisations- either by emails, mobiles, chatting, etc. And I think that this has improved the relationships and enhanced. We no longer need to visit a relative or friend to get updates. Alternatively, we can let them know our updates instantly.

In what ways has paperwork technology affected the types of relationships people make? Has this become a positive or negative development? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words. Sample Answer 1: There is no doubt that many things had changed in the last few decades; some changes are for betterment and some changes are for worse. One of the fields which were greatly affected by the advent of technology is the way of interaction and communication. Without any doubt, the technology has changed the way we lead our lives and these changes are prominent over the last decade. There are several improvements in life due to the positive effects of technology and there are some negative impacts as well.

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merits and demerits of mobile phones essay
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