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essay on guru parv

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Zero or one of preceding item one or more of preceding item newline ; usually used to match beginning of line ; Note: As discussed in Re: procmail help! Match grabs newline too, the meaning of the  metacharacter is different in Procmail than in most other RE tools. newline ; usually used to match end of line ; Note: As discussed in Re: procmail help! characterList any single character in characterList characterList any single character not in characterList each of and is a metaphrase for a "non-word character details are in the definition of word matching a word below, and in Jari aalto's Procmail and egrep differences or; oring. For examples, see this discussion of and this discussion. Note that it is more common to escape a metacharacter with a backslash, which is discussed in the next item. metacharacter Escape the special meaning of metacharacter and treat it as the literal character that it is;  for example .

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Recipe a set of conditions and an action to be performed if the writing conditions are satisfied. Note that some programs that filter messages use a different term for this concept. For example, pine uses the term filtering rule, visual Office use the term rule, seamonkey suite and Thunderbird use the term message filter, smartsieve uses the term mail Filter Rule, and Mulberry uses the terms script, trigger, rule to encompass this concept. String A sequence of characters. Letters, digits, punctuation, symbols, tabs, and spaces are all considered characters. A substring is a string that is contained in another string. For more information, see the definition of string at foldoc. Regular expression or re or RegEx or RegExp A string in which some characters are interpreted as wild cards or metacharacters. Here are some metacharacters and metaphrases that can be used in a procmail regular expression (pmre). Metacharacter or Metaphrase meaning in a procmail Regular Expression. Any character other than new line (i.e., other than Line feed or lf or ascii character 10 ) ( string ) treat string as a single item * zero or more of preceding item?

To tell procmail to override your default inbox, set the default environment variable in your procmailrc. Warning: overriding default may have undesired consequences with some mtas. Maildir variable and maildir format (which are two completely different beasts!) Unfortunately, the word maildir is used in (at least) two different ways in the Procmail world. Maildir (in all caps) is a procmail variable that changes Procmail's current working directory and is used to point to the directory where your personal (non- system-spool ) mailboxes are stored. For more information offer about Procmail's maildir variable, see the blinking important note in Step 4 below. Maildir (not in all caps) is the name of a mailbox format. For more information about the maildir mailbox format, see using maildir format, the maildir man page, and the section below about delivering to a mailbox that is in maildir format. List or subscription or solicited bulk email or sbe or solicited bulk mail or sbm a mailing list that is used either for group discussion or for newsletters announcements. For more information, see the definition of mailing list at foldoc and Webopedia ; also see the definition of ube (Unsolicited Bulk Email), which is an antonym of these terms.

essay on guru parv

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Lda or local delivery agent or mda or mail delivery agent or da or delivery agent or local mailer The program your server uses to deliver mail messages to the mailboxes of users on professional the system. Sometimes delivery is built into the message transfer agent (for example, sendmail's mail. Local and Postfix's local ) and sometimes another program, such as tmail, dmail, dovecot deliver, maildrop, or procmail, is used as the delivery agent. Mailbox or mail folder or folder A collection of messages stored on either a local or a remote computer. A mailbox might business be a single flat file (this is the structure used by spool (mbox) and c-client mbx mailboxes it might be a directory with each message a file in the directory (this is the structure of mh, maildir, and Netnews mailboxes. For more information, see "Appendix A: Folder Formats" in the Procmail faq and Before you begin: Note About mh, maildir, and Traditional Unix Spool (mbox) mailbox Formats below. Default inbox or system mailbox Whatever you or your system administrator has specified as your primary incoming mailbox. Messages that fall through all your procmail recipes are delivered to this mailbox. To find out your system mailbox, type procmail -v at your Unix prompt.

Office, qmail, sendmail, smail, and Zmailer. Note that on some systems the sending mta is different from the receiving mta. For more information, see the definition of mta at foldoc, cameron laird's personal notes on message transfer agents, unix mail Transport Systems reviewed by Jdebp, and the definition of Message Transfer Agent. Msa or mail submission agent to send a message, a mail user agent traditionally submitted the message to a message transfer agent. Nowadays most systems have a layer that sits between the mua and mta called the mail submission agent or msa, and the mua submits the message to the msa rather than to the mta. For details, see rfc2476, message submission and Gregory neil Shapiro 's Message submission Agent (MSA). An msa is used to authenticate the sender and, optionally, to rewrite headers, catch outgoing spam, viruses, other vermin, and to provide an alternate outgoing port number (because,. G., port 25 is often blocked or hijacked by Internet Access Providers ).

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essay on guru parv

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"Processing" includes reading, extracting or launching attachments, moving, printing, canceling, and composing initiating the sending of messages. Note that many nntp clients can save to, read from, and process the mailboxes that Procmail delivers messages. For more information, see the definition of news reader at foldoc. Server A computer pro or a computer program that responds to requests from or serves other computers or computer programs. Whether the word server means server software or server computer is usually clear from the context and sometimes people explicitly say which is meant. For example, the following questions are equivalent and both are in standard parlance.

What imap server software are you running? What imap server are you running? For more information, see the definition of server and client-server at foldoc. Mta or message transfer agent or mail transport agent or mailer The underlying program that a mail server uses to send and receive mail messages. There are many mtas in use today, for example communiGate Pro, courier, exchange, exim, mmdf, postfix, post.

If your system satisfies 4a or 4c, make sure that you skip Steps 8 9 below, that is, do not set. If you are looking for a provider that has procmail installed, see my list of Free or reasonably-Priced imap service Providers — most of the providers who give full Unix shell access also let their users write and manage their own procmail recipes. Terms Used in This Article note about the ordering of these terms: The terms listed earlier are used in the definitions of later terms. Pm or pm In this article i use pm as an abbreviation for Procmail. For example, i use pmlog for the Procmail log file, pmre for Procmail regular expression ( defined below and pmdir for the variable that points to the directory that holds your Procmail-related files. Note that there are others who use this abbreviation, for example, paul Chvostek's Procmail Log Watch awk script is called pm lw and Jari aalto's Procmail Documentation and Procmail Library are located at pm t and.

Mail client or mail user agent or mua a program such as Mulberry, pine, alpine, mutt, opera mail (M2), thunderbird, seamonkey suite, outlook express, outlook, mail. App, or Eudora that a user uses to process mail messages. "Processing" includes reading, extracting or launching attachments, moving, printing, deleting, and composing initiating the sending of messages. For more information, see the definition of mua at foldoc and Email client. For discussion about offline-, online-, and disconnected-mode imap clients, see this 2002-June-01 ap message. For a comparison of Pine, mutt, mulberry, seamonkey suite and Thunderbird, see comparison of Pine and Its main Competitors on the All About Pine page. News client or nntp client A program such as pine, alpine, nn, slrn, opera mail (M2), seamonkey suite, or Microsoft Outlook express that a user uses to process Usenet and other nntp messages.

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Bernstein, the Internet Protocol journal: Volume 8, number 4 : Challenges in Anti-Spam Efforts by dave crocker, fruit archive. Org: m : sieve : Documents : The sieve language and a general Model for Delivery and Interoperable filtering in Internet mail by matthew Wall ( pdf or html ) The message re: Usability. Spamassassin in the SpamAssassin list - this includes a quiz that anyone who edits SpamAssassin or Procmail configuration files should be able to pass In addition to understanding Internet mail flow, your mail messages must be delivered to a system that: has procmail installed you. Forward file to set procmail as your lda, or allows you to set procmail as your lda some other way. For example, with qmail, use dot-qmail files ; with mmdf, use. Maildelivery; with getmail, use. Getmailrc; and with fetchmail, use.

essay on guru parv

It can also be used to re-process and re-deliver messages that are already in a mailbox. This Procmail tutorial is aimed at regular users, not system administrators. In order to use these instructions, you need: A basic understanding of Internet mail flow, which you can learn about at: : Anatomy of an Email Message, google help gmail Help privacy security learn to read full email headers. How uw email Works - business this article, including its nice diagrams, is relevant to most modern Internet email systems (btw, if you have ever taken a class at the University of Washington, you can get a complimentary or premium t account reverse Spam Filtering: Winning. How Unix Email Works, e-mail Server Administration 101 by, dee ann leblanc and, robert leblanc, which describes mail flowing through Procmail faq: Appendix b - figuring Out the mail Flow. Spf mail Flows diagram, which is also available. T-shirt, internet mail infrastructure.

mann ki baat, june 2015. Mann ki baat, may 2015, mann ki baat, April 2015, mann ki baat, march 2015. Mann ki baat, february 2015, mann ki baat, january 2015, mann ki baat, december 2014. Mann ki baat, november 2014, mann ki baat, October 2014, no more record found. What is Procmail and What you need to Use this quick Start. Procmail is free/libre open-source software that is both a mail proc essor and a mail delivery agent (MDA). It can be used by either a system administrator or a user to automatically process and deliver incoming mail messages.

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Our festivals summary calendar is provided by the. For a printed copy of this material, please visit their. Calendar Page where access to the full text of the Shap Calendar booklet can be purchased and downloaded, as can the Shap Calendar Wallchart, three pdfs and twelve festival Photos. Now updated for 2018! VN:F.9.22_1171 please wait. Rating:.0/ 10 (1 vote cast festivals Calendar,.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating). Narendra, modi, home, mann ki baat, all Episodes. Mann ki baat, may 2018, mann ki baat, April 2018, mann ki baat, march 2018.

essay on guru parv
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