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wolfgang amadeus mozart biography

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However, this wouldnt be easy with the courts musical preference bent toward Italian composers and the influence of Kapellmeister Antonio salieri. Mozarts relationship with Salieri has been the subject of speculation and legend. Letters written between mozart and his father, Leopold, indicate that the two felt a rivalry for and mistrust of the Italian musicians in general and Salieri in particular. Decades after mozarts death, rumors spread that Salieri had poisoned him. This rumor was made famous in 20th century playwright Peter Shaffers. Amadeus and in the 1984 film of the same name by director Milos Foreman.

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The year 1784, proved the most prolific in mozarts resume performance life. During one five-week period, he appeared in 22 concerts, including five he produced and performed as the soloist. In a important typical concert, he would play a selection of existing and improvisational pieces and his various piano concertos. Other times he would conduct performances of his symphonies. The concerts were very well attended as mozart enjoyed a unique connection with his audiences who were, in the words of mozart biographer maynard Solomon, given the opportunity of witnessing the transformation and perfection of a major musical genre. During this time, mozart also began to keep a catalog of his own music, perhaps indicating an awareness of his place in musical history. By the mid-1780s, wolfgang and Constanze mozarts extravagant lifestyle was beginning to take its toll. Despite his success as a pianist and composer, mozart was falling into serious financial difficulties. Mozart associated himself with aristocratic Europeans and felt he should live like one. He figured that the best way to attain a more stable and lucrative income would be through court appointment.

They lived in one of the more exclusive apartment buildings of vienna, sent their son, karl Thomas, to an expensive boarding school, kept servants, and maintained a busy social life. In 1783, mozart and Constanze traveled Salzburg, to visit his father and sister. The visit was somewhat cool, as leopold was still a reluctant father-in-law and Nannerl was a dutiful daughter. But the stay promoted mozart to begin writing a mass in c minor, of which only loyalty the first two sections, "Kyrie" and "Gloria were completed. In 1784, mozart became a freemason, a fraternal order focused on charitable work, moral uprightness, and the development of fraternal friendship. Mozart was well regarded in the Freemason community, attending meetings and being involved in various functions. Freemasonry also became a strong influence in mozarts music. From 1782 to 1785, wolfgang Amadeus mozart divided his time between self-produced concerts as soloist, presenting three to four new piano concertos in each season. Theater space for rent in vienna was sometimes hard to come by, so mozart booked himself in unconventional venues such as large rooms in apartment buildings and ballrooms of expensive restaurants.

wolfgang amadeus mozart biography

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Constanze and about Wolfgang had six children, though only two survived infancy, karl Thomas and Franz xaver. As 1782 turned to 1783, wolfgang Amadeus mozart became enthralled with the really work of Johannes Sebastian Bach and george Frederic Handel and this, in turn, resulted in several compositions in the baroque style and influenced much of his later compositions, such as passages. Die zauberflote (The magic Flute) and the finale of Symphony number. During this time, mozart met Joseph haydn and the two composers became admiring friends. When haydn visited vienna, they sometimes performed impromptu concerts with string quartets. Between 17 mozart wrote six quartets dedicated to haydn. European Fame, the opera, die entführung enjoyed immediate and continuing success and bolstered Wolfgang Amadeus mozarts name and talent throughout Europe. With the substantial returns from concerts and publishing, he and Constanze enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.

Die entführung aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the seraglio). In the summer of 1781, it was rumored that mozart was contemplating marriage to Fridolin Webers daughter, constanze. Knowing his father would disapprove of the marriage and the interruption in his career, young mozart quickly wrote his father denying any idea of marriage. But by december, he was asking for his fathers blessings. While its known that leopold disapproved, what is not known is the discussion between father and son as leopolds letters were said to be destroyed by constanze. However, later correspondence from Wolfgang indicated that he and his father disagreed considerably on this matter. He was in love with Constanze and the marriage was being strongly encouraged by her mother, so in some sense, he felt committed. The couple was finally married on August 4, 1782. In the meantime, leopold did finally consent to the marriage.

Wolfgang Amadeus mozart biography - life, children, death

wolfgang amadeus mozart biography

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He began to run out of funds and had to pawn several valuable personal items to pay traveling and living expenses. The lowest point of the old trip was when his mother fell ill and died on July 3, 1778. After hearing the news of his wifes death, leopold negotiated a better post for his son as court organist in Salzburg and Wolfgang returned soon after. Making it in vienna, back in Salzburg in 1779, wolfgang Amadeus mozart people produced a series of church works, including the coronation Mass. He also composed another opera for Munich, Ideomeneo in 1781. In March of that year, mozart was summoned to vienna by Archbishop von Colloredo, who was attending the accession of Joseph ii to the austrian throne.

The Archbishops cool reception toward mozart offended him. He was treated as a mere servant, quartered with the help, and forbidden from performing before the Emperor for a fee equal to half his yearly salary in Salzburg. A quarrel ensued and mozart offered to resign his post. The Archbishop refused at first, but then relented with an abrupt dismissal and physical removal from the Archbishops presence. Mozart decided to settle in vienna as a freelance performer and composer and for a time lived with friends at the home of Fridolin Weber. Wolfgang Amadeus mozart quickly found work in vienna, taking on pupils, writing music for publication, and playing in several concerts. He also began writing an opera.

Other commissions followed and in subsequent trips to Italy, wolfgang wrote two other operas, Ascanio in Alba (1771) and, lucio silla (1772). Wolfgang Amadeus mozart and his father returned from their last stay in Italy in March, 1773. His fathers benefactor, Archbishop von Schrattenbach had died and was succeeded by hieronymus von Colleredo. Upon their return, the new archbishop appointed young mozart as assistant concertmaster with a small salary. During this time, young mozart had the opportunity to work in several different musical genres composing symphonies, string quartets, sonatas and serenades and a few operas. He developed a passion for violin concertos producing what came to be the only five he wrote.

In 1776, he turned his efforts toward piano concertos, culminating in the piano concerto number 9 in E flat major in early 1777. Wolfgang had just turned. Despite his success with the compositions, wolfgang Amadeus mozart was growing discontent with his position as assistant concert master and the confining environment of Salzburg. He was ambitious and believed he could do more somewhere else. Archbishop von Colloredo was becoming inpatient with the young geniuss complaining and immature attitude. In August 1777, mozart set out on a trip to find more prosperous employment. The archbishop wouldnt give leopold permission to travel, so Anna maria accompanied Wolfgang on his quest to the cities of Mannheim, paris and Munich. There were several employment positions that initially proved promising, but all eventually fell through.

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Budding young Composer, in December, 1769, wolfgang, then age 13, and his father departed from Salzburg for Italy, leaving his mother and sister at home. It seems that by this time nannerls professional music career was over. She was nearing marriageable points age and according to the custom of the time, she was no longer permitted to show her artistic talent in public. The Italian outing was longer than the others (1769-1771) as leopold wanted to display his sons abilities as a performer and composer to as many new audiences as possible. While in Rome, wolfgang heard Gregorio allegris. Miserere performed once in the sistine Chapel. He wrote out the entire score from memory, returning only to correct a few minor errors. During this time wolfgang also wrote a new opera, mitridate, re di ponto for the court of Milan.

wolfgang amadeus mozart biography

as other subjects. Wolfgang soon showed signs of excelling beyond his fathers teachings with an early composition at age five and demonstrating outstanding ability on harpsichord and the violin. He would soon go on to play the piano, organ and viola. In 1762, wolfgangs father took nannerl, now age eleven, and Wolfgang, age six to the court of bavaria in Munich in what was to become the first of several European "tours." The siblings traveled to the courts of Paris, london, The hague, and Zurich performing. Wolfgang met a number of accomplished musicians and became familiar with their works. Particularity important was his meeting with Johann Christian Bach (Johann Sebastian Bach's youngest son) in London who had a strong influence on Wolfgang. The trips were long and often arduous, traveling in primitive conditions and waiting for invitations and reimbursements from the nobility. Frequently, wolfgang and other members of his family fell seriously ill and had to limit their performance schedule.

Wolfgang Amadeus mozarts was the sole-surviving son of leopold and Maria pertl mozart. Leopold was a successful composer, violinist, and assistant concert master at the salzburg court. Wolfgangs mother, Anna maria pertl, was born to a middle class family of local community leaders. His only sister was Maria anna (nicknamed Nannerl). With their fathers encouragement and guidance, they both were introduced to music at an early age. Leopold started Nannerl on keyboard when she was seven, as three-year literature old Wolfgang looked. Mimicking her playing, wolfgang quickly began to show a strong understanding of chords, tonality, and tempo. Soon, he too was being tutored by his father. Leopold was a devoted and task-oriented teacher to both his children.

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A prolific artist, austrian composer Wolfgang mozart created a string of operas, concertos, symphonies and sonatas that profoundly shaped classical music. Synopsis, born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, austria, wolfgang Amadeus mozart was a musician capable essay of playing multiple instruments who started playing in public at the age. Over the years, mozart aligned himself with a variety of European venues and patrons, composing hundreds of works that included sonatas, symphonies, masses, chamber music, concertos and operas, marked by vivid emotion and sophisticated textures. Early life, central Europe in the mid-18th century was going through a period of transition. The remnants of the holy roman Empire had divided into small semi-self-governing principalities. The result was competing rivalries between these municipalities for identity and recognition. Political leadership of small city-states like salzburg, vienna, and Prague was in the hands of the aristocracy and their wealth would commission artists and musicians to amuse, inspire, and entertain. The music of the renaissance and Baroque periods was transitioning toward more full-bodied compositions with complex instrumentation. The small city-state of Salzburg would be the birthplace of one of the most talented and prodigious musical composers of all time.

wolfgang amadeus mozart biography
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Mozart, wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791 was one of the most outstanding composers of all time. Mozart biography for kids).

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  1. Detailed biography : wikipedia. He wrote concertos, operas, oratorios, quartets, symphonies and chamber, vocal and choral music. He wrote over 600 compositions. Profile of wolfgang amadeus mozart mozart biography.

  2. He showed early precocity both as a keyboard player and violinist, and soon turned his hand to composition. Wolfgang, amadeus, mozart facts. 1966 and Otto Erich deutsch, mozart : a documentary, biography (1964).The most comprehensive study in English. Mozart is Alfred Einstein, mozart : His Character, his Work (1945).

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