The best biographies of all time

The 20 best biographies and autobiographies of all

the best biographies of all time

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The book—jokingly referred to as Hamiltome because of its hefty size—chronicles Hamiltons often-understood life as one of Americas founding Fathers. It starts with Hamiltons humble beginnings as an orphan, then winds its way through his service as a staunch patriot in george washingtons army. The book also showcases Hamiltons meteoric rise to become the first Treasury secretary of the. Before ending with his death, which came at the hands of a duel with Aaron Burr. (quiz: Are you smart enough to understand all these tricky words from Hamilton the musical?). Top Best biographies books of All Time.

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Lizzie borden—Andrews daughter and Abbys stepdaughter—was arrested for the murder and sent to jail for the remainder of the investigation and trial. The sensationalism that followed this horrific crime could rival any modern-day scandal. This thriller by sarah Miller was written for middle schoolers, but its grisly details, as well as its focus on turbulent and tense borden family relationships, make it an intriguing and gripping read for any adult fan of true crime. Sign Up for Our Newsletters. Get articles sent right to your inbox. Enjoy the best stories, advice jokes! Eleanor roosevelt: Volume One via m, this 1992 biography, the first of a three-volume set by noted history professor Blanche wieson cook, is an astounding look at the woman who is often referred to as the greatest First Lady the United States developer has ever had. In this first volume, cook explores the early parts of roosevelts life, including her birth into a wealthy family that was torn apart by alcoholism; an unhappy childhood that stemmed from the early death of her parents; her education at a private finishing school; and. Alexander Hamilton via m Are you a fan of Hamilton: An American Musical? While youre waiting for tickets to become available, consider picking up a copy of this book by pulitzer-prize-winning author Ron Chernow, which inspired the sold-out show.

Ten days in a mad-house, was the obvious catalyst for degenerative this book by deborah noyes, which also delves into Blys entire reporting career, up to the time of her death. While the book is marketed as middle school nonfiction, its focus on sexism in the workplace, mental health, and gender norms make it a must-read for adults too. Churchill: a life via m, this epic work by martin Gilbert details the life and career of one of the worlds greatest leaders: Sir Winston leonard Spencer-Churchill, who served as the British Prime minister from 1940 to 1945 and then again between 19This book highlights. Einstein: His Life and Universe via m, yes, Albert Einstein was a genius, and plenty has already been written about the physicists Nobel-Prize-winning scientific discoveries. Where this book by biographer Walter Isaacson differs, however, is in its examination of the aspects of Einsteins life that made him human and relatable. Because of Einsteins sassy attitude, for example, he was unable to find a job after graduating from Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich, where he studied physics. The book discusses how Einsteins insolent personality served as the impetus for his groundbreaking discoveries, and also explores his often rocky relationships with his wives, other women, his children, and colleagues. The borden Murders: lizzie borden and the Trial of the century via m, on the morning of August 4, 1892, Abby and Andrew Borden were violently murdered with a hatchet.

the best biographies of all time

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Jobs was and still is widely considered one of the worlds greatest innovators, and this book presents a concise yet intricate look at the man behind the myth. Let Us Now Praise famous Men via. Not so much a singular biography as a collection of biographies, this book by American writer James Agee profiles the hardships three sharecropper families faced during the Great Depression. Along with photographer Walker evanss stark images, the book details the suffering endured by the three poverty-stricken families as they struggle to survive the dust Bowls harsh conditions. Although it was a commercial flop at the time, let Us Now Praise famous Men is now widely considered to be a pillar of exemplary journalism. Ten days a madwoman: The daring Life and Turbulent Times of the Original Girl Reporter, nelly Bly via m, in 1887, pittsburgh-based reporter Nelly Bly feigned insanity at a boarding house so that she would be involuntarily committed to a 10-day stay at the womens. Blys expose, aptly called.

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the best biographies of all time

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Those cells—which now number in the billions, are known as hela cells—became one of the most crucial tools in the field of medicine. Skloot expertly weaves a discussion of race and ethics into this tale of scientific discovery. John Adams via m, critics have referred to this Pulitzer-prize winning portrait of our second President as epic, and its easy to see why. Written by American historian and esteemed author david McCullough, john Adams is a soaring, powerful read. It takes the reader on an in-depth journey of Adams early life and then through his presidency and marriage to Abigail.

While it focuses on politics, of course, its also a love story and a study of human nature and loyalty, and was so well received that it spawned the critically acclaimed hbo series of the same name. Steve jobs via m, reading this article on a smartphone? You likely have steve jobs to thank for that. This book by notable biographer Walter Isaacson provides readers with a never-before-seen, unrestricted, and unfiltered plan glimpse into the Apple founders life. Isaacson based the book on more than 40 interviews that he held with Jobs over a period of several years, while jobs was terminally ill, as well as hundreds of interviews he conducted with Jobs family members, friends, and colleagues, both past and present.

View as slideshow, jennifer Brozakdec 19, if you havent already enjoyed these powerful biographies, get ready to explore the lives of some of the worlds most notable, notorious, and extraordinary people. The life of Samuel Johnson via. Although it was published in 1791, this book, written by Scottish biographer James Boswell, remains the standard for modern biographies. In fact, some critics consider it to be the greatest biography ever written. Johnson, a poet, essayist, biographer, and lexicographer, is best known for publishing. A dictionary of the English Language in 1755—widely considered one of the best dictionaries every published.

Although not much is known about Johnsons early life, this biography showcases the rise of Johnsons tremendous career, and details his ability to overcome adversity, including his struggles with anxiety, hearing loss, partial blindness, and behavioral tics, which were diagnosed posthumously as tourettes syndrome. Team of rivals: The political Genius of Abraham Lincoln via m, this 2005 biography by historian Doris kearns goodwin profiles the life of Americas 16th president, as well as four members of his cabinet who served with him from 1861 to 1865. Critics consider this book, which won the 2006 Lincoln Prize, one of the most insightful and readable portraits of Lincoln because it focuses on personalities, not politics—namely, how Lincoln managed to build relationships with some of his former rivals. Abraham Lincoln"s are truly words to live.). Immortal Life of Henrietta lacks via m, written in 2001 by award-winning science writer Rebecca skloot, this book tells the tragic story of Henrietta lacks, a poor black tobacco farmer and mother of five who died from an aggressive form of cervical cancer in 1951. Before she died, researchers took her tumor cells without her knowledge or her familys permission.

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Pamela digby Churchill hayward Harriman. Pamela digby had married, randolph Churchill (son of Winston) in 1939, and commenced an affair with Harriman in about 1941, while he was serving President roosevelt as special envoy to europe. She divorced Churchill in 1945. She married the theatrical producer. Leland hayward (father of, brooke hayward ) in 1960. Brooke's own memoir, haywire, is unsparing on the subject of her stepmother. . Immediately after hayward died in March 1971 Pamela rekindled her old affair with the recently widowed averell Harriman, and married him a scant report six months later. They remained married until he died 15 years later.

the best biographies of all time

Peter Duchin is the son of, eddy duchin, the famous bandleader. His story is amazing and very well told. His mother died shortly after bearing him and his father was kept away from him by well-meaning doctors and nurses for fear that the baby, too, would not survive and the emotional blow to the father would be excessive. He was raised by his late mother's best friend, marie norton Whitney harriman (whose dangerous first husband was. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney ) and her husband,. Duchin himself grows up, launches his own musical career, and eventually marries the actress. Maybe you can see where this is going. Marie harriman later died, and her husband, averell Harriman married, pamela digby Churchill hayward and made her.

and memoirs of people who were in London during wwii. It was a very interesting window on the war, and also it was fun watching the various historical figures pop up in each other's stories! The memoir that launched me down that rabbit hole was. Ghost of a chance, by peter Duchin - this illustrates the power of a really great review. I read a review of this book in the. Washington Post, sunday book review section and it made the book sound so interesting that I got out of my pajamas, got dressed, went over to borders (the late lamented and bought this book the same day. I was not disappointed.

I wish he had been a little more open about his sexuality but in those days it wasn't done, and friendship his wife (the lovely kitty carlisle hart) would have been embarrassed. The years of Lyndon Johnson by robert Caro (three of four planned volumes already published) - this is an amazing feat of research and storytelling. Caro and his wife interviewed 900 friends, enemies, associates, and witnesses to the various events described. Many of those people are now dead, and most of them never talked to anyone else about what happened. The second half of volume 2 is a blow-by-blow account of how Johnson literally stole the 1948 us senate primary, with special cameo appearance by Abe fortas (a name 80 of quorans will never have heard of). I could not put it down. Murrow: a life,. Sperber - this is a huge brick of a book but I carried it around until I finished it (including several plane rides) because i could not bear to be parted from it for even a couple of days.

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Your textbook tears-of-a-clown story, as Martin traces the beginnings of his career, from listening to comedy on his dads car radio, learning magic and landing words his first job at Disneyland to his tv writing, the loneliness of life on the road and, eventually, silver-haired superstardom. Its cleverly written, disarmingly frank, frequently moving and, as you might expect, funny as hell. Key details: Nerdily noting the reaction to each joke in a ledger: excellent!, big laugh or quiet. Martins also great on capturing the culture of the late sixties and seventies, describing how the streets of San Francisco simmered with a toxic vitality. Biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs are my most favorite literary form, and the most fun way to consume history. I agree with several of the suggestions already made, and will add a few. Act One, by moss Hart - this absolutely blew my socks off when I read.

the best biographies of all time
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  1. Whether you re coming to these books for the first time or revisiting. Wallow in the majesty of the greatest Italian Renaissance artists, such. On e of the most acclaimed, popular autobiographies of all time follows the author. Now a frail man of 72 years old, Ali remains one of the most recognisable and most respected.

  2. Online shopping for 100 biographies memoirs to rea d in a lifetime. Born to run: a hidden Tribe, superathletes, and the Greatest Race the world. Shrouding their experiences within the cloak of fiction (but we all know better).

  3. They have one thing in common. They read biographies of people who. Results 1 - 12 of 100.

  4. Published posthumously in 1964, one of he mingway s best-loved works recounts his time. Part-road trip, part-love letter to paris, part-paean to friendship, all in his famous muscular sentences. Top Best biographies books of All Time ask any entrepreneur or a rock star emp loyee.

  5. C ritics have referred to this Pulitzer-prize winning portrait of our second President. Although it was a commercial flop at the time, let Us Now Praise famous Men. Learn from the best.

  6. Book covers: the (40) best biographies and autobiographies of all time. This list of the greatest biographies of all time covers the arts, literature, pol itics, science and history, and includes household names such as Barack Obama. In fact, some critics consider it to be the greatest biography ever written.

  7. We ve rounded up the best biographies of all time about writer s, scientists, athletes, politicians, and everyday people with fascinating stories. As picked by our favourite writers. 25 Best biographies: The li fe Stories every man Should read. Our critics chose the greatest memoirs and biographies ever writte.

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