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I personally prefer to go in and delete the cgidev2 provided instructions and insert my own. I don't like the instructions they provide. They're more complicated than they need to be, imho. Hope this all made sense. Thanks to Scott Klement. Please note: i am, only interested in, contract roles in or near.

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Pgm should be run as a program in /b. Contrast these two statements: ScriptAlias /mylibp /b ScriptAliasMatch /mylibp(.pgm /b/m In the the first case, anything that starts with /mylibp (including files, data areas, queues, user spaces, etc) will be run as a program from the /B library. Of course, if you list a program object, no problem, it'll run. If you list a non-program object, however, Apache will still try to thesis call it (though, it'll fail with an error.) In the second case, only urls that end. Apache will forcibly add the. Pgm extension to it when it tries to call. Therefore, non-programs will not match this script alias. Instead, they'll match this one (also from the configs, above) Alias /mylib/ /mylib/ This tells it to go to the /mylib/ folder of the ifs instead of the library. So program objects go to the library, non-program objects go to an ifs folder. If you left off this extra Alias, it would go to the documentRoot instead - and go to /www/myserver/htdocs/mylib.

By contrast, ScriptAlias is for running a script or program. Instead of downloading the program object to the browser (that's what desk Alias would do scriptAlias tells Apache to run the program. The output of the program will be sent to the browser, instead of downloading the program object itself. Without ScriptAlias: DocumentRoot /www/myserver/htdocs m This tells Apache to go to the /www/myserver/htdocs/qgpl directory and download a program named m to the browser. With ScriptAlias: DocumentRoot /www/myserver/htdocs ScriptAlias /qgpl /B m Hopefully you already understand that /B in the ifs provides access to your traditional libraries and their contents. With that in mind, Apache will build the ifs pathname of /B/M and it will therefore be equivalent of call pgm(qgpl/PMU010) scriptaliasmatch same as ScriptAlias, except it now has regular expressions wildcards available. ScriptAliasMatch is to ScriptAlias what AliasMatch is to Alias. The installer for cgidev2 likes to set things up like this: ScriptAliasMatch /mylibp(.pgm /b/m AliasMatch /mylibh.htm /B/LE/1.mbr Alias /mylibh/ /B/LE/ Alias /mylib/ /mylib/ The ScriptAliasMatch at the top says that any url that begins with /mylibp and ends with.

iseries resume

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So whatever matches the wildcard.*jpg will be considered "variable number 1". You'll notice the result is /images/jpg/foo/1 - that 1 will be replaced at runtime with whatever matched the.*jpg pattern. Example: g Once the hostname is removed, it front starts with /foo/ and ends with jpg, so it matches the Alias. The (.*jpg) part will match goofy/scott_g, so Apache will access the /images/jpg/foo/goofy/scott_g file in the ifs fwiw, i tend to avoid AliasMatch (or ScriptAliasMatch) since they run slower, and imho, they're more complicated than I need for my projects. Scriptalias if you understood Alias, then ScriptAlias should be easy. There's really only one difference. Alias is for fetching a document. It tells Apache which document in the ifs to fetch.

That's all an alias does. It provides a way to specify directories in the url that are "redirected" to another area of the ifs, outside of the document root. Aliasmatch, aliasMatch does the same thing that Alias does, except it allows "wildcards" (technically. Regular Expressions.) For example, i could do something like this: AliasMatch /foo.*jpg) /images/jpg/foo/1, in a regular expression, a single dot matches any one character. An asterisk says "zero or more of the preceding character". So when you have.* it matches any number of any character. In this example, any url that begins with /foo/ and ends with jpg will match the alias. In Apache, the parenthesis designate a section of the url o be copied to the resulting url. So in this example, the /foo/ is not in parenthesis, but the.*jpg.

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iseries resume

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Ifs (DocumentRoot) where all subfolders will be accessible via urls. That's the basic configuration. Alias, what if you want something outside of that area to be accessible to the browser? How would you do it? You declare an Alias.

DocumentRoot /www/myserver/htdocs, alias /foo /home/scott/bar, this business says that all urls business go under /www/myserver/htdocs, just as in the previous example. Any url starting with /foo will point to /home/scott/bar. So this works just as it did before: ml, but this works differently. Ml, in this second case, the /foo is an alias for /home/scott/foo, so the. Url points to /home/scott/bar/mydir/ml.

A: Alias, AliasMatch, ScriptAlias and ScriptAliasMatch aren't too hard to understand. I'll try to explain them, but please ask questions if you still don't understand. Background, when you configure Apache, you give it a documentRoot. This is an ifs pathname to the start of your web server. In the simplest configuration, everything on your server would be under DocumentRoot. So you might have this: DocumentRoot /www/myserver/htdocs, http was designed for fetching documents (originally, that's all you could do, just fetch a document, nothing else).

So a browser would code something like this:. This tells the browser (a) use the http protocol. (b connect to m, and (c) ask for the document named /mydir/ml. Apache will get that request, but it'll add the documentRoot. So the actual ifs path to the document will be /www/myserver/htdocs/mydir/ml. That's the simplest behavior. It lets you designate some part of your.

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That is, in some languages, a semi-colon is not needed after some keywords, like else. We decided that the simplest rule to remember was that the semi-colon was needed after each and every opcode. Thus, no exceptions to remember. In conclusion, we certainly do appreciate that not everyone likes the choice of statement delimiter style of free-form coding. (Practically all new things in the language resume have both fans and detracters!) But hopefully, you now have some understanding of the process that led to this particular design decision. Thanks to hans Boldt. Basic cgidev2 problem, q: I wish I fully understood all those Alias and ScriptAliasMatch lines, though.

iseries resume

For instance, character literals had two different styles of continuation, and numeric literals had their own different style. We didn't want to use either or '-' txt to indicate continuation since those would be too easily confused with character literal continuation, as well as the binary addition, subtraction, and catenation operators. Beyond those, there weren't really many good alternatives in the available invariant ebcdic characters. And besides, we didn't really want to introduce yet another style of continuation. Consider how continuation was already expressed in the keywords entries and the. No special continuation character was needed in those entries, since continuation was indicated by blanks at the beginning of the continued spec. We felt that the precedent of no continuation character was reasonable for the free-form calcs as well. Then, the decision to select the semi-colon as the end of statement delimiter was a no-brainer, since it was already very commonly used for that purpose. The next decision was this: Was the end of statement delimiter needed for all calcs?

time, i was working on another project, but I was dragged back early to the rpg development team to change the design before it was too late for V5R1. So first, we decided that positions 6-7 of the free-form calc spec had to be blank. Then we had to deal with the issue of continued statements. But before we go further, here's one general principle in rpg language design: Since rpg runs primarily on ebcdic machines, and since various ebcdic codepages have different code points for different characters, the rpg character set is necessarily limited. That is, if for instance we decided on the backslash as having a particular meaning in rpg, there may well be problems in moving to different code pages. So the question is: continuation character or end of statement delimiter? The rpg language already had umpteen different styles of continuation.

After thinking a bit more about the issue, i realised that the cost didn't have to be that much, especially considering we really didn't have to worry anymore about some things like conditioning indicators, resulting indicators, and definition of variables on the calc spec. By v4R4, these things were generally considered to be bad style anyways. The issue of multi-part factors remained, but that issue disappeared when we decided that the opcodes that used multi-part factors could be replaced by existing or new built-in functions. At this point, the implementation became much easier. The arguments are parsed and the information about them placed into the same variables used to process them as if they loyalty were coded on fixed-form calcs. The biggest work in fact was implementing a new set of built-in functions to handle certain opcodes that would not be allowed in free-form calcs, like lookup, scan, and xlate, as well as the date/time/timestamp operations. But voters indicated that they wanted many of these anyways, even without free-form calcs. Then came the matter of syntax. At first, the design indicated free-form calcs with characters.

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Balayeuse ravo 540 - 5 Series / Street Sweeper, road Sweeper, kehrmaschine, balai de rue. Description : Les balayeuses ravo 540, 560 et 580, plus communément appelées 5 Series, ou 5 iseries ou cr 540 en France ( 540 pour 40 km/h sur route, 560). The reason for semicolon on /Free specs? Q: Why didn't you listen to the many lone voices about that stupid semicolon on /Free specs? A: report you really want me to dredge up the logic behind that decision yet again? But first some history: Back prior to V5R1, we had an enhancement survey where one of the items to be voted on was free-form calcs. We thought at the time that it would be a big effort, and so a price tag of 100 was given. In spite of the high cost, some voters actually blew their whole wad on it!

iseries resume
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  2. I am aware that it remains in the sole discretion of Credit Temps (Pty) Ltd t/a. Cr solutions, not to put me forward for any position or assignment if Credit Temps (Pty) Ltd t/a. Cr solutions is not satisfied with the references obtained or the information obtained from previous employers as well as any other referees. As400, iseries, i5, system i : la machine volue pour tre de plus en plus puissante.

  3. Q: Almost a year after our new i5 was installed. Secondary storage on my partition is 350 g and is 99 full - shown with wrksyssts. What with all these cool tips for iseries navigator being regularily churned out recently, i thought I'd ask is there a cool way of finding who or what is using up all the disk space?

  4. Application Support Analysts implement and maintain computer systems. Usual work duties listed on an Application Support Analyst resume example include providing technical support to users, preparing documentation, training staff, improving system usability, and supporting corporate strategies. Q: Is there a way i can get the attributes (date/time created/modified, file size) for an ifs object in a cl or rpg/IV program? I have a batch file running on an nt server that extracts some data from another server (novell) to a directory on the as/400.

  5. Hi, i have the following code, basically what i'm trying to do i have already a query defined which generates my output file in iseries /as400 which. Bi/data warehouse sap peoplesoft oracle jd edwards erp iseries /as400 pick/multivalue/t/java mainframe healthcare. Business Systems Analyst resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes.

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