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gender identity essay

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The public is only now waking up to the way gender identity is evolving, both socially and legally. Few people have even started to think about the consequences of switching from categorising people according to a doctors determination of their biological sex at birth, to categorising them according to their self-declared feelings about which group they belong to: men or women. There is a great gulf between what seems self-evident to student equality officers and in gender-studies departments, and what seems self-evident elsewhere. In my experience even people who declare themselves trans allies and committed to social justice, non-discrimination and inclusion, may hesitate if asked whether they think natal males who have been through male puberty before declaring themselves women should be allowed to compete in womens sporting. Many people are also surprised to discover that natal males who retain male genitalia but identify as women are, if they are sexually attracted to women, regarded in activist circles as lesbians. If any of this makes you bristle—whether because you take all these propositions as self-evident or because you think they are ludicrous—i urge you to test them on people of various ages and political leanings. This divide is also visible in representative politics. All three of Britains three main parties support a shift to gender self-identification, for example, and yet a recent survey by yougov for Pink news, an online publication aimed at lgbt people, found that just 18 of voters did.

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We thank all our participants, and the readers who offered interesting and insightful comments on our website and on social media. Tomorrow we will publish a wrap-up of some of the points they raised. Perhaps no set of ten viewpoints on something as complex and varied as trans identities could. But it was also hard to get people to participate. Several of those we invited told us that none of these issues should even be up for discussion. We forged ahead, however, partly because of our commitment to the liberal value of open debate but also because, like it or not, trans issues are up for discussion, as a matter of simple fact. Gender self-identification is not the law of the land in most places, and laws in democracies are everybodys business. Anyone can respond to the government proposals in Britains public consultation, whether trans or not. When we commissioned Ms Brotherss essay, she made an interesting distinction. Her own journey and identity, she said, were indeed not up for discussion, but as a politician she recognised that public policy essay certainly.

Kristina harrison and Debbie hayton, however, argued that it would harm both women and transgender people themselves. Get our daily newsletter, upgrade your inbox and get our daily dispatch and Editor's Picks. Though our participants ranged wide, their arguments were, of course, not exhaustive. Charlie kiss used his own life story as a refutation of the common claim that a trans man is simply a lesbian in disguise. Pippa Fleming explained why she thinks the new language of gender identity and fluidity are erasing lesbian identity. Sarah Ditum argued that supposedly inclusive language, such as people with cervixes, in fact serves to exclude many women, and makes it harder to name and discuss the ways in which women are still oppressed. James Kirkup described his experience of writing about trans issues without attracting the vitriol that is heaped on female journalists who. My colleague adam Smith, our audience engagement editor, drew resume a parallel between gay and trans identities. Gay people gained political power by naming themselves and forging a common identity, he says, and trans people will, too.

gender identity essay

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Encyclopedia of sociology, new York: Macmillan, rathus,. Human sexuality in a world of diversity. (6th.) Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Gender identity and discourse analysis, netherlands John Benjamins publishing. This piece is part of a two-week discussion british on trans issues. Click here to view all essays. A week into our two-week discussion on transgender identities, its time to take stock. Since we kicked off on the day that Britains government launched resumes a public consultation on its plans to update the gender Recognition Act, several of our participants took the opportunity to argue for or against the proposal to allow people who wish to change the. Vic Valentine and Emily Brothers argued that the change would streamline a slow and bureaucratic process, and give trans people more autonomy by ending unnecessary medical gatekeeping.

Being influenced by my parents, relatives and friend to participate in such tough sporting activities and eventually loving them, i consider these as environmental factors that helped me identify my gender identity as male (Litosseliti sunderland, 2002). D, using continuum related to masculinity-femininity, i lie in the extreme end of the male side (less feminine). This makes me posses more mannish traits than female traits. I posses a variety of masculine traits which include: good headship qualities considering that I hold a position which requires great leadership skills, i am logical and rational though at times I get entrapped by emotions, logic still prevails, thus coming up with rational decisions. I am competitive since i appreciate, enjoy and love competition since its the only way to gauge performance upon comparison to others. It is not forgotten that respect is earned in competition whether one emerges a winner or loser. I possess female traits such as being caring, empathetic and sympathetic as evident in sympathizing with the less fortunate and at times assisting them in various aspects of life.

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gender identity essay

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The continuum related to masculinity-femininity is portrayed when a person lies someplace in the middle of the scale. This depends on traits linked to either males or females. Traits that are attributed on the masculine end of the scale are: superior leadership abilities, emotion free, logical and rational, competitive and very forceful summary (Borgatta montgomery, 2000). On the other hand traits that are considered to be more feminine are: caring, empathetic and sympathetic, indecisive, shy and affectionate (Borgatta montgomery, 2000). C as an individual, my gender identity has been determined by various factors. Considering biological factors, i have x and Y chromosome attributed to the male gender as proven by the biological experts.

My deep voice, masculine body shape, and bald hair style are some of the social factors that have helped identify my gender identity (Litosseliti sunderland, 2002). Since the above listed traits are mostly attributed to the male gender, i automatically consider myself as male with respect to social gender factors. I have great passion for rough, tough and technical activities. For example in sports I have great interest in football, rugby, basketball. In my society such sporting activities are majorly associated with the male gender.

The male and the female sexual category have their own approach of practicing the above mentioned social factors except for the transgendered persons. Considering natural factors, the misassigned gender (that is in biological terms) can be altered to the proper one; however, a shift from the correct biological sex is usually rare. A typical individual has two sex chromosomes. Males have (x y) while females have (xx) chromosomes (Rathus, nevid fichner-Rathus, 2005). If two x chromosomes, one from the man and the other from the woman are combined together, a female child is conceived.

While the vice versa (x and y) chromosomes from female and male respectively, will yield a male child. Psychological factors: there have been some instances whereby individuals with unusual sexual development experience changes in their gender uniqueness, role and assignment at puberty. The bodily changes experienced by a person such as changes in body shape and traits help one identify his/her gender identity at puberty. Society, accord children proper gender roles which reinforce their sexual identity. For example males are encouraged to engage in tough and rough activities which is a contrary to what females are encouraged. B, on a scale, masculinity is on one extreme end while femininity on the other end.

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With particular attention to malcolms questioning of Macduff in Act 4, scene 3, try to define some of the characteristics that grant or invalidate the moral legitimacy of absolute power. Gender identity is the manner in which people see themselves, that is either male, female or in between the former and the latter. In most individuals, there is no significant dissimilarity between gender identity and biological characteristics. Gender identity can also be described as ones self-conception as either being male, female or transgender. There is a mother close association between sex roles and gender uniqueness, where the former is an outward expression of the latter (Rathus, nevid fichner-Rathus, 2005). A, social factors can be used to determine a persons gender. Dressing code, body shape, how someone speaks and hairstyle are engelsk some of the social factors that can be used to determine a persons sex.

gender identity essay

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gender identity essay
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This is continued from the previous essay. Most people have a clearly defined sex: For most.

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