Essays on the blurring of art and life

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essays on the blurring of art and life

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A videotape of george and Billy maciunas' wedding was produced by dimitri devyatkin. 59 Stockhausen's Originale edit Traitor, you left Fluxus!, a postcard sent by george maciunas to nam June paik, c late 1964, after the latter's involvement with Stockhausen's Originale After returning to new York, maciunas became reacquainted with Henry Flynt, 60 who encouraged members of Fluxus. One of the results of these discussions was to set up a picket line at the American premiere of Originale, a recent work by the german composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, 8 September 1964. 61 Stockhausen was deemed a 'cultural Imperialist' by maciunas and Flynt, while other members vehemently disagreed. The result was members of Fluxus, such as Nam June paik and Jackson Mac Low, crossing a picket line made up of other members, including Ben vautier and takako saito 62 who handed out leaflets denouncing Stockhausen as "a characteristic European-North American ruling-class Artist". 63 Dick higgins participated in the picket, and then coolly joined the other performers inside; 64 Maciunas and his friend Henry Flynt tried to get the Fluxus people to march around outside the circus with white cards that said Originale was bad. And they tried to say that the Fluxus people who were in the circus weren't Fluxus any more.

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53 Since maciunas was colorblind, fluxus multiples were almost always black and white. 54 New York and the FluxShops edit willem de ridder's mail Order FluxShop, Amsterdam, with Dorothea meijer, winter 196465. Photo by willem de ridder After his contract with the us air Force was terminated due to ill health, maciunas was forced to return to the us on 3 September 1963. 55 Once back in New York, he set about organizing a series of street concerts and opened a new masters shop, the 'fluxhall on Canal Street. 12 concerts, 'away from the beaten track of the new York art scene assignment 56 ' took place on Canal Street, 11 April to with photographs taken by maciunas himself, pieces by ben vautier, alison Knowles and takehisha kosugi were performed in the street for free. 'The people in Fluxus had understood, as Brecht explained, that "concert halls, theaters, and art galleries" were "mummifying." Instead, these artists found themselves "preferring streets, homes, and railway stations." Maciunas recognized a radical political potential in all this forthrightly anti-institutional production, which was an important. Deploying his expertise as a professional graphic designer, maciunas played an important role in projecting upon Fluxus whatever coherence it would later seem to have had.' 57 Along with the new York shop, maciunas built up a distribution network for the new art across Europe. Gallery and mail order outlets were established in Amsterdam, villefranche-sur-Mer, milan and London, amongst others. 58 by 1965, the first anthology Fluxus 1 was available, consisting of manila envelopes bolted together containing work by numerous artists who would later become famous including lamonte young, Christo and yoko ono. Other pieces available included packs of altered playing cards by george Brecht, sensory boxes by ay-o, a regular newsletter with contributions by artists and musicians such as ray johnson and John Cale, and tin cans filled with poems, songs and recipes about beans by Alison.

John Cage, for instance, never published work under the Fluxus moniker due to his contract with the music publishers Edition Peters. 52 Maciunas seemed to have a fantastic ability to get things done. If you had things to be printed he could get them printed. It's pretty hard in East Brunswick to get good biography offset printing. It's not impossible, but it's not so easy, and since i'm very lazy it was a relief to find somebody who could take the burden off my hands. So there was this guy maciunas, a lithuanian or Bulgarian, or somehow a refugee or whatever—beautifully dressed—"astonishing looking" would be a better adjective. He was somehow able to carry the whole thing off, without my having to go 57 miles to find a printer.

essays on the blurring of art and life

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The first three to be printed were composition 1961 by la monte young see, an Anthology of Chance Operations edited by young and Mac Low and Water Yam, by george Brecht. Water Yam, a series of event scores printed on small sheets of card and collected together in a cardboard box, was the first in a series of artworks that Maciunas printed that became known as Fluxkits. Cheap, mass-produced and easily distributed, Fluxkits were originally intended to form an ever-expanding library of modern performance art. Water Yam was published in an edition of 1000 and originally cost. 47 by april 1964, almost a year later, maciunas still had 996 copies unsold. 48 Maciunas' original plan had been to design, edit and pay for each edition himself, in exchange for the copyright to be held by the collective. 49 50 Profits were to be split 80/20 at first, in favor of the artist. 51 Since most of the composers already had publishing deals, Fluxus quickly moved away from music toward performance and visual art.

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essays on the blurring of art and life

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Why not solution simply "Fluxus"? It seems to me much better, because it's new, and dada is historic. 41 As part of the festival, maciunas wrote a lecture, entitled 'neo-dada in the United States'. 42 After an attempt to define 'concretist neo-dada' art, he explained that Fluxus was opposed to the exclusion of the everyday from art. Using 'anti-art and artistic banalities Fluxus would fight the 'traditional artificialities of art'. 43 The lecture ended with the declaration; Anti-art is life, is nature, is true reality—it is one and all.

43 European festivals and the Fluxkits edit piano Activities, by Philip Corner, as performed in wiesbaden, 1962, by (l-r) Emmett Williams, wolf Vostell, nam June paik, dick higgins, benjamin Patterson and george maciunas In 1962, maciunas, higgins and Knowles, traveled to europe to promote the. With the help of a group of artists including Joseph beuys and Wolf Vostell, maciunas eventually organised a series of Fluxfests across Western Europe. Starting with 14 concerts between 1 and 23 September 1962, at wiesbaden, these Fluxfests presented work by musicians such as John Cage, ligeti, penderecki, terry riley and Brion Gysin alongside performance pieces written by higgins, Knowles, george Brecht and Nam June paik, benjamin Patterson, robert. One performance in particular, piano Activities by Philip Corner, became notorious by challenging the important status of the piano in post-war German homes. The score—which asks for any number of performers to, among other things, "play "pluck or tap "scratch or rub "drop objects" on, "act on strings with "strike soundboard, pins, lid reviews or drag various kinds of objects across them" and "act in any way on underside. The performance was considered scandalous enough to be shown on German television four times, with the introduction "The lunatics have escaped!" 45 At the end we did Corner's piano Activities not according to his instructions since we systematically destroyed a piano which I bought for. 46 At the same time, maciunas used his connections at work to start printing cheap mass-produced books and multiples by some of the artists that were involved in the performances.

26 The most commonly cited include the series of Chambers Street loft concerts, new York, curated by yoko ono and la monte young in 1961, featuring pieces by yoko ono, j ackson MacLow, joseph Byrd, and Henry Flynt ; 31 the month-long Yam festival held. It was at one of these events in 1960, during his Etude pour piano, that paik leapt into the audience and cut John Cage's tie off, ran out of the concert hall, and then phoned the hall's organisers to announce the piece had ended. 32 As one of the movement's founders, dick higgins, stated: Fluxus started with the work, and then came together, applying the name Fluxus to work which already existed. It was as if it started in the middle of the situation, rather than at the beginning. 33 34 The American musician and artist la monte young had been enlisted to guest-edit an issue of a literary journal, beatitude east, and asked george maciunas, a trained graphic designer, for help with the layout; Maciunas supplied the paper, design, and some money for.

By the end of 1961 before An Anthology of Chance Operations 35 was completed (it was finally published in 1963 by mac Low and young maciunas had moved to germany to escape his creditors and work for the. 36 From there, he continued his contact with the new York artists and with artists like benjamin Patterson, whom he met in Europe, by september 1962 was joined by dick higgins and Alison Knowles, who traveled to europe to help him promote a second planned. Early Fluxus and neo-dada edit lithuanian-born george maciunas coined the name Fluxus for art produced by a range of artists with a shared sensibility as an attempt to 'fuse. Cultural, social, political revolutionaries into a united front and action'. 37 After fleeing Lithuania at the end of World War ii, his family settled in New York, where he first met a group of avant-garde artists and musicians centered around John Cage and la monte young. After opening a short-lived art gallery on Madison avenue, which showed work by higgins, Ono, jonas mekas, ray johnson, flynt and young, maciunas moved to wiesbaden, west Germany, having taken a job as a graphic designer with the us air Force in late 1961. Maciunas first publicly coined the term Fluxus (meaning 'to flow in a 'brochure prospectus' that he distributed to the audience at a festival he had organized, called Aprés Cage; Kleinen Sommerfest (After Cage; a small Summer Festival in Wuppertal, west Germany, 39 Maciunas was. 40 he wrote a number of letters to raoul hausmann, an original dadaist, outlining his ideas. Hausmann discouraged the use of the term; I note with much pleasure what you said about German neodadaists—but I think even the Americans should not use the term "neodadaism" because neo means nothing and -ism is old-fashioned.

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27 The term anti-art, a precursor to dada, was coined by duchamp around 1913, when he created his first readymades from found objects (ordinary objects found or purchased and declared art). 28 Indifferently chosen, readymades and altered readymades challenged the notion of art as an plan inherently optical experience, dependent on academic art skills. The most famous example is Duchamp's infamous altered readymade fountain (1917 a work which he signed "R. Mutt." While taking refuge from wwi in New York, in 1915 Duchamp formed a dada group with Francis Picabia and American artist Man ray. Other key members included Arthur Craven, florine Stettheimer, and the baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, credited by some with proposing the idea for fountain to duchamp. 29 by 1916 these artists, especially duchamp, man ray, and Picabia became the center for radical the anti-art activities in New York city. Their artworks would inform Fluxus and conceptual art in general. 26 In the late 1950s and very early 1960s, Fluxus and contemporaneous groups or movements, including Happenings, nouveau réalisme, mail art, and action art in Japan, austria, and other international locations were often placed under the rubric of neo-dada ". 30 A number of other contemporary events are credited as either anticipating Fluxus, or as constituting proto-Fluxus events.

essays on the blurring of art and life

21 22 Fluxus played an important role in the opening up of assignment definitions of art. 23 Contents History to 1965 edit Origins edit Flux year Box 2,.1967, a flux box edited and produced by george maciunas, containing works by many early Fluxus artists The origins of Fluxus lie in many of the concepts explored by composer John Cage. After attending courses on Zen Buddhism taught. Suzuki, cage taught a series of classes in Experimental Composition from 1957 to 1959 at the new School for Social Research in New York city, which explored notions of chance and indeterminacy in art, and with the score as the basis for compositions, which could. Some of the artists and musicians who became involved in Fluxus, including Jackson Mac Low, la monte young, george Brecht, al Hansen, and Dick higgins attended Cage's classes. 24 25 A major influence is found in the work of Marcel Duchamp. 26 Also of importance was Dada poets and painters, edited by robert Motherwell, a book of translations of Dada texts that was widely read by members of Fluxus.

artists of the 1960s took part in Fluxus activities, including Joseph beuys, george Brecht, robert Filliou, al Hansen, dick higgins, bengt af Klintberg, alison Knowles, addi køpcke, yoko ono, nam June paik, ben Patterson, daniel Spoerri, and Wolf Vostell. The broad and varied nature of the artists involved in Fluxus involved a community of friends who worked together. They had different ideas about art and the role of art in society. 17 The overlapping communities within Fluxus and the way that Fluxus developed in overlapping stages meant that participants had very different ideas about what Fluxus was. 18 One Fluxus co-founder george maciunas proposed a well known manifesto, but none of the other artists agreed with it, and few considered Fluxus to be a movement. 19 20 Instead, a series of festivals in wiesbaden, copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, london. And New York, gave rise to a loose but robust community. In keeping with the reputation Fluxus earned as a forum of experimentation, 12 some Fluxus artists came to describe Fluxus as a laboratory.

Fluxus participants included "artists, composers, designers, and architects, as well as economists, mathematicians, ballet dancers, chefs, and even a would-be theologian. 14, equally significant, they represented nations on three continents Asia, europe, and North America. 14, they produced performance "events which included enactments of scores, write ". Neo-dada " noise music, and time-based works, as well as concrete poetry, visual art, urban planning, architecture, design, literature, and publishing. Many Fluxus artists share an anti-commercial and anti-art sensibility. Fluxus is sometimes described as intermedia. The ideas and practices of composer John Cage influenced Fluxus, especially his notion that one should embark on an artwork without a conception of its end, and his understanding of the work as a site of interaction between artist and audience. The process of creating was privileged over the finished product.

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Not to be confused with, fluxus (programming environment). Fluxus was an international, interdisciplinary community of artists, composers, designers and poets during the engelsk 1960s and 1970s who engaged in experimental art performances which emphasized the artistic process over the finished product. 1 2, fluxus is known for experimental contributions to different artistic media and disciplines and for generating new art forms. These art forms include intermedia, a term coined by Fluxus artist. Dick higgins, 3 4 5 6 concept art, first developed by sometime Fluxus artist. Henry Flynt, 7 8 and video art, first pioneered by, nam June paik and, wolf Vostell. 9 10 11, dutch gallerist and art critic Harry ruhé describes Fluxus as "the most radical and experimental art movement of the sixties.".

essays on the blurring of art and life
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  3. Allan Kaprow's "happenings" and "environments" were the precursors to contemporary performance art, and his essays are some of the most thoughtful, provocative, and influential of his generation. He rattles cages and yanks chains as an art writer of voracious attentiveness, free-spirited intelligence, invigorating wit, vinegary candor, and a gift for literary constructions of provoking finesse. The Art of Michelangelo - his hands work quickly and delicately to complete this work of art. Every chiseled muscle would be as smooth as silk, each hair a perfect curl.

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