Essay about my major

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essay about my major

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An Oral Surgeon must be patient, just to get through all of the school. Also, during residency, there are many times that they will have. Length: 1038 words (3 double-spaced pages rating: Strong Essays, essay preview. Throughout the numerous experiences I have had during my time at Benedictine University, i have learned different lessons and values that will prove important to my teaching career. The different courses, teachers, and schools that I had the opportunity to work with have helped me grow as an educator and provided me with the tools needed in order to be successful. My first observation experience was eye-opening. Upon my arrival to Providence catholic High School, i only had basic knowledge about what it took to be an effective teacher.

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From what I have found, most doctors just starting, walk around knocking on doors until another doctor hires them. This way it is kind of like an apprenticeship. They learn stuff that they might not have in residency. Then when that doctor decides to retire, he can take over the practice. This way he starts off in an established practice. This is probably the best way to start. There are many special talents that a doctor must have to become a doctor. For one, a doctor must be able to handle the sight of blood. There are not too many people that could handle the blood. If he or analysis she can, they must be able to handle the sounds that go along with pulling some ones teeth out of their mouth.

School will be tough, but in the end the rewards are endless. After college an Oral Surgeon must attend dental school, then they must go to five year residency for after that. This is a great career, and I think that I could make it if I tried hard enough. An Oral and Maxiofacial surgeon is the person that you would go show more content, once these tests are past slogan they are now board certified, which means that the are allowed starting their own practice. There is no set starting salary that an Oral Surgeon makes on average. It all depends on if they get a job in a hospital, or if they start their own practice, or a combination of the two. If you work in a hospital Oral Surgeons start off their first year making about 250,000. If they start their own practice, it can be considerably lower or higher depending on what referring doctors they know and how much patience that they have to begin.

essay about my major

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This is just an example of some of the duties required for this position. The minimum requirements are; Experience with Microsoft office, proven. My major, i have chosen pre-dentistry. I hope to become an Oral and qualitative Maxillofacial surgeon. This is one of the more competitive fields that there are in dentistry today. With this I hope to take join my dad in his practice. There are many classes and degrees that a person must complete before he can become an Oral Surgeon. I think that this would be a challenge.

My next choice is Project Assistant. I chose this position because you work throughout the company. Project Assistants have very important roles. In this position you will be working with the head people of the company such as; the. Project Manager, vp of Construction and Chief operating Officer. The job description for this position is; On-site project management, project coordination project control. Construction and cash flow projects, cost tracking for sequel cost, job cost analysis, meeting minutes and documentation and more.

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essay about my major

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I will only be talking about the three fields that I found to be interesting. The three fields that I will be talking about are; Retail Management, Project Assistant and Office managers. The first field that I will discuss is Retail Management. I will start off by giving the job description for this particular position; Retail sales managers supervise and coordinate the activities of customer service staff, stock and inventory workers, cashiers and sales associates. Some managers may have papers the responsibility to oversee the entire store or supervise a department. In order to have this position you have to meet certain requirements such as possessing a high school diploma and a degree of some sort.

Some employers prefer you to have an Associates of Applied Science in Retail Management or a bachelors of Science in Retail Management. The position of retail management can earn you an average of 39,890.00. (Http:.).What I feel drew me to this field was that fact reviews that this is a fast pace career. This is not just another dead end job. I enjoy working with others and I think that with a position such as this one i could advance quickly and still learn new things with hands on experience.

This knowledge is also useful to communicate with others, helps to find an individual approach to every person, teaches to solve everyday problems. But there are some problems concerning learning Economics too. The main subjects are very difficult. You should work with a tutor or attend special courses to get additional knowledge. It takes much free time, which you could spend with friends or just on resting.

Every day we have to work hard in class and get very tired by the end of the day. Homework takes much time too. Sometimes we cant understand or do something and get upset. In conclusion, i would like to say that, no matter how hard it is, Economics is a very good major giving important knowledge for your future life, and I dont regret that I have chosen this major. My major is Business. In business there are several fields that you can go into.

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If you want to be an economist or a lawyer, you can take these majors, get a good education, and find well-paid job in future, and that is important for many people in the modern world. Secondly, you can get a lot of very interesting information learning Economics. For example, factors of production, all about demand and offer, burse It is important to know and understand if you want to be a businessman or investigate problems of domestic and external economy. Thirdly, the knowledge of English, for sure, will be of great use for you in future. To communicate in the Internet, travel, make friends from with people from foreign countries, translate songs and books into other languages it demands a good knowledge of English. Besides, if you want to be an interpreter, you are sure to learn English. Fourthly, we get much knowledge concerning Social Sciences. It helps to learn our rights and duties, and helps to become biography a real citizen.

essay about my major

I go biography to ramenskaya gymnasia. There are four majors in it: Humanities, Economics, Physics and Mathematics, and Medicine and biology. As for me, my major is Economics. Now I will try to explain my choice. Firstly, economics is very prestigious. We learn Math, English, social Sciences, and Economics. Knowledge of these subjects is very important nowadays.

we will write a custom essay sample on Architecture As my major Subject specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Architecture As my major Subject specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, working in an interior design company exposed me to the people-side of Architecture and taught me how to discover the clients needs and to match our designs with these needs. All in all, these experiences helped me gain a basic grounding in architecture and a deeper respect for its art. Being an architect entails a big responsibility. I have begun to develop my own set of values and have identified the issues that I find most important. Most importantly, i have found a path in which i know I will gain not only money and success, but also fulfillment and satisfaction. Some schools have majors, which help pupils to deepen into the studies of any subjects, which can help in the future.

Therefore, i decided to pursue the field because i believe that the best career path a person can take is that which he loves and enjoys. I have been exposed to several activities involving architecture. I have volunteered as a teacher assistant for Architecture Graphics. I also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and became a member of degenerative an Architecture organization in my school. Lastly, i was employed in Design Perspectives, an interior design company, for one year. These activities exposed me to various aspects of architectural work and helped me acquire some needed skills. For example, through teaching, i was able to review my previously-acquired skills and test the limits of my knowledge.

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I would like to take up Architecture as my major. I find Architecture interesting because it enables me to use my individual creative taste to create structures that other people the will also love, and possibly admire. My interest in Architecture first developed during my sophomore year. During that year, i was able to speak to architects on field day. They shared with me their experiences and, in the process, i found myself sharing their aspirations and visions of enhancing and using my artistic capabilities in creating a beautiful community and environment and providing a better quality of life through Architecture. This experience opened my eyes to the possibility of obtaining a new language that can transcend cultures, people and places, and which I can use to express myself spiritually, emotionally and creatively. That language is the language of designs.

essay about my major
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I know there are many aspects you find interesting, but choose some so that the essay is not superficial. I am overtaken by an unexplainable rush as I contemplate learning. Home free essays Architecture As my major Subject.

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  3. My major is Computer Engineering. This major focuses on studying the hardware and software system in electronics such as, televisions, automobiles, washing machines, and agricultural equipments. Essay by paperNerd Contributor, University, bachelor's, november 2001.

  4. I hope to become an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. This is one of the more competitive fields that there. Essay about my major.

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