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egg drop essay

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In addition to the larger surface area, i included a parachute with my bag. The parachute catches the air from beneath and slows down the speed of the container. A physics concept i incorporated into my project was momentum. I had to make sure my container had enough momentum to keep it on a straight path but not too much so to avoid breaking the egg. To prevent the container containing the egg from straying from a straight path downward, i taped duct tape to the bottom of the bag. This one weighted point on my container will allow the object to drop with little to no rotation. If there was less momentum, the container could be led astray due to outside forces that push it from its straight path downward (e.g. words, the research paper on Automotive air Bags Auto policy Change.

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1 page, 494 words, my central focus while i was making my egg drop container was to build something sturdy enough to hold and support a large egg so when it is dropped from a two story building, it survives the fall without cracking. The design of my container incorporated physics principles such as Newtons 3rd Law, laws of impulse, momentum, and air resistance. The main item used to contain my egg is a tall, plastic, admission cylindrical container filled with cotton balls. I chose cotton balls to surround the egg to keep it held in place but in an airy, soft way. The protection from the cotton balls provided more time for the egg to come to a complete stop causing the overall supervisor force on the egg to be less. This is called impulse. I placed my container into a tostitos bag filled with cotton balls and grocery bags. Another physics concept incorporated into the construction of my container is air resistance. Air resistance is a form of friction that is produced when air oppositely hinders an objects movement. My tostitos bag is larger than just the plastic container, which gives the overall container more surface area to increase air resistance.

Since the medium egg is significantlly smaller we were able to wrap the egg with cotton before infixing it into the plastic pipe. After dropping it we were glad to happen out that the egg did non interrupt merely as the trials had proved earlier. If I could alter something about the undertaking I would hold used a bigger pipe. In order to suit big eggs. And seek to utilize stuff that wieghed less. We new that all the stuffs would fall at the same velocity. But by adding the excess weight we thought it would assist it fall the excess hundreths of seconds resumes in order to acquire a faster clip. Time was more of import than wieght because it was worth more points but we did non anticipate to hold the 2nd heaviest design in the category. To reflect back on the undertaking I was excited our design worked and thought our design and success reflects our difficult work.

egg drop essay

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And this clip after undoing we like were unhappy to happen out that the egg had been cracked. Since we thought that medium eggs were being used alternatively of big. We constructed our undertaking around the medium egg. The big egg was to big to suit in the pipe and could non be wrapped in cotton. So the egg was in direct contact with the difficult plastic sides. Since we thought this was the ground our egg had broken. We consulted with Mrs. Lovin to see if we could do alterations. After her great genourosity of allowing us convey in our ain medium size egg and redropping our design tuesday we agreed.

To maintain the wieght down we used cotton balls inside the tube to maintain the egg from coming in direct contact with the difficult plastic. But alternatively with the soft cotton. With this thought secured we took ot to the testing phase. After wrapping the egg in cotton and procuring it in the plastic pipe we wrapped the pipe with bubble wrap a twosome of times by cutting up a two by three foot sheet of bubble wrap. This was so dropped from a 2nd narrative balcony on concrete. After the unwrapping we were happy to happen out that the egg survived. We will write a custom essay sample. Egg Drop Essay sample or any similar topic only for you. Order now, in category on Friday we dropped our appliance.

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egg drop essay

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And besides provide excess padding to writing weaken the impact. After proving and subjecting a design of merely bubble wrap around the egg we found out that it will non be allowed. Due to this we had to do alterations in order to derive originality pionts and add to the creativeness. After chew overing for a few proceedingss we came up with essay the thought of seting the egg in a container of some stuff with padding. And so wrap the container in bubble wrap. This suttle alteration was plenty to derive originality points and led us to the edifice phase. During the edifice procedure we were strapped for stuffs.

Until we made a much needed trip to the shop. At the house we tried to utilize a plastic ball and H2O to procure the egg before wrapping it in the bubble wrap. After failure we tried other stuffs but they neer made the testing phase dues to riddance. We went to breeze through hardware to look for stuffs that would keep the egg firmly without interrupting. After seeking for a piece and rubing out thoughts we found a two inch pvc pipe along with two one and a half inch trial stopper that are H2O tight. At this point we still had the H2O thought to keep the egg inside the tube.

A perfectly inelastic collision is defined as, when two objects collides and move together as one mass (Serway faughn, 2002,. The structure and the eggs collision can be considered inelastic only if the egg is trapped in its compartment without movement. The amount of sound can be measured during the impact telling you how much energy is lost in the collision, telling you the impact the egg had on the structure. This impact can also be determined by observing and measuring the way the straws flex upon impact with the ground with and without the egg and comparing. The egg protecting structures can be directly compared with todays car bumpers.

Similar to the egg protecting structure, the goal of a bumper is to make the time interval in which the impact of the collision is taking place as longs as possible to reduce the jarring that the passenger experiences. A car bumper is pretty flimsy for the most part as well as hollow, with nothing between the surface of the bumper and the front of the car other than air and a small amount of metal or plastic. The modern bumper is made to crush down completely with very little applied force at all. Below is a picture of a semi successful egg protection structure. The aim of our undertaking was to plan and construct a appliance that would procure an egg from interrupting upon impact from a 2nd narrative window. And the appliance wieghing every bit to the lowest degree as possible while falling the fastest. We wanted to plan something that would supply a batch of buffering straight to the egg.

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Conclusion, after viewing the trials of drops, multiple flaws were highlighted in many designs of the lab participants. One flaw that could have been improved on was more even distribution of straws surrounding the egg compartment, rather than overbuilding on one side. This could be solved by building symmetrically. Another noticeable flaw was the reckless flight patterns of designs that were intended to fall a certain way. This also had the easy fix of just building symmetrically and not caring about the way it hit the ground. The force exerted by the egg onto the straw structure was something that seemed to be forgotten in some of the designs. Assuming writing that the eggs used had the mass.0567kilograms, which is the minimum mass of an egg of the type used, the egg would certainly have an impact on your straw structure would barely have a larger mass in most cases. The amount of impact can be calculated by using the eggs mass and the previously calculated velocity from a certain height to determine the amount of energy lost to sound, since the collision can be considered perfectly inelastic.

egg drop essay

Results (data given that air resistance is negligible, gravity will equal.81 meters per second squared. Using a series of kinematic equations, the speed of the egg upon impact with the ground can be determined for all three heights of two, three, and five meters. Since the egg was dropped from rest, the initial velocity would be zero. Using the equation, final velocity squared equals initial velocity squared plus two times acceleration times delta distance, the final speed can be determined for each of the varying heights from the different trials. Vf2vi22a(delta x vf20m/s2(2m.81m/s2 vf239.24m2s2. Vf6.26m/s, the speeds of impact from the heights of two, three, and five meters are as follows,.26meters per second from a height of two meters,.67meters per second from the height of three meters, and.91meters per second from the height of five meters. Only one design survived from the height of five meters. This design was symmetrical and possessed an air tight egg compartment, which fit the previously essay mentioned successful qualities. All the failing designs possessed at least one of the mentioned flaws.

held to the structure by mechanical means only. A solution to this problem would be to build around an egg in the first place. If you knew the exact dimensions of the type of egg that was being used in the drop, you could connect the straws in such a way that they would create an air tight seal around the egg used in the lab which is the. Another factor that the builder must consider was the contraption falling the intended way. After all, as the heights increase, it becomes harder to accurately predict the way in with the structure will twist and turn in the air. As a builder, you could create a more consistent impact by building a symmetrical structure that would function the same upon impact when being dropped in any manner. One suggestion would be to stray from building a system of legs that were only on the bottom, making the only safe landing right-side. Therefore, upon considering all of those factors and potential flaws, the best design you could come up with prior to any experiments would be a symmetrical spring like structure with an airtight compartment for the egg would be ideal for the task at hand.

Velocity is described as, the displacement divided by the time interval during which the displacement occurred (Serway faughn, 2002,. Prior to the trials at the set heights, teresa there seemed to be multiple structural designs that would suffice as an egg protecting or slowing agent. However, with a little bit of thought regarding the materials provided, one could deduce that a structure that would slow the time of impact between the egg/structure and the ground would be the most successful from the three different drop heights of two, three, and. One design that would generate success would be a system of shapes that would act as a spring system that would cushion the eggs fall. A spring system would cause the structure to contract upon impact, which would take a lot longer than a bare eggs impact with the ground. This is why a spring system would instantly come to mind when your goal is to elongate impact time. There were also many other factors that had to be considered as the height of the drop increased causing the final velocity of the egg to increase as well.

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The objective of this project was to outsiders create a structure that will protect a raw egg and prevent it from breaking when being dropped from a minimum height of two meters. A decent hypothesis or prediction one could develop before any experimental trials would be as follows. The structure that provides the longest duration of impact between the falling egg the ground will provide the desired results of an undamaged egg. The duration of time in which the ground applies a force to the egg carrying structure is referred to as impulse. The longer the span of impact time, the more mild the force acting upon the egg. Methods/Materials/Background, for this challenge the students were limited to fifty drinking straws, two post-it notes, one raw egg, and a meter of tape. In the previously stated hypothesis, impulse was the deciding factor in what will prevent the egg from breaking. The force normally applied to the egg by the ground when being dropped from the introductory height of two meters would be far too great causing the egg to break. Therefore, lab participants needed to find a way to either elongate the duration of the impact, or find a way to slow down the eggs normal final velocity when it strikes the ground.

egg drop essay
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  4. Egg drop essay, zachery bollman 4/28/14 aahs. Experiment In our science class we did an experiment. The theory was to an down a stairwell and add variables to counteract the impact and hopefully to save the from. My egg was safe due to my creative egg -safe appliance.

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