Dante's inferno movie review

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dante's inferno movie review

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The likable jones, meanwhile, serves as a sharp and plucky foil to hanks straightforward Langdon. Intellectually, shes his equal—but shes also forced to run in heels a lot. The one who nearly runs off with the entire movie, though,. Irrfan Khan as the coolly calculating leader of a shadowy security agency known as The Provost. With his impeccably tailored suits and an arsenal of ornate daggers, he may be yet another bad guy—but then again, he may be a good guy. One things for sure: Hes the only one here who realizes how ridiculous Inferno is, and hes having a blast with. Blazes A trail of Blood and Guts.

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At the same time, hanks is stuck with really obvious, explanatory dialogue like: "This map is a trail he left so that someone can find.". Howards pacing is anxious and breathless, punctuated by shrieky sound design and. Hans Zimmer s insistent score, as Langdon and Brooks travel from Florence to venice and Istanbul. Together, they piece together complicated clues with dizzying speed, trade tidbits of Dante arcana and try to stay a step ahead of the bad and/or good guys who are after them. These include an assassin posing as a motorcycle cop with the tenacity of the t-1000 and some shockingly well-armed agents from the world health Organization. Omar sy brings a dash of class and mystery biography as one of the prime pursuers and. Sidse babett Knudsen, as a who executive, creates the rare character here who not only feels like a real person but a grown-up amid all the madness. (The romance between her character and Hanks, however, feels half-baked, despite how pleasing the two actors are together.). Advertisement, foster isnt on screen long enough to function as much more than a concept as he spouts ominous lines like: Humanity is the disease. Inferno is the cure.

Sweating and panicking, he suffers from excruciating headaches and the disturbing report images that flash through his mind: hellish visions of twisted bodies burning and writhing in pain and surging rivers of blood. Soon enough, though, hes on the run alongside the emergency room doctor whos been treating him: the brilliant prodigy sienna Brooks (. Various factions with conflicting agendas are after him because hes in possession of an object thats crucial to solving the mystery of where a global plague is about to be unleashed. Before plunging to his death, dante-obsessed billionaire madman Bertrand Zobrist (. Ben Foster ) had warned that overpopulation would spell humanitys demise, and argued that killing untold millions with a high-tech disease would be the only way to preserve the planet for the greater good. Langdon is the only man who can stop the devastation by deciphering anagrams, of course. Its all as insane and convoluted as it sounds.

dante's inferno movie review

Dante's Inferno (the divine comedy, volume 1, hell

But the multiple twists, double-crosses and leaps in logic are more likely to prompt giggles than gasps, despite the impressive production values and the earnest efforts of an A-list cast. Advertisement, tom Hanks is back once again as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, the understated hero of the series. Hanks performance is a prime example of what he does so well: he establishes that Langdon is the smartest man in the room at all times, but still manages to make the character an accessible everyman. Its easy to take for granted what a tricky balancing act this is, simply because hanks makes it look so effortless. By now, its his bread and butter. If only it were in the service of better material. At the films start, langdon has awakened in an Italian hospital room, not knowing where he is or he how he got there.

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dante's inferno movie review

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A feature-length companion piece to the Electronic Arts videogame, dante's Inferno: The Animated Adventure features the voices of Graham Mctavish and Mark hamill, and presents a phantasmagorical vision of the underworld as realized by six of the most respected directors in contemporary animation. Watch it now, cast. Critic reviews for, dante's Inferno, there are no critic reviews yet for. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! Audience reviews for, dante's Inferno, view All Audience reviews, dante's Inferno. In 2006, the da vinci code made people angry writers before theyd even seen it: Catholics, albinos, fans of the. Dan Brown airport novel who were preemptively riled up in expectation.

Ron Howard s film version not doing it justice. . The 2009 follow-up, Angels demons, made people angry simply because it wasnt as good as The da vinci code—even though it managed to be more entertaining and less self-serious than its predecessor. All these years later, whether or not you were hankering for Browns particular brand of hokum, howard has adapted yet another bestseller in the authors series: Inferno. Itll probably annoy people more than anger them, though, because its just so silly and scattered. Howard and Angels demons screenwriter. David koepp are all business when it comes to delivering the doom and gloom, which is of the literary rather than the religious variety this time.

In fact, if you've played any one of Kratos' adventures, you'll be able to pick up and play through the Inferno with no problems. The game gives soul collection a new twist with the holy and unholy meter. When attacking an enemy, you can perform a finishing move that lets you "judge" a creature. Perform a punishment by destroying them with your scythe and you'll earn Unholy points. Absolve their spirit by blasting them with your cross and you'll earn Holy points.

Collecting points helps you to gain levels and purchase new attacks and abilities. As a result, you can customize your Dante's skills based on how you like to play and get additional boosts by collecting relics. These are holy and unholy relics that provide unique bonuses like regenerative magic, increased damage, or evasion enhancement. Tomatometer, tomatometer Not available. —, tomatometer Not available. —, audience score, average rating:.3/5, user Ratings: 1,710. Critic Consensus: no consensus yet. Dante's Inferno, photos, movie info, follow Dante as he braves the nine circles of hell on a mission to rescue his beloved beatrice from the infernal grasp of Lucifer.

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At times, you do feel sorry for the people and creatures trapped there. On the other hand, there are times when resume the game seems to include things just for shock value like monsters that project human genitalia as a ranged attack. Prepare to hack and slash through some nashville twisted creatures. Combat is a key component of any action game, and Dante's Inferno is no different. Dante primarily uses his scythe to hack through demons and other malevolent creatures that get in his way. He can also wield the power of the cross as a ranged attack to keep monsters at a distance. When you destroy a beast, you acquire its soul. If you're thinking it sounds like god of War, you're not too far off.

dante's inferno movie review

Check out our Video review here. As you might expect, this isn't exactly a faithful interpretation of the literary masterpiece, but the pursuit of beatrice drives the action of the game forward and presents a goal for the player to hack, blast and carve a path through hell for. The story is told the creatively, with a mixture of in-game cutscenes, cg movies for dramatic plot points, and animated sequences, primarily for the demonstration of personal sins. This approach is unique and mostly effective, although there are moments when the shift from cg or animated scenes to in-game scenes can be too abrupt and jarring. Now, any game with levels based around the sins found in the divine comedy is likely to have its mature moments. Dante's Inferno literally pushes the mature rating to its most extreme point, as you'll pass scenes of souls being tortured, loads of violence, and plenty of male and female nudity from level to level. Obviously, this is not a game for kids, but much of what you see is appropriate for a game that tries to explore the extreme nature of Hell and its punishments.

God of War. This repetitive quality, combined with significantly flawed combat, keeps the game from being a truly great experience. At its core, the story of Dante's Inferno is about a man's fight to save the woman he loves. Dante is a young crusader who becomes disenchanted with war and returns to his fiancée beatrice in Florence. When he arrives, he finds his house destroyed and beatrice lying dead outside. Even worse, as he approaches, lucifer appears and steals away her soul, dragging her screaming into the depths of Hell. Dante chases them through the circles of Hell, trying to save his love before she is lost forever. He faces his own sins and mistakes before a final showdown with the fallen angel.

Mankind is a cancer in its own body, says Zobrist during some kind of essay fascist version of a ted talk. As a viewing experience, it is both wearisome and stressful, like being lectured on Dante at gunpoint. And there are moments, particularly a langdon pov brain injury section at the beginning, full of trippy hallucinations and woozy camera work, that are actively unpleasant to watch. The one redeeming feature. Irrfan Khan, playing the head of a covert organisation of deadly facilitators, who seems to be the only person in the movie who is having any fun). Should you raise some hell with this action game? By jeff haynes, when planning a videogame, classical literature isn't the first source material that comes to mind. For centuries, the western concept of the afterlife has been framed by dante's The divine comedy, which terrified and enraptured people with its journey through the lands of the dead. After all, wandering through bleak environments and simply talking to suffering people doesn't sound like engaging videogame material.

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Ron Howard and Tom Hanks reunite once more to follow the impossibly overwrought exploits of Harvard professor of symbology and art history, robert Langdon. The third film to be based on Dan Browns series of thrillers is clumsily executed, preposterously plotted and powered by a score that appears to be in the grip of some kind of nervous breakdown. Which is to say, business as usual. In this instalment, langdon wakes in an Italian hospital having suffered a head injury. He is in the grip of the kind of convenient semi-selective retrograde amnesia that makes him forget the word for coffee while still recalling the password for his garden email account. Fortunately his doctor, Dr sienna Brooks (Felicity jones is on hand to fill in a few gaps with the first of many leaden chunks of exposition. She has to do this during a high-speed dash across Florence however, as, no sooner has Langdon regained consciousness, than there are people trying to kill him. Langdon has in his possession a gadget that projects Botticellis painting of the map of Hell. Concealed within the painting is the first of numerous clues, which Langdon must solve to prevent half of humanity getting wiped out by Inferno, a virus created by bertrand Zobrist, a genius billionaire with a bee in his bonnet about overpopulation.

dante's inferno movie review
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Ron Howard and Tom Hanks reunite once more to follow the impossibl y overwrought exploits of Harvard professor of symbology and art history. Gamers can now go to hell with Dante s Inferno, visceral Games and Electronic Arts action-based take on the divine comedy. But is it worth.

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  1. One very important thing about Dante s Inferno: An Animated Epi c that. Film Roman, a c-list American animation studio that clearly farms out. Before plunging to his death, dante-obsessed billionaire madman be rtrand Zobrist (Ben Foster) had warned that overpopulation would spell.

  2. Dante s Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010 Video). Review this titl. Dante s Inferno, an anime movie adapted from the video game(itself inspired.

  3. There are no critic reviews yet for Dante s Inferno. The fr ont of the movie - action -adventure video game was developed for the Xbox 360 and. Featured in AniMat s Classic reviews: Dante s Inferno: An Animated Epic (2015) see more ».

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