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best undergraduate thesis

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i also write, largely on topics at the intersection of history, culture and science. I publish my work on Wordpress. much of my photography during travel, uploaded on Flickr, is also focused on history and culture. i recently started running, and finished my first marathon in March 2015! My race results are compiled on an Athlinks page. Skip to main content, the basics, deadline for submissions is may 15, 2018.

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Reconfigurable quantization of oversampled Signals under Discrete-time filtering paper pdf, sushil Subramanian and Hossein Hashemi, ieee transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, november 2014. Conference Proceedings, a direct, receiver with Current-Mode digitally-synthesized Frequency-Translated rf filtering. Sushil Subramanian and Hossein Hashemi, ieee radio frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium, june 2018. A 200 msps reconfigurable adc with Adjacent Channel Narrowband Blocker Resiliency pdf, sushil Subramanian and Hossein Hashemi, ieee radio frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium, may 2016. An 800 msps quadrature ddfs and Integrated Nonlinear dac-filter with 15 ns Instantaneous Frequency hopping Time pdf, sushil Subramanian and Hossein Hashemi, ieee mtt-s international Microwave symposium, june 2013 (. Best Student Paper Award, 2nd Place an Incentive based peer-to-peer Protocol for Anonymous Collaborative mobile Streaming pdf, sushil Subramanian and Praphul Chandra, ieee wireless Communications and Networking Conference, april 2009. Fuzzy logic based Content Protection for Image resizing by seam carving pdf, sushil Subramanian, kundan Kumar, bibhu Prasad Mishra, animesh Banerjee and Debdutta Bhattacharya. Ieee conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications, june 2008. Theses, furthermore - i am an amateur pianist, currently playing mostly european classical music. Some of my music recordings are uploaded on my channel.

This thesis introduces a methodology for determining how vulnerable individuals in a pre-released data set are to re-identication using public data. I received my PhD from the. Department of Electrical Engineering at, university of southern California, under the advise of, prof. I analyze and design communication systems. Of particular healthy interest to me are topics in quantization and synchronization. From 2005 to 2009, i did undergraduate studies in the. Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering at, indian Institute of Technology, kharagpur, India. I am from, bangalore, india.

best undergraduate thesis

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The grant focuses on helping users better understand the empire potential risks associated with publishing certain data on the web, this project focuses on helping individuals determine and understand their WebFootprints. August 2012, frank nagle successfully defends his Master's thesis entitled "Efficient Anonymization of Vulnerable Individuals in Social Networks". The thesis proposes a local anonymization algorithm that focuses on obscuring structurally important nodes that are not well anonymized. It also explores the underlying anonymity inherent in the topological structure of online social networks to better understand which parts are not well anonymized and extends a known measure for assessing the level of anonymization in a network to consider nodes that are more important. Part of this thesis work has already been presented at pakdd 2012. Aditi ramachandran wins best student paper award at pst 2012 for paper entitled "Exploring re-identification risks in public domains." This work presents two different cases studies for sensitive data reidentification and then considers methods for agencies such as the. Census Bureau to identify variables that cause individuals to be vulnerable without testing all combinations of variables. April 2012, john Ferro successfully defends his Undergraduate's Thesis entitled "Identifying Individual Vulnerability based on Public Data - a senior Thesis".

July 2014, the 1st International Workshop on Privacy-preserving ir (pir 2014) to be held in sigir 2014. July 2013, this paper analyzes the predictive accuracy of existing and ensemble inference algorithms to infer hidden attributes using publicly exposed attribute-value. This paper is based on John Ferro's undergraduate senior thesis work. It focuses on a methodology for determining how vulnerable individuals in a pre-released data set are to re-identication using public data. April 2013, our team is trying to understand different aspects of session search. These techniques will be the foundation of the text component of our inference engine. August 2012, nsf awards grant to singh, Sherr and Yang entitled "Assessing Online Information Exposure Using Web footprints." The grant will begin in January 2013.

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best undergraduate thesis

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9 levoy,., The design And Implementation of a large-Scale computer-Assisted Cartoon Animation System, Proc. Datorgrafikdagar conference, linkoping, Sweden, june, 1983. R., paint, technical Memo 7, new York Institute of Technology, july 20, 1978. Also issued as tutorial notes at siggraphs. Marc levoy last update: may 16, 2011 07:38:33 PM). November 2015, lisa singh gives talk at dc data Science meetup entitled ".

Helping Users Understand Their Web footprint ". August 2015, our paper "Public Information Exposure detection: Helping Users Understand Their Web footprints" got runner-up for Best paper of asonam'15. July 2015, this paper helps users to understand their web footprints via public panel information exposure detection and analysis. We introduce methods for determining the amount of information that can be ascertained using only publicly accessible data. May 2015, this paper introduce a novel information exposure detection framework that generates and analyzes the web foot prints users leave across the social web. Andrew hian-Cheong defends Undergraduate senior Thesis entitled " building Web footprints using Semantic Similarity". April 2015, janet Zhu defends Undergraduate senior Thesis entitled " Generating Recommendations to reduce Identifiability of Public Online Profiles".

3 levoy,., computer-Assisted Cartoon Animation. Master's thesis, cornell University, 1978. 4 Catmull., The problems of computer-assisted animation, Proc. Acm siggraph '78,. 5 levoy,., Area flooding Algorithms, siggraph '81 Two-dimensional Computer Animation course notes, dallas, texas, august, acm, 1981,.

With corrections made in 1982. 6 levoy,., a computer Animation System Based on the multiplane technique, proc. Acm siggraph '77, vol. 2, san Jose, california, july, 1977,. A., merging and Transformation of Raster Images for Cartoon Animation, proc. Acm siggraph '81, vol 15,. 3, 1981, acm,. A., automated production techniques in cartoon animation. Master's thesis, cornell University, 1982.

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They ported it to pcs and british marketed it for several years under the name Animaster. The original technical team at Hanna-barbera Productions consisted of myself, Bruce wallace, chris Odgers, bennett leeds, jim Mahoney, steve mcDaniel, and Tim Victor. Our chief power user from the production side of the company was Ann Tucker. Interestingly, ann subsequently went to work for Disney, becoming their chief power user as well. References 1 levoy,., a computer-Assisted keyfame Animation System. Bachelor's thesis, cornell University, 1976. 2 Burtnyk,., wein,., computer Generated the key-frame Animation,. Smpte, 80(3 march, 1971,.

best undergraduate thesis

By the mid-1980's, these gentlemen had all retired, and Pixar was able to convince disney to explore the new technology. The system they co-developed was called caps (Computer Animation Production System). It ultimately won them an academy award in 1992 for its use in beauty and the beast. Although we were unsuccessful at Disney, we managed to convince hanna-barbara Productions to employ our wisdom system in the television animation market. Hanna-barbara was on the verge of closing down domestic production due to spiraling labor costs, and they saw our system as a way to forestall doing this. The animator's union didn't believe them, nor did they relish the prospect of computerization, leading to a bitter strike in 1982. In the end, the animators learned to use our system, which remained in production until 1996. At its peak in the late 80's, one third of Hanna-barbera's yearly domestic production went through our system, including The Flintstones, Scooby doo, and other shows. Ultimately, domestic labor costs become too high even for the computerized production line, and the the system was sold to james Wang Films of taiwan.

elements. First, the area flooding algorithm (equivalent to the paint bucket in Adobe Photoshop) was particularly efficient. Second, the merging step permitted independent geometric transformation of each artwork layer, with the goal of simulating Walt Disney's multiplane camera, and it included an interactive program for positioning these layers in three dimensions. This merging system is further described in Bruce wallace's Siggraph 1981 paper 7, his Master's thesis 8, and a paper I wrote for a small European conference. Finally, although mine was not the first paint program to incorporate a simulated airbrush 10, it may have been the first to incorporate a weighted, mask-driven tinting brush. My master's thesis also contained the first published description of such a brush. This description, together with a resurrection of Alvy ray smith's 1978 paint program, was used to prove the existence of prior art in Adobe. Quantel (1996), a highly publicized trial in which quantel claimed (falsely) to have invented the computer airbrush, which Adobe uses in Photoshop. After the completion of my master's thesis, don Greenberg and I tried to convince the walt Disney's feature animation group to incorporate computer graphics into their production process. Unfortunately, several of the "nine old men", who had worked for Disney since the 1930's, were still active, and they would have none.

They represent two keyframes in an animated movie made by fellow student Jose gelabert. Since both drawings contain the same number of strokes, the system could interpolate linearly between them, producing a sequence of intermediate drawings. Using Burtnyk and wein's system, artist Peter. Foldes made the award-winning film, hunger (1974). A bit more about my work in cartoon animation. After completing my thesis, i continued working in this area, leading to a master of Science in Architecture two years later. This second thesis describes a system for online drawing (or optical scanning) of cartoon drawings, paperwork user-guided linear interpolation between these drawings, flooding of enclosed areas in the drawings with color or texture, online painting (or optical scanning) of cartoon backgrounds, and merging together of the. My advisor once again was Don Greenberg.

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1976 Charles biography goodwin Sands Memorial Medal 1976 Charles goodwin Sands Memorial Medal. Cornell University School of Art, Architecture, and Urban Planning. Established in 1900 by the family of Charles goodwin Sands (Cornell class of 1890 the, sands Medal is traditionally given for the best undergraduate thesis in one of the three branches of the cornell University School of Art, Architecture, and Urban Planning. The award is not given every year, and in some years, more than one award is given. I was awarded the medal for my bachelor. The thesis describes a computer animation system for line art, based on user-guided interpolation between hand-drawn keyframes. My advisor was, donald Greenberg. My system was based on the pioneering work of Nestor Burtnyk and Marceli wein 2, but updated to run on a more modern real-time vector display (the evans and Sutherland Picture system). Two screenshots from the system are shown above.

best undergraduate thesis
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In a different direction with the century Trilogy, a series of doorstops. Designer Resume designer Resume 11 Graphic Designer cv pdf Applicationleter. Sample essay topic, essay writing : Life - 474 words Angela sometimes in life there are events that take place and impact your life greatly.

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  1. nearly all investments receiving support either from the australian Renewable Energy Agency or state-based renewable energy programs. Union activist and progressive firebrand. Free shipping on qualifying offers. California, with its abundant natural resources, has a long history of support for renewable energy.

  2. June 2013 pst paper accepted based on john ferro s undergraduate thesis. Only when a proposal has been submitted to the. Undergraduate, office do you officially have a thesis and a supervisor).

  3. Best, undergraduate, thesis, award ) Bachelor s, thesis, department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, kharagpur, India. Essays may be of any length, but must have been submitted as part of an undergraduate course in any department at Northwestern during the academic year (including thesis work. Our paper public Information Exposure detection: Helping Users Understand Their Web footprints got runner-up for. Best paper of asonam.

  4. For many seniors, their thesis will turn out to be the best piece of writing done while at Harvard. I was awarded the medal for my bachelor of Architecture thesis. The thesis describes a computer animation system for line art, based on user-guided interpolation between hand-drawn keyframes. Sushil Subramanian, behavioral Time domain Modeling of rf phase-locked loops (may 2009) pdf (.

  5. Each Prize carries a 1,000 cash award. Note : If you are a director or a producer but do not yet have a collaborator, go ahead and apply, and Steve mims will do his best to match you. Rtf 368s - media studies. Senior, thesis undergraduate, research.

  6. Mike datko interviewed about Pint of Science festival. Uc san diego named 33rd. Best, university in World. One award is awarded to the best undergraduate thesis written for Graduation with Distinction.

  7. One of the best ways to learn how to write a thesis is by examining theses written by government Department seniors in the past. If you are interested in a thesis. Cognitive science, undergraduate, honors, thesis, presentations.

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