Ordinary people essay

We, the Ordinary people of the Streets (Ressourcement

ordinary people essay

God Uses Ordinary people in Extraordinary ways

This law is in our hearts. It is called conscience. In my opinion, there are some eternal laws, like thou shalt not kill thou shalt not steal. These laws appeared many centuries ago. We can find the same principles in the laws of Babylon, that were drawn up in about 1758. These laws have existed for centuries and they are still in force today. I must say that not all the laws that we know are eternal.

Liberty Tree: Ordinary people and the American revolution

It is the law of good and justice. Members of every community are trying to set up their own rules of behavior according to this eternal law. The history of human race can provide us with some examples. In the middle of the 17th century the russian Empress Catherine the Great in her instructions to the first Russian Legislative commission stated that laws should correspond to the moral ideals of Christianity. Of course the idea of bringing everyday laws into accord with the eternal law came into the mind of other rulers, maybe famous than Catherine the Great.Somewhere in the south seas the chief of the small Papuan tribe ooga-ooga lumumba-the-10th ordered his people to love. The papuan whod break this rule had to be immediately eaten by his loving tribesmen. It sounds like a miracle, but it is a firm fact: the same idea occurred to such different people as the papuans and the great Russian Empresses, churchmen and lawyers. In this way, we can really assume that there is some eternal law, oral which is good for all times and places. Every person feels its existence. If it were not for this law, we would lose orientation in our life and stop understanding each other.

They were looking for the weapons of mass destruction as a reason for invasion. Then the country was invaded, the weapons have not been found, but still as always - the strongest is right! Does it mean that any law is powerless against the law of the jungle? I great think it is not true. The law should be the force to fight crime, but for this purpose it is necessary, that people should realize that it is easier to observe the law, than to pay the price for non-observance. Only then people would be able to leave the primitive law behind! Catholic monk Thomas Aquinas ( ) is said to be the author of the following idea: There is some eternal law, which rules the Universe; it can be identified with God and it is the source all other laws. This idea is still supported by many people all over the world, despite their race, nationality, sex or confession.

ordinary people essay

Great Hackers - paul Graham

Throughout thesis history humans were trying to establish the rules of behavior, which controlled the relations in business society. At first those were customs and traditions, and then they were replaced by written laws. These were carved into stone, fixed on clay tables, or written on parchment, and later - on paper. These laws set up various norms and rules, both fair and unfair. Only one law has always remained in force: the battle is to the strong (the strongest is always right). This law was the basis of judicial duels of the past and it is still in effect for all classes in modern society. The difference is that in older times it was the physical force which mattered, and now its the force of money. If the strong and the weak were equal, this could change a lot! For example, lets take the beginning of last Iraqi war.

Unfortunately in modern society the situation has not changed and laws are still created for and by governors. However it is obvious that our lawgivers should change their attitude towards law making, because if we want to live in the developed society laws must be made comprehensive not only for lawyers but for ordinary people as well. Laws haven't changed since primeval times. Can you imagine yourself standing next to a troglodyte, in other words a caveman? Ok, you are better dressed; you think you have more brains, but have forgotten to take a cudgel or an axe with you! That is why: there is a sudden boom - and you have become a very good dinner for a primitive family. Lets see whether the law has changed from those ancient times.

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ordinary people essay

Fyodor Dostoevsky - living with Epilepsy

Justice usually serves self the highest bidder! I think that law can never be absolutely effective and fair because money can buy almost everything in the world. Laws are always insufficient because of human greed. Laws are not for ordinary people, they are for lawyers. I completely agree with this statement.

Unfortunately, practically all laws contain special legal terms (and this is inevitable) and the language of law is so complex that ordinary people cant just make out the meaning without the help of a lawyer. Of course, someone will contradict saying that laws are made for the people. However, i think our laws are made to meet just the needs of our government. Looking back in the past we see that kings made laws to provide themselves with power and hold ordinary people in obedience. That is why the less intelligent the society was, the simpler it was to rule. The Chinese philosopher Confucius said: Its possible to make people obey, but its impossible to make them understand what for.

His ideals were developed in the slogan of the French revolution: Freedom, equality and brotherhood! Nowadays the eternal law is the foundation of the contemporary laws. Unfortunately such rules as dont kill and dont steal arent enough to regulate the complicated relations in our society, and our lawmakers are doing their best to create sufficient laws. But according to another Murphys law, before you find your princess, youve got to kiss a lot of frogs! However hard people try, laws are always insufficient. God created the land and devil created the.

God created the sun and devil created darkness. God created a lawyer and devil was thoughtful for a while and created another lawyer. This joke helps us to understand who lawyers really are. It is common knowledge that in our society the person who has money and power is always right. Probably (but very doubtfully) history knows some examples when justice triumphed for the benefit of poor people. As an example lets take the case of a good and law-abiding citizen who is trying to start a lawsuit against a very powerful and rich man. Do you think the offender will be imprisoned?

How to make wealth - paul Graham

In their opinion, all men were equal eternally literature but positively there existed a social class of slaves. The next step of development of the natural law theory can be traced back to the middle Ages. People then changed their views on the issues of eternity. They had no doubt that the eternal rules had not been created by nature but they were god-given. The 17-18th centuries saw the rise of natural law school. It was represented by such thinkers as Thomas Hobbes, john Locke, jean-Jacques rousseau and Alexander Radishev. Rousseau pointed out the difference between this theory and the surrounding reality. He didnt understand why people were born free but lived in fetters.

ordinary people essay

Any time humans dont believe in the truthfulness of some fact or phenomenon, they tend to experiment on themselves. Thats why thousands of years ago our ancestors created a set of rules of behavior in self-protection. Most of these rules are still in force nowadays. I am talking about the eternal law or the so-called natural law. This school of law appeared in ancient Greece and Rome in the 5th century. Famous philosophers Plato and Aristotle thought that alongside with the positive (human-made) law there was some eternal law. In other words, they taught their disciples that this kind of law didnt depend on peoples will. The romans called it jus writers naturale. But unlike the Greeks, romans were sure that positive law inevitably contradicted the eternal law.

( next 200 ). Retrieved from " m/ukgs/Category:Regional feedback, to correct something on this page or post an addition, please complete this form and press "Send If you are asking us a question, please read our contact us page and faq first. There is some eternal law. It is good for all times and places. Tell a man there is 300 billion stars in the universe and he will believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he will have to touch it to make sure. Murphys Law, one of the most famous Murphys laws which I have just"d is the best example to show the constants of human nature.

Though, for some people it may be not evident to determine what is more significant for them, money or happiness, it is needless to say, that money can buy lots of things but then again, the decision is ours, to choose if things will make. Alternatively, lots of possessions that we first "want" turn out to be dissatisfactions and baggage that doesn't please. On the other hand, happiness is not just set by one single factor but many others. From my perspective, however, happiness does not always increase in direct proportion to the amount of money. Either way, it is indisputable that money has a brief effect on life satisfaction, especially after we have got enough money to please our fundamental needs. Given these points, i dont think and that it´s somehow possible to buy happiness, so money isnt everything, but it helps. Conversely, we should be aware that it is friendships, good health, and family that truly bring us happiness to which we aspire. Definition: Programmes that were only broadcast in the bbc or itv region where they were made.

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Can money buy happiness? First of proposal all, the most important sign of wealth, possessing a large amount of money, has become an ambition of many people round the world, especially of the younger generation to which I belong. These days, wealthy people have a very bad reputation. Whereas billionaires such as Bill Gates and Warren donate huge amounts of money, the average multi-millionaire or billionaire becomes a concept of enemy for the ordinary people. That happens, however, for the reason that higher revenue allows one to consume more goods and services. As a result, that excites envy. On this subject, we might consider if it would be better to have one million dollar or to have a nice and happy living. Some people, for instance, are really rich but lonely, while others are poor but happy with their close friends and family.

ordinary people essay
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  5. Laws are not for ordinary people, they are for lawyers. I completely agree with this statement. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous"s, the SparkNotes. Ordinary, people, study guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

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