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The main focus of the assessment is on the partners capacity to plan, implement, monitor programmes and respond to expectations of the eoa initiative. Description of the task, the overall aim of this task is to undertake due diligence capacity assessment of country partners involved in implementation of the eoa initiative in order to identify what key capacities already exist and what additional capacities may be needed to reach. Four years after the beginning of the formal implementation of eoa, it has been noted through monitoring visits and mid-term assessment that assumptions made in selection of clos and pips may have been faulty and that there are various weakness inhibiting the partners from delivering. An analysis of existing capacities to provide an understanding of the preparedness of the key implementing partners and serve as input for action plan to address weaknesses and optimize on the existing capacities is required. It is anticipated that the assessment will also provide baseline for continuous monitoring and evaluation of progress against relevant indicators and help create a solid foundation for long-term planning, implementation and sustainable results. Key focus Areas, specifically, this consultancy will undertake the following tasks: a) Examine and assess the reliability and relevance of the governance of the Organisation, the decision making structure and the setup of checks and balances; b) Examine and assess the reliability and relevance.

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Implementation at country level is through country lead Organizations (CLOs) and their Pillar Implementing Partners (PIs) supposedly selected by their country national platforms, under the coordination of biovision Africa Trust (bvat) and pelum kenya, as the coordinating organizations. The major activities in all the 8-country projects, include promoting interventions that bring about changes in various spheres, including public policies and investment plans, technical standards and certification procedures, research agenda and training curricula, advisory and information practices and the organization of markets and value. Achievement of this mainstreaming requires consultation and mutual agreement on coordinated and concerted action among the relevant public, private and civil society actors. Biovision Africa Trust (bvat) is one of the leading organizations working with other partners and networks to support the development and growth of eoa initiative in Africa. About biovision Africa Trust, biovision Africa Trust (bvat) is a not-for-profit organization established in Kenya in 2009 by the biovision foundation for ecological development in Switzerland and located in the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) in nairobi. The main functions of the eoa secretariat include performing administrative and executive services for the eoa csc related to: a) Awareness raising of eoa agenda, brand and profile at continental level b) Resource mobilisation and soliciting support for the eoa initiative in Africa c) overall. As per the decision by the continental Steering Committee (csc an organizational and capacity assessment is planned at the beginning of June 2017 and expected to be completed by end of August 2016. Purpose of the Organizational and Capacity Assessment. Bvat on behalf the eoa csc wishes to engage a consultant or team of consultants to carry out an organizational and capacity assessment of the country partners involved in implementation of the eoa-i. The purpose of the assignment is to assess each partners technical, human resources and organizational capacity, identify gaps in its ability to carry out its responsibility as a country lead organization (CLO) or pillar implementation partner (pip where and draft recommendations for action plans.

The Initiatives five-year Action Plan is anchored on six interrelated pillars: (i) Research, training and extension, (ii) Information and communication, (iii) Value chain and market development, (iv) Networking and partnership, (v) Policy and programme development, and (vi) Institutional capacity development. In the current sdc contribution, the initiative is driven by the first three technical pillars and fourth one for coordination, management and networking (Support and Cementing pillar). The four objectives of the eoa healthy initiative are:. To increase documentation of information and knowledge on organic agricultural products along the complete value chain and support relevant actors to translate it into practices and wide application. To systematically inform producers about the eoa approaches and good practices and motivate their uptake through strengthening access to advisory and support services. To substantially increase the share of quality organic products at the local, national, regional and global markets. To strengthen inclusive stakeholder engagement in organic commodities value chain development by developing national, regional and continental multi-stakeholder platforms to advocate for changes in public policy, plans and practices. The impact hypothesis of the initiative is that through the application of eoa best approaches and practices along the entire commodity value chains and their mainstreaming in development systems through National Platforms will realize improved food security, incomes and nutrition of smallholder households as well.

hnd business assignment help

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The African Union Commission, in collaboration with several civil society organizations supporting ecological organic agriculture, organized an inception workshop in may, 2011 in Thika kenya, with financial support from the Swedish Society for Nature conservation (ssnc) to discuss how to implement this decision. The workshop successfully resulted in a roadmap, concept note and an African Organic Action Plan to mainstream ecological organic agriculture into national agricultural production systems. The action plan was later submitted to donor agencies for financial support, and with successful pilot activities in six countries (Eastern Africa: Ethiopia, kenya, tanzania and Uganda; southern Africa: Zambia; and Western Africa: Nigeria) supported by ssnc. Baseline studies coordinated by biovision Africa Trust (bvat) were conducted in Benin, mali and Senegal with support from sdc. Further review planning meetings were held culminating in the development of an 8-country project proposal supported by sdc. Ssnc with funding from the Swedish International development cooperation (Sida) supports eoa initiative in Eastern Africa (Kenya, ethiopia, uganda, and Tanzania) resumes through civil society organizations. The european Union also supports eoa through the African Union (AU). The initiative embraces holistic production systems that sustain the health of soils, ecosystems and people, and relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions rather than reliance on the use of external inputs with adverse effects on peoples total health (human, animal.

The eoa secretariat provides support to the eoa continental Steering Committee (CSC) chaired by the African Union Commission. The csc consists of the regional Economic Communities (recs education, research and training institutions, national organic agriculture institutions, certification bodies, private sector, farmer organizations, civil society, development partners among others. Project: Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative. It is implemented under the guidance and oversight of the au chaired Continental Steering Committee (CSC) to establish an African organic farming platform based on available best practices; and to develop sustainable organic farming systems and improve seed quality. Its mission is to promote ecologically sound strategies and practices among diverse stakeholders involved in production, processing, marketing and policy making to safeguard the environment, improve livelihoods, alleviate poverty and guarantee food security among farmers in Africa. The goal is to contribute to mainstreaming of Ecological Organic Agriculture into national agricultural production systems by 2025 in order to improve agricultural productivity, food security, access to markets and sustainable development in Africa. In addition, these efforts are hoped to reduce exploitation of the organic farmers in Africa. The eoa initiative was started in response to the African Union heads of State and governments call for the promotion of organic farming in Africa.

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hnd business assignment help

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Consequently the employee shall be entitled to reinstatement and backwages, and damages if warranted. Last Edited: Sunday, march 20, 2011, caveat: Subsequent court and administrative rulings, or changes to, or repeal of, laws, rules and regulations may have rendered the whole or part of this article inaccurate or obsolete). Career Opportunities at biovision Africa Trust (bvat). Posted on:, deadline:, view Jobs in ngo / Non-Profit Associations. View All Jobs at biovision Africa Trust (bvat).

Subscribe to free job alerts, if you have not been getting our emails, check your Spam folder folder on Yahoo or Promotions tab on Gmail; mark us as Not Spam and add us to your contact list. Learn how to, biovision Africa Trust (bvat) is a not-for-profit organization established in Kenya in 2009 by the biovision foundation for mystery ecological development in Switzerland and located in the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) in nairobi. The Trusts goal is to alleviate poverty and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Kenya and other African countries through supporting dissemination of information and knowledge on appropriate technology to improve human, animal, plant, and environmental health. Bvat provides the secretariat to the continental Steering Committee of the Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) Initiative in Africa. The Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) Initiative is an African Union-led continental undertaking currently english implemented in eight countries (Benin, Ethiopia, kenya, mali, nigeria, senegal, tanzania and Uganda).

The amount of separation pay depends on the specified cause of termination. In case of termination due to the installation of labor-saving devices or redundancy at least one month pay or to at least one month pay for every year of service, whichever is higher. In case of (a) retrenchment to prevent losses and (b) closures not due to serious financial reverses one month pay or at least one-half month pay for every year of service, whichever is higher. No separation pay for closure due to serious business losses. No separation pay is required when the closure of business is due to serious business losses or financial reverses. North davao mining, 1996.

when closure of the business establishment is forced upon the employer and ultimately for the benefit of the employees. The closure contemplated under Article 283 of the labor Code is a unilateral and voluntary act on the part of the employer to close the business establishment. National Federation of Labor. If the termination is for authorized cause and the employee is given 30-day prior notice, the dismissal is valid. If the termination is for authorized cause but the employee was not given 30-day prior notice, the dismissal is valid but the employer may be ordered to pay nominal damages to dismissed employee. Jaka food Processing. Pacot, 2005, the amount of nominal damages is P50,000.00. If the dismissal is not for a valid authorized cause, the dismissal is illegal, whether or not there is 30-day prior notice.

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For valid termination based on authorized causes such as installation of labor-saving devices, redundancy, retrenchment to prevent losses, and closure or cessation of operation, the employer must serve written notice to the individual employee concerned and to the appropriate regional Office of dole at least. Also, the employer must observe the following requirements as part of the process of termination: good faith in the termination of employee,. E., the implementation of the company program resulting to termination of employees must be resume for a valid cause and not resume merely a tool to circumvent the law on employees security of tenure; The employer must adopt a fair and reasonable criteria in the selection. Criteria in Selection of Employee to be dismissed. In the selection of the employee to be dismissed, the employer must adopt of a fair and reasonable criteria which must be applied in good faith, such as: Less preferred status of employee; Efficiency rating; and, seniority. Payment of Separation pay. In termination of employment due to authorized causes, the employer is required to give separation pay to the employee concerned.

hnd business assignment help

You are an ideal applicant if you are fascinated by people and are willing to develop your own skills so that you can develop relationships with people in distress or in need of support. We expect you to have demonstrated your commitment to helping others through your track record of voluntary work or employment in a role that involves helping people. . we also expect you to be able to reflect on your own personal development how your attitudes and abilities have changed and grown with your life experience. All applicants are interviewed prior to being offered a place. The interview process involves a group interview and an individual interview. Dbs check, all applicants being offered a place after a successful interview must complete a new dbs check, which will be administered by the essay University. You will be contacted about this by email when an offer of a place is made. Requirements of Procedural due processs.

but who have relevant experience. We would usually expect applicants without an honours degree to have a minimum of a level 5 qualification such as a professional diploma or hnd. Although you are welcome to apply for the course via apel if you do not meet the requirement for an honours degree, you must still meet the requirement of having completed an acceptable certificate in counselling. The Accreditation of Prior learning (APL) process could help you to make your work and life experience count. The apl process can be used for entry onto courses or to give you exemptions from parts of your course, subject to bacp restrictions or requirements. Two forms of apl may be used for entry: the Accreditation of Prior Certificated learning (apcl) or the Accreditation of Prior Experiential learning (apel). International students must provide evidence of proficiency in English - ielts.5 band score or above are proof of this. If your current English language qualification is below this level, you may be able to take one of the many pre-sessional English courses. Suitable for, professionals who are graduates and have successfully completed certificate in counselling and wish to develop these skills further to become a professional counsellor. Once qualified you will be able to work as a professional counsellor in private practice, public and voluntary sectors.

This must be a taught course (not online) and be of at least 90 hours duration. The certificate can be a college or university level course and should be one that can lead directly to a diploma level professional counselling training. Certain counselling degrees also include the equivalent of a counselling certificate as part of the programme. The certificate in counselling or counselling degree must include assessment of counselling skills statement through assessed observation and/or assessed recordings to meet the entry requirements. Qualifications in other humanistic psychotherapies may be acceptable instead of the counselling certificate. We offer a graduate certificate in counselling course that fulfils the entry requirement to have completed a certificate in counselling when applying for the pgdip/MSc counselling and Psychotherapy Studies. The details can be found here - please note that you can still apply for the pgdip/MSc counselling and Psychotherapy Studies (Professional Training) while in the process of completing a counselling certificate as we can make an offer of a place conditional on the completion.

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Applicants are normally required the to have the following (see below for further details honours degree, normally.2 or above. Certificate in counselling of 90 or more hours in duration or recognised counselling degree. Please ensure that all qualifications, including those that you are yet to complete are added to your application. Failing to do this may lead to your application being unduly rejected. Applicants are required to possess an honours degree, normally.2 or above. The degree can be in any subject as we welcome applicants changing career. Applicants are also required to have completed a certificate in counselling.

hnd business assignment help
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  4. During this course you will undertake an in-depth study of the person-centred approach to counselling. You will gain an overview of therapeutic models and current developments in theory and practice. Career Opportunities at biovision Africa Trust (bvat) for Consultancy, secretariat coordinator in nairobi, kenya for job seekers and professionals. Jul 03, 2018 federal govt.

  5. This post is meant to open a channel of help for students of any level who are stuck at home because they cannot meet up with paying their school fees or stuck in school and not able to afford reading books. I am in the process of selecting 10 of such people from another post to send N20k each. Career Opportunities at World food Programme (WFP) for Human Resources Officer, budget programming Officer in nairobi, kenya for job seekers and professionals.

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