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write an essay on united nations organizations

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Efforts at reform are nowhere to be seen. Leadership, from the un secretariat or the leading states of the un, including the uk, is notable only in its utter absence, he adds. The 2003 Iran War is perhaps the biggest reason for the failure of the un, since it was seen by most of the world as a deliberate abuse of internal law and the hold of the us and the uk over the security council. Also responsible is the new-found assertiveness of Russia and China, and the growing economic and strategic self- confidence gained by other countries, including Sudan-all making the world a multipolar entity. Besides, conflicts deal with by the United Nations is increasingly located inside rather than between states. Then there is the issue of scant leadership. The secretary- general seems to have been appointed by the P5, on the understanding that he is not to offer a firm steers, either on political issues or the United Nations necessary reforms. But what is the solution to its institutional problem?

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African countries have also uttered the need for permanent African representation in the council to bring an end to the domination of industrialised nations in the influential un organ. But the P5 prefer to keep their oligarchy. Nations agree on the councils loopholes, but they differ sharply on the required solutions. On September 16, 2008, however, the United Nations members endorsed Indias viewpoint that the general Assembly should begin the inter-governmental negotiations on expansion of the security council, with consensus emerging in favour of starting soldiers parleys by february 2009. Advertisements: pakistan and its allies had favoured the open-ended working ground (oewg) continuing negotiations until consensus is reached. But India had advocated that the issue be sorted out at inter-governmental negotiations as oewg had failed to reach any agreement after more than a decade of discussions. After regular discussions, the oewg agreed to recommend that the un general Assembly begin informal negotiations on expanding membership of the council no later than 28 February 2009. The United Nations appears to be in bad shape, and has almost become ineffectual, says an article drawn from a new book, new World Disorder: The United Nations after the cold War-An Insiders view by david Hannay. Events in the balkans, in Rwanda and elsewhere have shown that the post-Cold War hopes about the un presiding over a stable world have been dashed to the ground. The security council is divided over crucial issues like iran, myanmar, north Koreas nuclear program, zimbabwe, and now, georgia. Stymied in doing anything useful, the council keeps itself busy inventing ever more formats of meeting and forms of expression, says former British diplomat Carner Ross in the piece.

For many years, some member-states have been advocating expansion of the security council, arguing that adding new members will cure the democratic and representative shortfall from which the council suffers. The security council reflects the global power structure of 1945, and it was in 1965, the last time, under pressure from a growing membership, that the un expanded the council, bringing its total membership. This arrangement makes the council both autocratic and fruitless. The veto- wielding permanent members (P5) avert essay many issues from reaching the councils agenda and they often selfishly block widely-agreed and much-desirable initiatives. Despite the ten elected members, the security council remains geographically unbalanced and unrepresentative. At the heart of this divide lies a disagreement over claims to new permanent council seats. Brazil, India, japan and Germany want a permanent seat in the council, and have threatened to session their monetary or military troop offerings to the un if they are not rewarded with permanent member status.

write an essay on united nations organizations

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The un day,. Is also notable for messages issued by the un secretary-general and the President of the general Assembly. In addition, special briefings are arranged for nongovernmental organisations on un-related topics. Sometimes schools and civic groups arrange peace marches and other such events. The tradition of celebrating United Nations day with a concert brief is a powerful souvenir of common aspiration of nations to discover harmony and solidarity. The cultural treasures of nations are shared in the celebrations to cultivate peace and harmony across the world. The celebrations are also aimed at emphasizing the longer term goals of peace and justice and for remembering nations common legacy. Advertisements: The composition of the security council has always from been a bone of contention among the member countries.

Poland, one of the original signatories of the United Nations Declaration, did not attend as the political atmosphere was not clear in that country at that time. Later on, poland signed the Charter. Image source : upload. Wikimedia.org, advertisements: After that on the United Nations Charter came into existence, formally understood as birth of the. The day is celebrated to memorize our common legacy, common inheritance and its achievements. The achievements of United Nations have always been debated and during last two decades the relevance of the organisation has been questioned. It is always argued that the organisation is not democratic in nature; rather it is manipulated by a handful of powers like us and its cronies for serving their own purposes.

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write an essay on united nations organizations

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The United Nations: History, organization, and Functions of the United Nations. The league of Nations. Office of the historian, bureau of Public Affairs, United States Department of State. League of Nations Background. The United Nations Organisation (UNO) was constituted in October 1945 to save mankind from the scourge of war. The league of Nations which came into existence after World War I failed to prevent the differences between nations from snowballing into another war-World War. But, a lot has changed during the last over six decades.

Now there are essay no full fledged wars, but terrorist attacks. The world is suffering from hunger and deadly diseases like aids. Besides, there are problems like human trafficking, pedalling of narcotics, and rampant poverty in many parts of the world. One of the debates is whether the un is relevant in the changed international scenario. The historic event of signing of the United Nations Charter was started in San Francisco on June 26, 1945. Forty-five nations, including India, were initially invited to the san Francisco conference.

However, the message was neither received nor given much thought. Meanwhile, the violence in Rwandan began and the peacekeepers fled their station just as the threatened Rwandans fled to their station for protection. This neglect and abandonment on part of the un resulted in the slaughter of nearly a million citizens, twenty percent of the national population utterly wiped-out (Fitzgerald). While some of the mishaps on the uns part has been merely disappointing, the above examples and several others have proven to be global tragedies. Though many humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations has made positive impact on our global economy and peace efforts, the un also has major flaws, including their somewhat utopian conceptions and ideals and vulnerability to failure and inequitable episodes. Many question the genuine need or effectual results of the United Nations and doubt its value of being worthwhile against the balance of negative history.

Perhaps the un still has need to prove itself in its peace loving claims. History has spoken, but it still has much to tell of the successes and failures of the United Nations; hopefully, the world has more of the former in our future. Works cited -fitzgerald, Andrew. Top 10 failures of the United Nations. Successes and failures of the United Nations. English Online: Articles in Easy Understandable English for learners. United Nations: Department of Political Affairs.

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Citizens feared reporting the activity because it may have lead to the peacekeeping forces to completely withdrawal from their country. The un was also responsible for a tragic failure in Sri lankas civil war during. In the last few months of the war, the fighting grew heavily in what was designated as a safe zone, forcing over 196,000 people to run from their homes and entrapping another 50,000 citizens. While many cried out for un intervention, the un secretary-general merely voiced being appalled by the situation, but no action was taken and 6,500 Sri lankan people were killed in effect. The conflict during the cold War also manifested the weakness in the United Nations review Charter. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the convention Against Genocide, which was binding to all nations, was brazenly disregarded by ussr and its citizens were robbed of almost every civic right as Stalin continued his rule of the Iron Fist. With the United Nations failure to penalize ussr and protect its people, the words of the un charters were rendered practically null and void. One of the most horrifying instances of the United Nations insufficiency was during the Rwandan genocide of 1994. As the tensions between the two opposing ethnic groups, the hutu and the tutsis, grew to a peak and the tutsis minority was under the lethal threat of the hutu, messages were sent to the un security council via canadian Force commander hotel headquarters.

write an essay on united nations organizations

From, the United Nations Department of Political Affairs has been helping Nepal recover from its decade of internal conflict, holding a constituent Assembly election in April of 2008, a significant chapter in the history of Nepali peace (Ibid). These and dozens of other stories illustrate the powerful, practical, and potent effects of our un forces upon global conflicts. As encouraging and well-ordered the successes of the United Nations peace efforts have been, the flaws and dysfunctions of the organization has been clearly revealed to the world as well, sometimes in catastrophic national and international failure. In the 1968 El Al Israel Flight 426, palestinian terrorists hijacked the plane while the United Nations stood by without any action besides a voiced condemnation. Similar terrorist acts have taken place through the rest of the 20th century with the same response from the un; condemnation and voiced opinions, but nothing else to actively try stopping the terrorism until the new York city terrorist acts in September of 2001, when. However, only two groups, Al qaeda and the taliban, were affected by this ban; several other terrorist groups were and still are largely untouched by the uns peace corps. Many view the un-promoted war on terrorism to be more of an oxymoronic threat to American freedom and less of an effective patrol on terrorist activity. One of the most shameful failures of un positive intervention would be the multi-nation sex scandal during the 1990s. Bosnia, kosovo, cambodia, haiti, and mozambique reports stated that the un peacekeepers, otherwise identified as a force which gives connotations of order, elephant morality, and security, responsible for the shocking rise in child exploitation, noting that the soldiers would abuse children and give them small tokens.

of nations if we wish. Of finding and regulating atomic and nuclear weapons owned by un member nations, such as the partial Test Ban Treaty, nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and the International Atomic Energy Agency, all of which have purposes to do as much as possible to prevent the threat. The un has also been in the forefront of creating organizations that focus on transforming the face of social and medical health world-wide, forming groups like the United Nations Childrens Fund (unicef) and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (unesco) (Ibid). During the first outbreak between Israel and it neighboring countries in the late 1940s, un peacekeepers labored from the beginning to make peaceful negotiations and keep control. Ever since, peacekeepers have patrolled borders of Israel and Syria. The un has also helped foster cooperative relationships and reconciliation in Cambodia, el Salvador, guatemala, mozambique, namibia, tajikistan, and several other nations since the late 1940s. Un peace corps has played a key role in maintaining peaceful agreements between the Croats, serbs, and Muslims in the former Yugoslavia during the 1980s and 1990s. Overall, the activity of the un has been credited with more than 170 successful peace settlements in both national and regional scale discord (Ibid). The un is currently involved in operations in the worlds youngest country, south Sudan, successfully helping it build a good infrastructure through solidifying its overall security and political peace between its bordering nations. Mainly because of the work in the un, haitis levels cholera have significantly declined and its rise in development has improved (United Nations).

Environmental protection, human rights, health and medical research, alleviation of poverty and economic development, emergency and disaster relief, and labor and workers rights are plan just a sample of what the un continues to battle as the year 2000 approaches. The United Nations has made many achievements since the agreement made in 1945. The efforts of the un helped end the apartheid in south Africa allowing the citizens of south Africa equal participation in the Elections of April 1994 followed by a consensus in choosing a form of government. 90 percent of children in developing countries attend school and 60 percent of adults in these countries can read and write thanks to the un and the struggle to improve education in developing countries. Over 300 international treaties have been created through United Nations efforts to strengthen international law. These achievements and many others encourage people like myself to promote and praise the United Nations. Without the un the world would be a bigger place full of confusion and hatred. The efforts of this world organization have improved global life for all of its citizens and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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United Nations Essay, research Paper, part. 3 51 countries established the United Nations also known as the un on October 24, 1945 with the intentions of preserving peace through international cooperation and collective security. Over the years the un has grown in numbers to include 185 countries, thus making the organization and its family of agencies the largest in an effort to promote world stability. Since 1954 the un and its organizations have received the nobel peace Prize on 5 separate occasions. The first in 1954 awarded to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner report for Refugees, geneva, for its assistance to refugees, and finally in 1988 to the United Nations peace-keeping Forces, for its peace-keeping operations. As you can see, the United Nations efforts have not gone without notice. The un has made strides toward and continues to fight for world peace, but this however is not the only function of the agency.

write an essay on united nations organizations
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United Nations Essay sample. The United Nations is well known as an organization which functions primarily for the promotion of peace and cooperation.

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