The sims 4 homework

The sims 4 homework missing

the sims 4 homework

Make sim do homework sims

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'The, sims 4 how to do the, child's, homework how

They will get the "divine meal" moodset, main which will increase their mood by 75 for a week. Eating it will also make a sim young forever! Be careful about which age you eat it at, i'm not sure if they can have vibration birthdays and age up anymore.

Then click on the 'make breakfast 'make lunch or 'make dinner' options. Your sim will start cooking it, don't bother the sim while they're cooking. When your sim is finished cooking, the Ambrosia dish is the mix of food that has a sparkly, rainbow-colored swirl. Wait for an un-controllable sim ghost to eat empire the dish. When they are finished, they will rise up into the air, an aura will sorround the ghost, and then they will be restored back to their normal form! Ghost sims aren't the only ones who can eat Ambrosia. Normal sims can eat it too.

the sims 4 homework

Doing homework the sims

You will know you can catch them because there will be a thick fog above the deathfish. Fish in the fog. The bait that catches deathfish is the Angelfish. The bait for Angelfish is the Alley catfish (just buy some from the supermarket). After catching some Angelfish, fish with Angelfish as the selected bait in the fog above the pond. When the fog disappears, you will have to wait until 12:00AM for it to appear again, and for deathfish to be able to be caught. After catching some deathfish, buy the Ambrosia recipe bill from the bookstore. When you get home, read the Ambrosia recipe.

If an Elder eats a life Fruit, then they will live longer before dying of old age. They can still die prematurely, though. You can identify a life Fruit because they are shaped like pears, and they are cheery yellow. If you can see a halo around it, then you know for sure it's a life Fruit. You just have to wander the town for a while, harvesting every yellow fruit you see. You'll eventually find one. Deathfish are blackish-blue in color, and they live in the pond in the graveyard of Sunset Valley. You only need one, but feel free to catch more then one for future use. Important tip: deathfish can only be caught in the graveyard of Sunset Valley's pond between 12:00am and 6:00AM!

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the sims 4 homework

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Yukon105, sun Mar 27, 2016 10:31. The sims 4 - default Male nude skins - hairy 1 by masc » Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:35 pm views Last post by masc, mon Feb 09, 2015 4:35. The sims 4 - wip - default Female nude skins - shaven 2 by, lMN01 » Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:58 pm 1 views Last post by masc Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:20 pm The sims 4 - wip - default Male nude skins. Call - service - adoption Service ). Play ( Trickle, toss In Air ). Ever heard of the outrageously expensive recipe that costs 12000 known as Ambrosia?

Ambrosia has the ability to restore the human form of a ghost Sim (only ones that are uncontrollable it can increase mood by 75 for a week, and can make your sim young forever. Well, i can tell you how to make it! Required skills: cooking, fishing, gardening. Levels of skills: cooking: holiday Mastered (level 10, must have mastered this skill to be able to read the Ambrosia recipe). Fishing: (you can start getting catching deathfish around level 7 of the fishing skill, but mastering it is recommended, you catch them faster. Ingredients: 1 Life Fruit 1 deathfish, ambrosia recipe known, getting a life fruit is a taxing thing, but the results are well worth.

Rules: you cannot leave the lot after you work. You must start with no money the phone can be accessed after you complete the challenge which will then let you access the phone you may tweak the number of squares a bit if you wish you must start with only one sim Enjoy and. Can someone help me with it? Moderators: masc, beafrog, please feel free to leave feedback. If you have any questions please use our support forums. Ihr könnt gerne feedback hinterlassen.

Bei fragen nutzt bitte unser. 7 topics page 1 of 1, the sims 4 - default Female nude skins Shaven - natural by, beAFrog » Sun Sep 21, 2014 6:37 pm views Last post by masc, tue aug 16, 2016 1:29. The sims 4 - default Female nude skins - hairy 1 by masc » tue nov 18, 2014 7:34 pm views Last post. Shijano, tue jul 05, 2016 5:27. Nude All-In-One pack.0 by masc » tue mar 15, 2016 5:10 pm 2 views Last post by masc, thu jun 09, 2016 3:58. Female Spandex Catsuit with Zipper 1 by, beAFrog » Thu dec 24, 2015 5:02 pm views Last post.

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Child's grades: a - 2 squares. Give birth to twins - bonus 5 squares! Make 5,000 simoleons - 2 squares. Master a skill - 3 squares. Reach the review end of a career track - 5 squares. Acquire a total of 25,000 simoleons in household funds - 2 squares. Get an a in school - 1 square 31 set of challenges should be enough, if you still writing haven't reach the room of Monuments, create your own challenge!

the sims 4 homework

Give birth - 3 squares, proposed to someone - something to satisfy trees a need (optional). Get a promotion - 1 square and another object to satisfy a need. Reach level 3 in a skill - any object not more than 500 simoleons. Use 1,000 simoleons in buying things - 1 square. Make 1,500 simoleons - 1 square. Find a secret area - 1 square. Breed a total of 5 new frogs - 1 square. The child attends completes his/her homework on the sam day - 1 square.

Be in a romantic relationship - 1 square. Go on a date - 1 square. Have your first kiss - 1 square. Woohoo with someone - 1 square. Try for Baby - 1 square.

Insane: choose the largest lot and start from the corner. You'll need to build the room of monuments with whatever you want to give your sim. It should be about 4x3 squares you can make it harder by just making the room smaller. You must start with 0 simoleons. Example: example task - 1 qualitative square - add one square adjacent to the room. The list of challenges: Change to any outfit - 1 square. Walk 10 steps - 1 square and your door! Walk outside - 1 square, get a job - 1 square and something to satisfy one need.

Where to buy homework sims

1 6th Oct 2014 at 7:19 am, last edited by justJones : 17th Jan 2015 at 8:04 PM. The sims 4 Captive challenge : The room of Monuments. You find yourself in a 1x1 room, with no windows or no doors, the only thing you see is a piece outsiders of paper saying: Hello, you are held captive in this magical 1x1 room, it will increase in size as you complete the set. The room of monuments not far from you is the key to your freedom! To start you can choose these difficulties: Easy: Choose a small lot and start from the middle. Normal: Choose a small lot and start from the corner. Hard: Choose a fair-sized lot and start from the middle. Very hard: Choose a fair-sized lot and start from the corner.

the sims 4 homework
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  5. Sorry, there are no results for your search. This page is provided courtesy of m, llc. The, sims 4 - default Female nude skins Shaven - natural by beafrog » Sun Sep 21, 2014 6:37. Have a sim same age as your school age sim (brother/sister) finish their homework.

  6. Reach level 3 in a skill - any object not more than 500 simoleons Use 1,000 simoleons in buying things - 1 square make 1,500 simoleons - 1 square find a secret area - 1 square Breed a total of 5 new frogs -. The child attends completes his/her homework on the sam day - 1 square Child s grades: a - 2 squares give. This site requires javascript and cookies to be enabled.

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