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spre essay

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On the other hand, if were not greedy and dont spend it foolishly, it can reduce stress and give us security. If we eat badly, get too little sleep and dont exercise, our health will decline and make us miserable. Eating well and going for lovely long walks in the countryside can make us feel better generally. The third thing I think is important is to have a positive outlook on life. We should all enluy things like music and being with our friends. At the same time, its important to spend time alone and live as simply as possible, which is not easy in the 21st century!

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To sum up, there are strong arguments on both sides. In conclusion, i believe that living alone is better for older people who have more money and like privacy but not for young people who need to share the costs. 180 words) In your English class you have been talking about happiness. Whether you are happy or not depends on the personality you are born with. Notes Write about:. _ (your own idea) Write your essay in 140-190 words in an appropriate style. Some people claim they are naturally cheerful. However, in my view, how reports we lead our lives is the main reason we are either happy or unhappy. Take money, for example. Money doesnt automatically make us happy. In fact, it makes some people very unhappy because they are frightened of losing what theyve got.

The main advantage of living alone is that there is nobody to friendship tell you what to do, so you can live your life in your own way. What is more, you can organise or decorate your house as you want. There is no one else to disagree with. On the other hand, it can be quite lonely for some people. By nature, we are social animals. Secondly, it is more expensive because you have to pay all the rent and bills yourself, so you have less money to enjoy yourself. Last but not least, it can be quite hard to find a nice flat for one person, so you might not be able to live in the best area.

spre essay

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It is much better to teach children the principles of empire science through hands-on experiments than to lecture them in a classroom. Of course, there would be more incentives if the average scientit were better paid and young people were made aware of the range of jobs available. A lot of people are put off a scientific career because they think it means working in a badly paid job in a boring laboratory. Whichever way we choose, it is vital that more young people are attracted to science, since societys prosperity depends good largely on continuous scientific progress. In your English class, you have recently had a discussion about relationships. Now your teacher has asked you to write an essay. Is it better to live alone or with someone else? Nowadays more people are deciding to live by themselves. Some people claim this is more enjoyable and in young people it develops a sense of responsibility, whereas others disagree.

We need to invest in the future too. In your English class, you have recently had a discussion about science and young people. Science is very important in the 21st century. How do you think it could be made more appealing to young people? Although young people love gadgets and technology, some see science as uninteresting and uncool. Over time, the number of young people, particularly girls, pursuing science and technology studies and careers has dropped. One way in which science could be made more attractive would be to have lively television programmes presented by celebrities, with subjects which were relevant to the experience of the young. We live in a celebrity culture and children identify with well-known young people. Another idea would be to set up interactive science museums in every town, where parents could take their children.

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spre essay

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Preserving the past. Investing in the future. _ (your own idea write your essay in 140-190 words in an appropriate style. Most countries spend large sums of money protecting their national heritage. However, there is strong argument that we should look forwards and not backwards, spending less money on preserving the past and more on securing our future.

On the one hand, it notation is important that we remember our heritage. Once it is lost, it is lost forever. Caring for important monuments helps with this. It also attracts tourists, which has an economic benefit for everyone. On the other hand, governments spend a lot of money on museums and keeping historic sites in good condition when poor people need houses to live in and businesses need better roads for transporting their goods. Another argument is that by making heritage sites attractive for tourists -for example, by putting on entertainment we give a very untrue picture of the past and sometimes damage the local environment. To conclude, while there are strong arguments for not spending too much on preserving the past, i believe it is important to protect the most famous sites for the future generations but it is not realistic to try and save everything.

It clearly conveys the point of view of the writer. They give the right intentions of the writer. These descriptive essay examples use language to convey all five senses and emotions. Personal Essay examples will convey why a person appeals to you in life. The physical appearance and character traits can be described using descriptive essays. The writer should make sure that the reader understands the conclusions made in the essay.

If you have any dmca issues on this post, please contact. Make sure you know how to use connectors appropriately (register, punctuation). If you have any doubts, you should use a good dictionary to check. In your English class, you have been talking about the subject of cultural heritage. Now your English teacher has asked you to write an essay. Write an essay using all the notes and give reasons for your point of view. Is is a good thing that countries spend a lot of money on their heritage? Notes, write about:.

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Details, file format, size: 22 kb, download. What are the benefits of Descriptive essay examples? There is an illusion of reality as the description will have proofs bringing the reader to your fictional dream. It not only engages the reader intellectually but also emotionally. If the details are chosen correctly, the writers character can be expressed friendship quickly. It can change the tension of the story by speeding it up or slowing it down. The situation literally comes alive for the reader as the reader reads through the essay. . you can also see. Unlike other objective essays it not only provides the big picture life but also provides the inside details of the situation.

spre essay

It can describe how an office works and the procedures. The whole process of going to highlights the office should be described. Printable Introduction of a descriptive essay example. Details, file format, size: 786 kb, download. As the whole idea of a descriptive essay is to provide a mental picture of someone, something or a place Introduction of a descriptive essay should give a briefing of that picture. The reader should get the idea of the whole essay from the introduction. Descriptive essay about a person in pdf example.

them to actually feel that by reading. For a reader who reads a descriptive essay before actually experiencing it can have a better picture of what is going to happen. It can be used by tourists as they will be uncommon with the practices in some place, office or a market. If there is confusion on what food to have, these descriptive essays describe exactly an item would taste. The reader can mentally taste the food without actually tasting. Sample descriptive essay about Office format. Details, file format, size: 51 kb, download, templates like descriptive essay about Office can be useful for a person who is planning to visit an office.

It can be used in such cases when a person has impacted your life. Descriptive narrative essay sample, details, file format, size: 60 kb, download, descriptive narrative essay example can be used mainly to recreate an event. This is mainly meant to say an incident that has happened to the writer. Although the component of the story is to narrate a story, all points should be backed. You can also see the. Free descriptive essay on Market Example. Details, file format, size: 155 kb, download, descriptive essay on Market can be used by tourists or visitors that have no garden prior knowledge of a market. They can be used in order to describe the items that you get in the market.

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In order to describe something or a place or a person one should write commonly used Descriptive essay examples. Essay samples can express emotion, sound or even an emotion. It is a method of writing about something so that the reader can himself feel, hear or see whatever the writer meant. It uses an explanation of sensory observations in order to express an object, unlike narrative essays which reveal an object through personal stories. The writer should be essay able to bring an emotional connection between the reader and the subject. Personal Descriptive essay example, details, file format, size:. Download, the personal descriptive essay is meant for readers to understand a person. The main thing to be careful about in personal descriptive essay is that there should not be any over-exaggeration.

spre essay
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On balance, it can be argued that. This page gives information on what a discussion essay is and how to structure this type of essay. To introduce the reader to the subject of the essay.

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  1. Competition essay essays Competition is a part of life that can't be avoided. Even when we don't realize we are doing it, we all try our. To introduce a final point in a paragraph or essay. despite arguments/evidence to the contrary, i would argue that.

  2. An essay is always written for the teacher. It should answer the question given by addressing both content points and providing a new content point of the writers own. In order to describe something or a place or a person one should write commonly used Descriptive essay examples. Opinion essay opinion essay is a formal piece of essay writing which presents the authors point of view on a particular subject supported by reasons and examples.

  3. Everyone should try to have some leisure and make the best use of it by taking to some good hobby or the other. Essay reviews published here are a free learning and pedagogical resource for students and teachers. Unlike commercal sites, we don't charge for any service.

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