Simple essay on youth and age

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simple essay on youth and age

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I have also found that, with age, nature has become a whole lot more interesting. Show me a view of rolling hills when I was young, and Id have dismissed it as boring. Now I can stare for hours at the landscape, doing that curious thing you can only do when youre old — which is marvelling. True, sexual desire wanes, but why lament that? Ive had enough sex to last me a lifetime. It means that for the first time, men are now available to me not as potential lovers, but as friends with whom I can share deep feelings of love and closeness.

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Whats more, i can start new ventures resume with no fear of failure, since nothing matters very much any more. At 63, i decided Id like to try out a one-woman show called Growing Old Disgracefully, which was a kind of granny stand-up. With essay a courage i never possessed when I was young, i took the show to Edinburgh, and Im still touring with it now. In the old days, Id have been too nervous even to squeak out a toast to a birthday friend. These days I stride out on stage, rubbing my hands with glee at the prospect of an hour of entertaining hundreds of people. Most seem to regard being old as some kind of downward slide. In some ways this is true, but its worth remembering that the view as you hurtle down the hill is far more spectacular than when youre trudging. Virginia ironside when she was 22: 'When you're young, you're learning something - you¿re making mistakes, being hurt, hurting others and stumbling through life'. I prefer to think of old age as entirely new, uncharted territory, where my fellow oldies and i are intrepid explorers, hacking our way through the jungle and discovering treats along the way. Grandchildren are certainly one of the most glorious surprises.

And if I short fall over in the street, i can blame the pavement. Even better, at my age you can patronise the middle-aged. I met a 50-year-old the other day and was delighted to be able to say to him: Im old enough to be your mother! The fact that my life feels finite gives every day new poignancy. I can cut to the chase: walk out of bad films and refuse invitations from disappointing friends. I can tell people, loudly, that I dont agree with them. Or, even better, admit I havent a clue what theyre talking about. And ive got the confidence to know that if I cant understand what someone says, its not because Im daft, its because they cant explain it properly.

simple essay on youth and age

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Does she like me? Did I say the right thing? Will he ask me out? Will i ever summary get married and have children? The confidence that comes with age means anxiety and insecurity is swept away, and in its place there is a carte blanche to be eccentric and outspoken — as exemplified by quartet essay (the recent film starring Maggie smith and pauline collins, set in a fun-filled. I can joke with strangers in the street and call people i hardly know darling. I can send back food in restaurants with a smile.

Should I be a social worker, a secretary, a ballet dancer, a shelf-stacker or a writer? I found the myriad possibilities as frightening and confusing as those shelves of different olive oils at the supermarket — there was just too much choice. Being old means that instead of facing a daunting future, you have a rich past stretching back behind you, which you can plunder and enjoy as you wander down memory lane. My own memory lane is as long as the M1: young peoples stretch no further than a short mews. With each day that dawns when youre young, youre learning something — youre making mistakes, being hurt, hurting others and stumbling through life. When you are older, however, youve learned from your experiences, and the passage through life becomes far smoother. Virginia ironside has discovered that it's not being old that's nerve-racking, it's being young. The absence of all that anxiety.

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simple essay on youth and age

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There is a phrase i dread hearing. Its usually spoken by unhappy women who, having reached their sixties, are determined to blame their advancing years for all the things they feel are now beyond their grasp in plot life. The phrase is when you get to our age, and it is usually followed by a litany of the experiences they can no longer enjoy: dancing the night away, staying up after midnight, sleeping in a tent, having one-night stands or enjoying rock music. At the age of 68, my viewpoint is rather different. Ive been young, worn the t-shirt and given it to Age concern, and now i am enjoying this entirely new age — the age of being old. Glad to be grey: pauline collins and Maggie smith in quartet. When I was young, i remember elderly friends telling me, enviously, that youth was the very best time of life.

As a result, i felt downhearted. Were they saying that from now on things were going to get worse? What a terrible prospect. But short now ive reached the same age as them, ive discovered that its not being old thats nerve-racking, its being young. What a relief it is to reach the autumn of ones years and not have the future suspended in front of you like an intimidating cloud throwing out tormenting dilemmas.

In addition similes have been used as another technique showing the similarities between summer and youth and old age and winter. "Youth is nimble, age is lame". Once again shows the simplicity of the poem and the theme Shakespeare is conveying to the reader. Metaphoric language is used here to define youth and age, it gives it an almost human quality as though youth and age can be imagined as two different people (i.e. It is a very effective way of providing imagery for the reader.

Other lines follow a similar pattern, "Youth is full of sport, age's breath is short" again showing the vitality of youth and the frailty and finality of old age. The use of hyperbole as a technique is evident throughout the poem. Most of the lines have some form of hyperbole by using to greatly exaggerated extremes. "hot and cold "wild. Youth, the best time of your life? Being old is far more fun! Published: 00:29 bst, 14 February 2013 Updated: 00:29 bst, 14 February 2013.

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It is apart of resumes a collection of numerous poems in "The passionate pilgrim Age and youth being numeral points xii. These various poems centre on the ideas of the early and late stages in life. More notably however his one sided perception on the two topics. "Youth" is cast as being the more favourable and several lines throughout the poem display this bias. "Youth is hot and bold, age is weak and cold". "Youth like summer brave, age like winter bare" In fact the whole poem centers around the aforementioned topic (youth) being the more beautiful and show more content "Youth like summer morne, age like winter weather". A good example of the juxtaposition of age and youth as summer and winter, used intentionally to create an imagery of youth as being fertile, full of life and pleasant (as we would picture summer) and age being cold, dark and associated with death. Shakespeare has used this as though he is describing the lifecycle from birth (summer, youth) to death (winter, old age).

simple essay on youth and age

And certainly, the more a man drinketh of the world, the more it intoxicateth; and age doth profit rather in the powers of understanding, than in the virtues of the will and affections. There be some have an over-early ripeness in their years, which life fadeth betimes. These are, first, such as have brittle wits, the edge whereof is soon turned; such as was Hermogenes the rhetorician, whose books are exceeding subtle; who afterwards waxed stupid. A second sort is of those that have some natural dispositions which have better grace in youth than in age; such as is a fluent and luxuriant speech; which becomes youth well, but not age: so tully saith of Hortensius, Idem manebat, neque idem decebat. The third is of such as take too high a strain at the first, and are magnanimous more than tract of years can uphold. As was Scipio africanus, of whom livy saith in effect, Ultima primis cedebant, his last actions were not equal to his first. 863 Words 4 Pages, age and youth by william Shakespeare. The poem "age and youth by william Shakespeare (born April 26th 1564 died April 23rd 1616) is one of his profound poems which was published in 1588.

fitter for execution than for counsel; and fitter for new projects than for settled business. For the experience of age, in things that fall within the compass of it, directeth them; but in new things, abuseth 1 them. The errors of young men are the ruin of business; but the errors of aged men amount but to this, that more might have been done, or sooner. Young men, in the conduct and manage of actions, embrace more than they can hold; stir more than they can quiet; fly to the end, without consideration of the means and degrees; pursue some few principles which they have chanced upon absurdly; care not. Men of age object too much, consult too long, adventure too little, repent too soon, and seldom drive business home to the full period, 4 but content themselves with a mediocrity of success. Certainly it is good to compound employments of both; for that will be good for the present, because the virtues of either age may correct the defects of both; and good for succession, that young men may be learners, while men in age are actors;. But for the moral part, perhaps youth will have the pre-eminence, as age hath for the politic. A certain rabbin, upon the text, your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams, inferreth that young men are admitted nearer to god than old, because vision is a clearer revelation than a dream.

For there is a british youth in thoughts, as well as in ages. And yet the invention of young men is more lively than that of old; and imaginations stream into their minds better, and as it were more divinely. Natures that have much heat and great and violent desires and perturbations are not ripe for action till they have passed the meridian of their years; as it was with Julius Cæsar and Septimius severus. Of the latter of whom it is said, juventutem egit erroribus, imo furoribus, plenam. He passed a youth full of errors, yea of madnesses. And yet he was the ablest emperor, almost, of all the list. But reposed natures may do well in youth.

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simple essay on youth and age
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Crabbed Age and youth is quite a self-explanatory poem about a person who. he says, age is weak and cold, age is lame and age s breath is short.

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  1. Somewhere between youth s vital exuberant faith and age s blasé withered. Life of all who desert the simple instinct of reverence which walked beside them in the. Cicero tried to console the aged by writing a very lengthy essay counselling. youth is consistently depicted as being that of a young person with age being that of an old lame nearly dying man, ages breath is short.

  2. Is sho rt again showing the vitality of youth and the frailty and finality of old age. I ve been young, worn the t-shirt and given it to Age concern, and now. Friends telling me, enviously, that youth was the very best time of life. Is as long as the M1: young people s stretch no further than a short mews.

  3. For the re is a youth in thoughts, as well as in ages. And yet the invention of young men. Free essay: Age and youth by william Shakespeare The poem age and.

  4. A youth is someone who is not a child anymore and is yet to enter adulthood. At th is age, most youth possess the curiosity and excitement of a young child and. Generally, youth is like the first cogitations, not so wise as the second.

  5. The tragedy of human race has been the youth does not. Read this full essay on youth old Age. WareEngli sh 1301date @ mmmm d, y november 4, 2014live long EnoughA beginning.

  6. Reflection/thoughts on youth and age by epembroke in Types creative writing essays, Essay, and young. Youth is a blunder; Age is a regret. If youth knew, if age co uld! has been an old cry.

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