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Over the following weeks, vkm aired several more videos bashing dx and Vince McMahon. They also made a 1,000,000 challenge to dx as announced on the tna website. They declared "victory" at Final Resolution, after receiving no answer from wwe. 29 In early 2007, however, james said in a shoot interview along with his tag team partner Kip that he would jump back to wwe if he could get out of his tna contract and get a wwe offer. 30 On August 4, james returned to the boston -based Millennium Wrestling Federation 's soul Survivor iv wrestling event and fanfest. 31 James worked for the promotion when it opened in 2001, but no-showed a benefit for Superstar Billy Graham in 2002 due to his drug and personal issues.

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The match was rescheduled for Impact!, which the gang lost. On the november 2, 2006 edition of Impact!, kip and James announced that they masters were going to quit tna. 27 While attempting to speak about it, their microphones were cut off. 27 When the show returned, the announcers speculated that they may have been frustrated due to the influx of new talent entering tna. It was later reported that the segment was a worked shoot that Vince russo had written in order to renew interest upon their eventual return. 28 On the november 16 airing of Impact!, the james Gang announced that they would now be known as voodoo kin Mafia (VKM) (a pun on the name vincent Kennedy McMahon ). They spent their airtime bashing McMahon and both members of d-generation x, using their real names: paul levesque and Michael Hickenbottom. After calling Triple h "Triple hollywood" and Shawn Michaels "Shawn Kiss-my-bottom vkm claimed they were declaring war on dx and Vincent Kennedy McMahon. On the november 23 airing of Impact!, they drove around searching for their targets, but they ended up arriving at a target store. At the end of the episode, vkm argued, and Kip pointed straight ahead to the wwe world headquarters, which prompted James to respond, "We're back!" In 2006, as acknowledged by tna's website, vkm accepted The hardys' open challenge to a match at December to dismember. Wwe never acknowledged their acceptance, however.

"Bullet" was in fact added to the team and, they won the match at Destination. 25 The following month, an arm wrestling match was booked between Armstrong and Konnan, where the losing team would get hit ten times with a leather whip. Armstrong prevailed with the victory, resulting in lax being whipped several times upon trying to scramble british out of the cage for survival. Following their feud with lax, james and Kip began feuding with team. 14 The two teams cut promos arguing over their long-term histories with past promotions such as World Wrestling Entertainment and Extreme Championship Wrestling. 14 The rivalry came to a head at Sacrifice when The james Gang beat team 3D using a lead pipe. 26 The james Gang and team 3D feuded throughout the summer. They were scheduled for a number one contendership match at Hard Justice but, due to a fire, the match was canceled.

roadie resume

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23 After James got heated with Konnan, both gave kip yes votes and the 4live business kru was born. 23 The 4live kru was short lived as Konnan, still apparently upset at Kip's induction into the Kru, hit both James and Kip over the head with a steel chair at Turning point. 24 Konnan, still wanting Killings to be his "family tried talking with Killings. Killings told Konnan that he was done with the Kru and wanted to leave it all behind him. The james professional Gang/Voodoo kin Mafia (20062008) edit main article: The james Gang After the incident, james and Kip regrouped, reformed their old tag team as The james Gang, and feuded with Konnan's new stable, the latin American Xchange (lax which he formed with Homicide and. Apolo was sent home from Against All Odds after complaining about being used as a jobber and was quickly replaced by a relative unknown named Machete. On a subsequent edition of Impact!, james' real life father "Bullet" Bob Armstrong informed The james Gang that he was sick of the shenanigans of lax and how they always used strength in numbers to their advantage. He informed them that he was going to see larry Zbyszko to have himself added to the destination X match as their partner, effectively making it a three-man tag team.

For a time, james stopped appearing with the Kru but did not align himself with The outlaw, who had by then changed his name to kip James as a "tribute" to james' father. At Sacrifice, he reasserted his allegiance with 3live kru as the special guest referee in a match between the other members of 3lk and the team of Kip James and Monty Brown. 21 Kip tried to warm up to 3lk again in the lead-up to bound for Glory by saving James several times from team Canada. At bound for Glory, he offered his protective services to them against team Canada to neutralize scott d'amore. When they lost, kip came down to the ring, appearing ready to hit Konnan with a steel chair since he originally vetoed Kip's offer. 22 Kip instead saved Konnan from team Canada, thus proving his original intentions. 22 On the november 26 episode of Impact!, james brought Kip and the 3LK to the ring and asked Killings and Konnan to give kip a yes/no vote to be accepted into the group.

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roadie resume

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James then teamed with fellow dx member x-pac throughout the summer of 2000, but failed to regain any championship success. 14 The team eventually split, with road Dogg and x-pac subsequently feuding with each other before the entirety of dx fell apart. Road Dogg then formed a best tag team with newcomer k-kwik, and competed in his last televised match on December. 12 he was then indefinitely suspended, and later released from his contract in January 2001, due to personal problems. 14 On March 26, 2001, james arrived at the final wcw monday nitro taping in Panama city, florida in order to negotiate a return to world Championship Wrestling, only to find out that the promotion had been purchased by the wwf, thus ruling out both. 17 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling ( ) edit The 3live kru (20022005) edit main article: 3live kru After making appearances on the independent circuit, most prominently with the short-lived World Wrestling All-Stars (WWA) promotion, james debuted for the total Nonstop Action Wrestling promotion on September. James, as the road Dogg gimmick was owned by wwe.

He was initially a heel and one of the founding members of Vince russo 's Sports Entertainment Xtreme faction. 14 In essay 2003, james formed the stable known as the 3live kru alongside konnan and Ron Killings. 18 19 The stable was popular from the outset and, as a nod to james' and Killings' brief tag team in the world Wrestling Federation, they sang their own entrance music as they approached the ring. In addition to popularity, the Kru found championship success as well, as Killings won his second and final nwa world heavyweight Championship as a member while all three men held the nwa world Tag team Championship twice under the Freebird Rule. 14 Tension arose when James' former partner Billy gunn joined tna as The new Age outlaw (later shortened to The outlaw) in 2005. 20 The outlaw repeatedly courted James, seeking to split the Kru and recreate the new Age outlaws. When The outlaw began feuding with the Kru, james repeatedly found his loyalties divided, unwilling to fight either his former or current tag team partners.

14 The new Age outlaws and d-generation X (1996-2001) edit main article: The new Age outlaws The new Age outlaws The road Dogg" Jesse james (left) and "Badd Ass" Billy gunn) in 1999. James, without Jarrett, returned to the wwf in 1996 under the ring name jesse james, where he revealed himself as "The real double J" and the true singer of "With my baby tonight". 14 he languished as an undercard singles wrestler until beginning a feud with The honky tonk man. 2 After denying Honky tonk man's offer at becoming his manager by destroying his guitar, james also began feuding with Honky tonk man's protégé rockabilly. 2 After trading wins against each other on television and pay-per-view, james, now referring to himself as "The road Dogg" Jesse james, originally spelled "Jammes" as a play on the way jarrett spelled his name.

(j e double s e, j a double ) suggested to rockabilly that they form a tag team in order to end their unsuccessful runs as singles competitors. 2 14 A change in creative direction in the wwf in late 1997 led Rockabilly to accept James' offer after subsequently attacking Honky tonk man with his own guitar to cement their alliance. 2 soon after, rockabilly reverted to his Billy gunn ring name and adopted the nickname "Badd Ass while road Dogg began to grow out and braid his hair. In addition to these aesthetic changes, their mannerisms became consistently more controversial and antisocial, with the team ultimately becoming known as the new Age outlaws following their victory over The legion of doom for their first Tag team Championship. The outlaws would continue to feud with the legion of doom and later the short-lived tag team of Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie before joining d-generation X the night after WrestleMania xiv. 14 The outlaws amassed five tag team Championship reigns and managed to become singles champions while still together, with road Dogg and Gunn each winning the hardcore Championship once in 19, respectively, while road Dogg would also go on to win the Intercontinental Championship. 15 16 The team came to an end when Gunn was legitimately injured in early 2000 and, to explain the absence needed for his recovery, gunn was expelled from dx due to losing his temper.

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6 However, he would find little success, as his only victories were in tag team dark matches where he teamed with his brother Brad while he, along with his brothers, were relegated to being jobbers on essay television, with the most notable example being a rematch. 6 James wrestled his final match for wcw on the december 17 episode of WorldWide, as he and his brothers Brad and Scott lost a six-man tag team match to The Three faces of fear ( kevin ions Sullivan, the butcher, and avalanche ). 6 World Wrestling Federation (, ) edit Alliance with Jeff Jarrett (1994-1995) edit After defeating Barry hardy in a dark match on the august 16, 1994 episode of wwf wrestling Challenge, james signed with the world Wrestling Federation towards the end of 1994. 14 he was billed as The roadie, an assistant to "Double J" Jeff Jarrett, a would-be country singer. 14 he wrestled on several pay-per-views and television shows, but most of his first wwf tenure was spent accompanying Jarrett and interfering in his matches. In early 1995, jarrett released the song "With my baby tonight which Jarrett claimed he had sung himself. The planned angle was to reveal that it was The roadie, not Jarrett, who had really performed the vocals on this song, sparking a feud between the two wrestlers. 14 Before this revelation could take place, james and Jarrett suddenly left the wwf following the second In your house pay-per-view on July 23, 1995. 2 After leaving the wwf, james joined the United States Wrestling Association under the ring name jesse james Armstrong alongside jarrett, where he won its heavyweight, television, and World Tag team Championships before losing a loser leaves Town Match to jarrett.

roadie resume

Following this, james put his wrestling career on hold in order to enlist in the United States Marine corps in 1987 before wrestling another match in 1991 after serving a tour of duty, where he wrestled and lost to terrance taylor on July. 5 6 After completing another tour of duty, james made his debut for Smoky mountain Wrestling on november 20, 1992 under a mask as The dark secret, where he lost to Tracy Smothers. 6 As The dark secret, james was relegated to jobbing, as he would lose continuously in both singles and tag team matches throughout the rest of 1992 and into 1993. 6 Following another tour of duty, james returned to smw five months later on July 2, where he lost to bobby Blaze. 6 On July 19, james, now using his Brian Armstrong ring name, defeated Killer Kyle in a dark match. 6 Following this, james would alternate between the Brian Armstrong and The dark secret ring names, where he would find success in singles and tag team matches under the former and continue to job under the latter. 6 In addition to smw, james would resume wrestling for World Championship Wrestling under his Brian Armstrong ring name, as he made his return to the promotion on the november 30 episode of Saturday night in a losing effort to Steve austin. 6 Beginning in 1994, james would begin to wrestle more frequently for wcw, including a championship match against promotion's World Television Champion Lord Steven Regal which he lost. 6 Following a tag team match where he, as The dark secret, and Killer Kyle lost to The rock 'n' roll Express ( Ricky morton and Robert Gibson ) on April 4, james left smw and began competing solely for wcw as Brian Armstrong.

James has held numerous championships over the course of his three-decade career. In the wwf/E, he found his greatest success as a with tag team wrestler and is a six time tag team Champion, having won the. World Tag team Championship (WWF) five times and the, wwe tag team Championship once with, billy gunn as The new Age outlaws (who became part of d-generation X ). Additionally, james found success in singles competition by becoming a one time Intercontinental Champion and a one time hardcore Champion. 3 Following his departure from the wwf, james became the inaugural World Wrestling All-Stars (WWA) World heavyweight Champion before once again finding success as a tag team wrestler in tna, where he was a two time national Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Tag team Champion with. James also twice competed for the nwa world heavyweight Championship on pay-per-view. 12 wwe commentator John layfield charted James's transition from "a cornerstone of the Attitude Era ; one of its greatest stars and one of its architects to "one of the prime creative forces behind wwe". 13 James is a second generation wrestler; his father Bob 5 wrestled, as did his brothers Scott, brad, and Steve.

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Brian Girard James 7 9 (born may 20, 1969) 1 is an American professional wrestler and a former, united States Marine. He is currently signed to the wwe where he works as a producer. 10 11, james is best known for surgery his initial tenure with the. World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as, the roadie from 1994 to 1995 and as "Road Dogg" Jesse james from 1996 to 2001. He is also known for his appearances with. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) as,. James from 2002 to 2009, and has also made appearances for several other promotions such as, smoky mountain Wrestling, 5, world Championship Wrestling, 5 the, united States Wrestling Association, the. Catch Wrestling Association, and, world Wrestling All-Stars.

roadie resume
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  3. Nashville guitar tech Sammy bones tips and tour roadie advice on how to repair and tech care for your acoustic or electric guitar. After making appearances on the independent circuit, most prominently with the short-lived World Wrestling All-Stars (WWA) promotion, james debuted for the total Nonstop Action Wrestling promotion on September 18, 2002 wrestling. James, as the road Dogg gimmick was owned by wwe.

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