Network design engineer resume

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network design engineer resume

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Wavelength domain reflectrometry, infrared and visible arrays/sensors, low-level signal acquisition 16b base of ti microcontroller msp430F4270 as frontend and PC/dsp algorithms as backend. Designed multi wavelengths vcsel lasers - gasb-InAs pin photo-detectors research system to characterization of surfaces 400-2300nm wavelength Consultant, Oct 2001March 2005 Generated projects"s, budget, schedule, and test plan. Directed proposal development activities for each project, including a request for proposal review and analysis, bid determination, technical writing and editing, review of technical and business proposals. Performed systems architect down to the component level, generate specs. Made preparation and presentation of engineering concepts and data for internal design reviews and customers. Involve to fcc part 15, and UL/ce approvals. Wrote vhdl and C codes.

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Designed low noise digital control power supplies for broadcasting transmitters 1-20KW: Modular, power Factor Correction (pfc full bridge converter-synchronous rectifier (phase shift zvt converter) ti dsp tms320F2801. Designed eval power amplifier use pair ldmos 1KW for modular broadcasting transmitters 1-20kw include digital pre-distortion dsp portion ensco, inc, melbourne,. Staff Project Engineer, march 20 Ran a multi-functional team. Performed robust systems architecture down to the component level, generated specs. Maintained the projects proposal, forecasting, staffing, budget, php schedule, integration, and test plan. Executed architecture trade studies and HW/SW partitioning. Supervised embedded, optical, analog asic, limits mechanical and pcb/flex layout. Metrology and Engineering Change system eco to design for manufacturability (DFM) strategy. Prepared documentation for fcc/ul agencies. Designed equipment to measurement thickness of oil on coating substance.

Continental Electronics Corp, dallas,. Principal Project Engineer, Apr 2006may 2007. Performed systems architect down to the component level, generated specs and consideration documents. Execute architecture trade studies and HW/SW partitioning. Supervised mechanical and pcb layout. Designed rf exgine pci card for high definition radio broadcast equipment on ibiquity platform ti dsp 320C6415T. Designed target board: high speed 16b adc-dac lvds buses control by kelly board xem3010. Involve designed rf cw transmitters (include power surgery supply) 1 and 2 Megawatts for Brookhaven National laboratory/us department of Energy.

network design engineer resume

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Design for manufacturability (DFM). Reliability testing halt; mtbf calculations. Architect, designed High Frequency dielectric tool (hfdt) equipment rf section includes five waveguide transducers, synthesizer 1ghz (National Semi iq modulator (transmitters Analog device) and direct conversion iq demodulators (receivers friendship Analog device switchable low noise amplifiers chain up to 30-63dB (nec, avago ldmos rf power amplifiers. Microcontroller circuit Microchip, dac-adc (Analog device) 14bit 25Msps for each channel. Low noise dc-dc converters. Full dsp control (BlackFin, Analog device oversampling baseband. Designed not-standard equipment for debugging and manufacturing a test rf section by kelly board xem3010 and LabView option. Created data base for optical sensor parts working temperature 180oC: test procedures and evaluation-test pcbs.

Led the rf group. Performed systems architecture down to the component level, generated specs and consideration documents. Executed robust image rejection architecture trade studies and HW/SW partitioning. Preparation and presentation of engineering concepts and data. Calculated rf link budget. Swr calculation in real time. Working temperate up to 180oC.

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network design engineer resume

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Development medical portable devices (diabetes management system) base of arm cortex M3, M4; wireless communication 3g, bluetooth 4ble, gps. Power circuits (batteries, chargers, wireless charging, ldos audio-amplifiers, codec, displays, mems motion devices. EN60601 Show Corp, houston, tx march-Apr 2012. Designed equipment for non-destructive testing of pipes utilizing ultrasonic phased array technology. General Dynamics satcom, dallas, tx may 2011-Jan 2012. Made proposal, specs, test plans for rf portions (l, s, c and X bands) and optic links satcom goes-r station goodrich Corp, vergennes, vt june-dec 2010. System architect, designed industrial/aircraft applications wireless sensor units network of 900mhz,.4ghz ism bands 802.11, 802.15.4 including enhanced data rates to 2-11-150Mbps.

Antenna testing using anechoic chamber near field/far field measurements Processors soc, mps430 (TI) / PowerPC (Freescale memories ddr2 sdram, flash; usb otg, can, rs232, blue rs485, I2c, ethernet interfaces. Exchange battery monthly-yearly option. Lithium base rechargeable battery option. Esd issue clide, remote dallas, tx jan-may 2010. Created data base for parts working temperature 225oC: test procedures and evaluation-test pcbs Halliburton Energy services, Inc, houston,. Senior Techncal Adviser-Electronics, june 2007Jan 2010 2 Professional Resume.

Development commercial lighting led systems 40-80W: input 85-240vac output 48V@1.6a, pfc thd less 5, effective 92-95 Acutus Medical, Inc Carlsbad, ca jan-Feb 2016. Development multi-outputs power supplies (total 500W) for medical ultrasound equipment. EN60601 medical device compliance. Baker Hughes Inc, houston, tx oct 2013-nov 2014. Architect, designed rf section downhole multi Frequency dielectric Resistivity (mfdr) tool for lwd application use five carriers frequencies in sequence from 30mhz to 1ghz with cancel-out error compensation technique.

Create adaptive algorithm measurement final parameters dielectric constant base of the formation conditions. Rf section include frequency synthesizer, switchable gain lnas, direct quadrature zero-if conversion 4 receivers-6 transmitters, selectable low pass filter for each carrier frequency, 6 wideband pa gan 40dBm. Switch mode power supplies (smps). Designed downhole ultrasonic imager focus on front-end and back-end circuits matrix 192 transducers for 6 dynamic beams. High voltage issue oliden Technology llc, sugar Land, tx jan-Aug 2013. Designed Downhole azimuth Resistivity tool (dart) for mwd application use three frequency bands 2mhz, 400/100khz investigation. Transmitters use Enhancement gan transistors D-class; receivers base of ultra-low noise lna architecture. Phase-Amplitude used oversampling technique. System architect, synchronization, direct Digital Synthesizers (dds pwm, navigation system, smps gad light, la jolla, ca may-dec 2012.

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Interfacing with suppliers and vendors. Signal integrity: PSpice, lt spice, simetrix simulation. Conduct design reviews: Preliminary design reviews (PDR).Trade-Offs. Factory Acceptance and System Integration Tests. Mil-std-461E/464C/810g, do-160, do-254 book Clide, remote dallas, short tx jan 2015-Present. Architect, design portable Bluetooth le motion sensors (mems 9 axis: accelerometers, gyroscopes, digital compasses) for variable applications. Systems stretch prototypes, platforms, wearable devices. Investigate new technologies and develop the next generation platform.

network design engineer resume

Project Engineering proposal development systems Engineering research development Engineering Specialized Design tools. Designer, dxp, protel, pcad students (Altium dxDesigner, pads, hyperlynx (Mentor Graphics orcad, pspice (Cadence design Systems). Eagle (cadsoft tina (DesignSoft sIMetrix (simetrixTechnologies designer, hfss (ansys-ansoft Corp). Genesys, sonnet (Keysight Tech microwave office (ni-awr corp fPGA/cpld-vhdl (Xilinx, Altera). C complier (Keil, microChip-mplab, Arduino code composer Studio ide (Texas Instruments). Labview, multisim (National Instruments matLab (MathWorks autocad lt (Autodesk). Pro-designer (linos photonics mS Office, visio, powerPoint, Project (Microsoft). Experience, consultant, jan 2010 Present (on contract). Maintain projects proposal, budget, schedule, forecast, and test plan.

will also get to write about educational qualification objective. Free wireless Network Engineer Resume word Download m, senior Network Engineer Resume Free pdf downlaod t, by looking at the  network type of resume template online, it will help you to make a good resume outlining your points and stand out from the rest. Listing down their knowledge in computer engineering, hardware/software security and programming will best fit for the qualifications for this job as it requires not only a single skill but wide idea in managing the network connection for all employees computer at their upmost function. Resume templates provides samples and types of resume which can access easily and free to download. Alex stuhl, phD skype uhl, summary, motivated to develop new technology and transform ideas into successful products. Experience led multi-functional teams. Strong experience in measuring fields including radio frequency (rf analog circuits, ad-da conversions, cots, diagnostics, emi/emc, esd, mems, microprocessors, optical, precision low-level signal acquisition, power supplies, real-time system, signal integrity, simulation, systems Areas of specialization.

It is preceded by thesis s statement on your career objective. Ccna network Engineer Resume Free pdf download. This resume has allotted a fair share of space to write in details about the educational qualification of the candidate. It also allows you to mention about objective and certification or training received by the candidate. Free entry level Network Engineer Resume Free word. The resume begins with a statement on professional objective and it is followed by pointers on three most important parameters of a techies cv- such as educational qualification, technological expertise professional expertise. Network security Engineer Resume Free pdf template. The resume is mostly about the professional experience of a network security engineer and the template would be a good match for those with prolonged experience.

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For a larger establishments or corporations that have an internet connection, a skilled network engineer is needed to manage, implement, support and organize all the mother computer connection local and online. People with experience in this field of work and wants to apply to companies engaged into network engineering, must submit a n inspiring resume to impress the management authorized for your application. You may also like. Civil Engineer Resume templates, free network Engineer Resume template, network Engineer A4 Resume cover Letter Template. Cisco network Engineer Resume Free pdf template. The resume begins with a brief on career summary of the professional including points on the core competencies of the professional. It is further followed by pointers on areas of expertise. Ccnp network Engineer Resume Free word Download. The resume here mostly highlights on the technical skills of the candidate- one of the most necessary points important for any employer.

network design engineer resume
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  2. We are looking for an it network design Engineer for a telecommunication Network Enhancement Project in Central Asia.

  3. For a larger establishments or corporations that have an internet. This Security guard resume format allows both entry level and experienced professionals to design their. Network Engineer resume, sample network.

  4. Kindergarten teacher resume samples. Re: Resume : System, network, engineer and your experience. Summary: 4 years in network and systems administration, design and support with extensive. Resume, template 9 Free word, Excel, pdf, psd format Download!

  5. Novell Certified, network, engineer, sample, resume. If this, network, engineer resume example wasnt sufficient for you, you are free to review some other samples and templates from our site. Design engineer network resume va virginia. Resume templates for accountants.

  6. Fujitsu, network, communications, Inc, Transmission. Nec america, inc, wireless Engineering division, Irving, tx senior Hardware. Design, engineer, jan 1997. Senior Analog, design, engineer, sample, resume.

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