Essay on blood donation in english

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essay on blood donation in english

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St georges University needs to continue supporting student involvement in health promotion activities and identify ways to ensure the sustainability and continuity of these activities. Collaboration and research are useful and effective means to promote blood donation. College students are potentially an excellent source of collaborators and donors if provided with the promotion skills and participation is made convenient. Keywords: e-published:, become a subscriber to access the full article.

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Skip to main content, collaboration and save Research as key elements for Strengthening Blood Donation in developing Nations: The case of Grenada, west Indies. Journal Authors: Issue: doi:.7727/wimj.2012.011, pages: abstract, objective: The purpose of the study was to identify ways to strengthen the collaboration between the Grenadian Blood Bank, the St georges University (SGU) chapter of the American Medical Students Association, and St georges University health Clinic. Methods: The study had two phases. Phase 1: an assessment of the strengths and needs of the collaborators and of the blood drives. Phase 2 consisted of three student assessments: a cross-sectional survey of second year medical students, a cross-sectional survey of students in the School of Arts and Sciences and a case-control study of factors affecting student donation on the day of blood drives. Embedded within both phases were service-learning opportunities for students. Both phases received approval from sgus Institutional review board. Results: Preliminary achievements included a transient increase in blood donation of twenty per cent during five months though advertising of blood drives remains inadequate. Assessments reveal that most students lack knowledge about the drives, and time (medical students) and fear of needles and infection (Arts and Science students) are potential hindrances to blood donation. Conclusions: The Blood Bank needs to increase its profile on the university campus and develop a more effective promotion of the blood drives addressing the concerns of students.

In this case, a small boy outwardly points out that an old acquaintance of his mother is an Indian just because he house had some qualities that were presumably Indian. Despite that, the boy was aware of the identity of the mans family. The boy is also extremely quick to responds that he is no Indian which implies that he truly appreciates his true identity. The cultural, social, and racial identity of the Cherokees is still exceptionally well distinguished from others. Cherokees possess a deep rooted sense of identity. The above example clearly shows that even small children are aware of the existing differences of the other races. This instillation begins from a tender age and, it is a continuous process. True cherokees have the responsibility of ensuring that they maintain their values at all times.

essay on blood donation in english

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In chapter seven, the true cherokee sometimes has a different skin color. . All the same, the expectation of Cherokees are royalty and, not to betray their values even when faced by challenges. Their values should provide a positive living guide lines under any circumstances. An extremely strong sense of identity is crucial. They not to divulge any information to other people who are of different cultures as this can jeopardize their culture. They also believe that the other ethnic groups will interfere with the norms, which make them more cautious on how they relate with them. In chapter eight, we find that even the children are conscious about their identity. In many analysis ways, the image of Cherokees people is evident as people who are happy and proud to be who they are. It feels more valuable to have that identity. .

They maintain and protect their interest through Cherokee leadership. Despite the existence, of other factors blood seemingly plays an extremely crucial role according to the Cherokees. It is evident that a true identity of Cherokee runs deep in the blood. A person has to possess pure blood so as to be considered as one of them. Blood is a dominating factor in the true definition of a cherokee. It is notable however, that some Cherokees have deviated from the original identity. Many factors like intermarriages and other demographic shifts have posed a challenge to them. They are extremely wary of the whites since they fear that if given a chance they will overshadow the existing cultural and religious ethnicity. They sometimes expose to a different environment which demands, a change in their part so as to fit.

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essay on blood donation in english

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Any true help cherokee who deviates from the group expectations is discriminatory from the community. The Cherokees are always trying to protect their true identity online and, they strongly believe that pure blood will maintain their true self. Intermarriages between Cherokees and, other groups are therefore, not recognizable as the pure marriages. . Children that result from these intermarriages the treatment as bias not like in the same manner like those from a marriage between pure Cherokees. This belief varies from society to society and children mainly take the identity of their parents.

Men and women from these intermarriages face alienation from the community who find it hard to fully accept them. They have further tried to control religious, political and leadership positions. This achievement is through the delegating of these posts strictly to those that have unquestionable and true identity of a cherokee. All these efforts gear towards preserving their esteemed racial, cultural and social values. They strongly believe that blood plays a vital role in establishing a true cherokee nation. Through these practices, the assurance of continuity and preservation of their values is secure.

It also helps in maintaining the sanctity of life. In chapter five, it is evident that they strongly value their culture. Cherokee culture has many social activities that bring the people together.  Race plays a vital role in fostering the widespread blood and racial domination. The encounters that the author cites in this chapter are about how they behave towards the other citizens. It clearly indicates that they have a skeptical attitude and, are remarkably particular as far as racial and, cultural aspects.

Under normal circumstances, blood and marriage ties enhance the true identity of a person. However, this is not the case with the Cherokees who strongly believe that one has to possess many outstanding features that associate them with their true identity. Marriage is a bond between two people. . This illustration is in chapter six of this book. For example, where a cherokee woman marries a half Indian half Cherokee the attitude of her family towards her changes and, they do not treat her children in a biased manner. They believe that these children do not fully possess all the expected qualities. Half Cherokees have faced with a social problem since they at time lack a sense of belonging. This mostly affects children born from mixed race marriages. This shows that they are only willing fully identify with their own people as long as they follow their culture.

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The Cherokees try to show solidarity with other citizen when the situation demands it like in matters of national or international concerns. However, they strongly try to maintain their true identity and protect their values from cultural erosion from other races. Being over shadowed by other values is a significant concern of the Cherokees. The role of religion is highly critical to them. Cherokees is to be extremely particular when choosing a spiritual leader. They look for one who has pure blood and, he or she is responsible for carrying out crucial roles in society. Sound knowledge of their culture, fluency in their language and strong ties to the Cherokee community are of paramount importance. According to them Religion is an extremely crucial aspect of life since, spirituality helps points people to cope well with challenges of life.

essay on blood donation in english

The Cherokee community comprises of pure and mixed races, which further heighten the controversy. The fact that intermarriages have occurred has made the people come up with various characterization of identifying a pleasure true cherokee with no mixed blood. This has made them adopt some ways of identifying true cherokees and also, come up with measures of ensuring that there is continuity of their values even for their future generations. A true cherokees must be fluent in the language among other factors that fully distinguishes them from other ethnic groups. One has to spend a lot of time in order to be fluent. . It is extremely difficult for people from a different geographical area to catch up with. . In chapter five, the author cites various encounters that clearly bring out the different key elements in the identification of the Cherokees. They include phenotypes, language, and social behavior. Despite the fact, that other citizens have tried to break the barriers it has proven difficult due to the existence of the above elements.

lifesaving blood varies in different countries. Please read the brochure for more information. The true identity of a cherokee is a controversial subject to many. . There are diverse opinions and, each response depends on the context or the subject.  It is quite a serious challenge in the current set ups to maintain cultural values without erosion from other existing ideologies. The Cherokees are able to maintain this institution quite remarkably. The achievement is through the existence of well defined expectations and values that have to be fulfilled.

The role of government. Blood transfusion is an essential part of modern health care and a government has a duty to provide good healthcare for its citizens. A blood programme is a serious commitment in terms of financial and human resources. National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies work with their countries bill ministries of health to determine the best way to use the strength of the ifrc. This strength is often in the area of education or mobilization of populations towards voluntary blood donation. Our vision, in partnership with the world health Organization. The ifrc has worked with the world health Organization to develop a global framework to help achieve 100 per cent voluntary blood donation in every country. This has been achieved in more than 50 nations, including resource-limited countries.

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Blood services, the safety and integrity of a nations blood supply is fundamental to the security of its health system and is linked to the delivery of three. Un millennium development goals : Reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, combat hiv/aids, malaria and other diseases. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (ifrc) recognizes that health security is a fundamental and indispensable prerequisite to global, national and individual development. The ifrcs health security priorities include: improving local, regional and international capacity to respond to disasters and public health emergencies increasing health promotion, summary disease prevention and disaster risk reduction in vulnerable communities increasing hiv/aids programming and advocacy, meeting public expectations, people everywhere have the right. The integrity with which blood programmes are administered is critical to building and maintaining community trust. The ifrc supports the establishment of safe and sustainable blood systems, with a particular emphasis on voluntary non-remunerated blood donation (vnrbd). Voluntary non-paid blood donors, particularly those who donate blood regularly, provide the foundation for a safe, sustainable blood supply that meets the needs of all patients requiring blood transfusion.

essay on blood donation in english
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