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essay on a flood

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Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, which rests on the border between Saskatchewan and Alberta, (2.5 hours or so north of the. Border is somewhat unique. Because of its elevation (up to 1466 metres above sea level) it had very little glacier coverage during the last ice age which scientists figure ended 10,000 years ago (give or take). The surrounding area is fairly flat, barren of trees and boasts some beautiful river hills and wide valleys like in the. Frenchman river Valley and, saskatchewan Landing. Couple shots I took of the hills on the way to Swift Current last summer: Saskatchewan Landing, view from north side of river. View from the south Saskatchewan bridge.

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Those who arent creationists by creed take ice ages as pretty much a given, given all the science classes we sat through in school, right? I dont actually recall learning about. Louis Agassiz, mind you. Although he trained as a physician and studied anatomy, what he really wound up studying was the anatomy of glaciers. Coming from Switzerland, he had a pretty good handle on what glaciers were and how their slow but forceful movement over decades and centuries carved valleys and left detritus behind, large rocks from other places the glacier crawled over, rocks that didnt resemble local geology. Knowing what he knew from home, he started to notice a trend wherever he traveled similar geological formations were all over the place, even where there were no glaciers. Agassiz came to what seemed to be a logical conclusion: there used to be more glaciers. Previous scientists had variously explained these features as made by icebergs or floods; Agassiz integrated all these facts to formulate his theory that a great Ice Age had once gripped the earth, and published his theory in Étude sur les glaciers in 1840. His later personal book, système glaciare (1847 presented further evidence for his theory, gathered overseas all over Europe: Agassiz later found even more evidence of glaciation in North America. Interesting item of note Ill inject here that I do recall learning in school.

Forbidden History edited. All articles in this book have been plucked from. Atlantis Rising, a bimonthly magazine which Kenyon also edits. The first part was based on friendship an essay by kenyon (pgs 11-116) about Graham Hancock and his book. Fingerprints of the gods. I didnt actually say that when I wrote the first part. This time Im focusing on Chapter 6 (pgs 44-52 The case for the Flood: exposing the scientific myth of the ice age by peter Bros.

essay on a flood

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Lincoln hoped that by confining slavery to the stated in which it eksempel already existed, it would eventually die out. Northerners hailed Brown as a martyr to the cause of justice and freedom. Southerners denounced him as a terrorist and a tool of Republican abolitionists. In short, his raid and his trial only deepened the division between North and south. The system failed in many ways to uphold the rights of man in different cases through this section. The Dred Scott case being one example of obstruction of justice, and the john Browns raid, where justice didnt prevail until three years after his first assault and the attack on Harpers Ferry. This is part 2 of my series featuring articles from.

1856 tensions escalated into open violence. The clashes began on may 21 when a group of southerners, with the support of a proslavery federal marshal, looted newspaper offices and homes in Lawrence, kansas, a center of free-soiler activity. Bleeding Kansas was next, were john Brown of Connecticut and raised in Ohio led several New Englanders by night to a proslavery settlement near Pottawatomie creek. He and his men roused five men from their beds, dragged them from their homes, and killed them with swords in front of their families. Then Sumner gave a speech on the crimes of the south accusing a senator and his nephew of these crimes. Which lead to Brooks approaching him and beating the senator with his cane. When Dred Scott tried to sue his owner the suit was brought to court and Taney stated that as an African American, Dred Scott was inferior and without rights. Thus he wasnt a citizen of the us and could not sue anyone.

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essay on a flood

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They always replied to questions about the organization with the answer i know nothing. In 1854 nativists went public by forming a political organization, the American party. It pledges to work against Irish Catholic candidates and for laws requiring a longer wait before immigrants could become citizens through the process of naturalization. The party later became know as the Know-Nothings. The kansas-Nebraska act proclaimed that the people in a territory should decide whether slavery would be allowed there. What it was saying, basically, was that the nation should forget the boundary of 36 30N established by the missouri compromise and rely on popular sovereignty. The new Republicans drew their support almost entirely from the north and from Protestant middle-class and working class voters.

The extremist faction included voters strongly opposed to the fugitive slave act and slavery in the territories. The moderate faction was made up of antislavery voters who wanted to abolish slavery in federal territories but not interfere with the practice where offshore it already existed. Yet another faction was composed of former Whigs still committed to a strong national government that would lead in the development of a national economy. A.) Lecompton constitution-In the fall of 1857 a small proslavery group elected members to a convention to write this constitution required for statehood.) Panic of 1857-economic depression that struck the north particularly hard before the civil War and helped persuade the south to cut. A.) Free soiler-new settlers looking to make the territories free.) Charles Sumner-Senator of Massachusetts.) Chief Justice roger Taney-judge of the Dred Scott case.Harpers Ferry is the federal arsenal at Virginia (now West Virginia) where john Browns raid occurred.

E.) Naturalization-process resulting in the citizenship of immigrants. F.) Kansas-Nebraska act-it proclaimed that the people in a territory should decide whether slavery would be allowed there. G.) The Slave power-the south. A.) Democratic Party-the descendant of the jeffersonian Democrat-Republicans and the jacksonian Democrats. B.) American Party-nativists who went public by forming this political organization.) Know Nothings-the American Party.) Stephen douglas-senator of Illinois.) Republican Party-after the Whigs disappeared this party arose in its place. The compromise had established 36 30N latitude as a permanent boundary between frees and slaves states.

The northern was unwilling to accept this boundary after the us acquired a large part of Mexico. Southerners were equally firm in insisting that the national government had no business telling its free citizens they couldnt take their property to the territories if they wanted. And property, after all, was what they considered enslaved people. Because the second party system was not diverse it couldnt stand against the democratic Party and so it broke down in the early 1850s. The slavery issue badly hurt the Whigs, because many of their northern voters were middle-class evangelicals Protestants who were disgusted with the politicians fondness for compromise. Another reason the w higs faded away was that the old issues that had divided political parties in the 1830s now seemed largely resolved. Fear about immigrants led in 1849 to the formation of a secret nativist society called the Order of the Star-Spangled Banner. Within a few years, its membership totaled around a million. The order insisted on complete secrecy from its members, who used passwords and special handshakes.

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Hard facts also told the the story. They showed that the north was becoming still more urban, still more industrial than the south. Its population, two and a half times as large as the population of the south, was becoming even larger and more diverse, as Irish and German immigrants crowded into swelling cities. Northern were exploiting the immigrants coming into the us points whom needed labor so badly while the southern exploited the blacks because the were bought as slaves. A.) Compromise of 1850-it was a package of laws designed to balance the interest of the two sections, north and south. B.) Fugitive slave act-this law orders all citizens of the us to assist in the return of enslaved people who had escaped from their owners. C.) States Rights-according to this theory, states have the right to nullify acts of the federal government and even to leave the Union if they wish to. D.) Nativism-this was a movement to ensure that people born in the us, who considered themselves natives received better treatment then immigrants.

essay on a flood

If the us had elected better leaders and established stronger political institution they believe, wild-eyed extremists on both sides would never have been able to force the nation into war. Other historians-especially more recent letter ones-dont accept the idea that American society was similar everywhere. Uncle toms Cabin had great affects on the north. The north saw slavery as a sin against man. They tried pushing northern views on the south, which is later believed to have started the war. George fitzhugh stated that: you, with the command over labor which your capital gives you, are a slave owner-a master, without the obligations of a master. They who work for you, who create your income, are slaves, without the rights of slaves. Slaves without a master! The differences between North and south were not simply a product of exaggerated fiction and propaganda.

into the opposite systems but also will cause the un-stable life for people in the countries. May be i am a nostalgic person, so it sounds I love the world in the past than the world in the future. In my eyes, the future is more frightenning than it is exciting. Everytime i come back my homeland and stretch my vision out on the fields and landscape, just only dream arising in my mind: The world, please do not change. Us History Essay, research Paper, us history, chapter. A.) civil War-between 18, the southern and northern states clashed with one another in a violent conflict.) Union-the unified nation of the. Harriet beecher Stowe wrote the famous novel Uncle toms Cabin, which started the controversy between North and south. Some historians have suggested that the civil War could have been avoided.

Besides the above consequence, the effect of the uncontrolled exploitation is being the reason of the Act of God as flood, mudslide, floodside etc., which causes many disasters for the living of people allover the world. For example, the uncontrolled exploitation to the watershed in the north-West areas of vietnam has caused many the floodslide, mudslide and many people killed by this disasters. Secondly, the development of economics as well as the industrialization, mordenizations in the developing countries will more and more form many the urban zone, new cities, manufactures, industrial zones. Besides the consequence of improving the living standard for many people, they will also lead the world to the hardship such as house-glass effect, environmental pollution, water pollution, the global warming etc. Especially, these phenomenons are impacting on the world gradually and we can not feel or see it overnight so it seems to be the world have not had the specific solutions to solve them absolutely so far. Obviously, the above heritages that we leave over, are too heavy for our next generation in the future essay to face. Thirdly, the conflict of the civilization has become seriously, especially the conflict between the western and the Islam.

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Hi everybody, please revise the following essay for me, thanks alot indeed! The future is more frightenning than it is exciting, do u agree or disagree with this opinion, use the specific reasons and examples to support your proposal answer. the world is flat so there are many reasons for people to consider that the world is more and more exciting, comfortable, interesting in the future. But in my own opinion, the future will be more firghtening than it is exciting. Because of the following reasons. Firstly, because of developing of technology, economics, the increasing of population therefore humanrace will need more the natural resource and certainly, we have to speed up the exploitative actions. As a result, that resource will come into exhaution because everything has its limit and in the future, i think the next generation will be harder to live and exist.

essay on a flood
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