Argumentative essay learning foreign language

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argumentative essay learning foreign language

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Rowley, mass.: Newbury house. The relation Between High School Study of Foreign Languages and act english and Mathematics Performance. Adfl bulletin 23,. Second Language Study and Basic skills in louisiana. Baton rouge: louisiana department of Education. By : group. Tran Thi Thuy hang.

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Reshaping Brain for Better Future. As"d in Chicago Tribune, april. Foreign Language Study and sat verbal Scores. Modern Language journal 71,. And Mcc oy,. An Empirical Rationale for Foreign Language in Elementary dern Language journal 65,. quot;d in Winslow,. How Language Is Stored in Brain Depends on Age. Wall Street journal, july. Child-Adult Differences in Second Language Acquisition.

Because of this, many companies look to employ individuals who can speak one or more languages. Whether you become fluent or bilingual in English, this may mean job security and more rewarding opportunities. There is no doubt that learning English is an advantage in todays international society great giving you the ability to communicate and do business all around the world! No matter what industry you are in, learning English for work will provide you with unlimited possibilities. In conclusion, if education is a means to prepare students for the complicated world they inhabit, then the educational system cannot deprive students of a general education in the area of foreign language. The value of such an education not only lies in job preparation but also in developing an understanding of other people and cultures. So, learning English is very important for everybody. Learning Foreign Language, references, chugani,.

argumentative essay learning foreign language

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If you want to joy in social network like face book, twitter, essay email English is necessary. Learning English to get better job. Learning English is a good opportunity for those looking to advance their career. Whether you are currently employed or if you will be entering the workforce, learning English can improve your chances for getting a job and can also lead to career advancement for those of you already employed. Another perk to learning English is that you can use these skills to work abroad in other English speaking countries. In todays world of multinational corporations, individuals from all around the world need to communicate and understand one another. In most companies, English is the primary means of communication.

Language is not a genetic gift, it is a social gift. Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club -the community of speakers of that language. English is not only the main language of business, but also the main language of social interaction. Although most countries have their own language, english is the one language that unites the entire world. Knowing English is the most important step towards becoming a global citizen a person that can live anywhere, thrive anywhere, and speak to anyone. Would it not be amazing to overcome all communication barriers and be able to exchange thoughts and ideas with someone your age, or from your field of work, from say any native language? Forming lasting relationships, not only for business, but also for friendship or for love and globalization. If you want to joy in a social oganization like non-governmental oganization or charity oganization. .

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argumentative essay learning foreign language

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They learn English and they may have many friends. Knowing a new language will help you to increase the number of friends in the world. In a new environment where have english, you can communicate, learn, get acquainted or exchange, to share with the locals or international students. Possibly, you can easily welding express their views or concerns about their problems and people do not have any difficulty to understand resume what you say and you think. You have many friends, so you will extend the view of communicating.

Another language will be vent your feelings, and help you understand how other people think. Some people want to learn English to insult people without them understanding what you are say. In addition to, language influences culture, so learning a language helps you to understand how other people think, and it also helps you to get a general understanding of our world and the many people and cultures that inhabit. If you and some of your relatives, friends learning Foreign Language or colleagues speak a language that few people understand, you can talk freely in public without fear of anyone eavesdropping, and you can keep any written material secret. And you can use native language to talk about secret communications.

Primarily, a language enhance your understanding of the country and its culture. Henri delacroix, painter and French learning Foreign Language filmmaker said: The whole experience of individuals is formed based on the language of the plan. Knowing a language is a chance for you to see yourself and your countrys culture from outside. When contact with others languages, meaning that you have linked to a culture, customs and traditions and others. This gives you a good overview, complete and more objective about people, about life. Language embodies the world view of a culture and is unique to the culture that created.

It reflects values and concepts that are deemed to be the most important by a culture. A language describes the culture it comes from. (Noam Chomsky) I wish life was not so short, he thought. Languages take such a time, and so do all the things one wants to know about. Tolkien (1892-1973 English Professor author of the hobbit lord of the rings. Learning English to expand relationships people.

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Tourist places in the world is the dream, which is the joy of so many people, but the realization that the dream requires you to have many money and should also have a little others language anymore. Learning a language is to receive knowledge and, culture, cuisine, popular tourist destinations of the country if you come to a place where you are completely ignorant of the native people, you will feel extremely helpless and lost yourself and it was you rescheduled travel plan. So try to learn a foreign language it is the lowest ticket prices for the cross-country trip. Cast, because of assess about literature, music and film in the world. All great work of literature and artistry in the world are written by many others language. One translation is never impact all the meaning and original of the author. Reading by the languages of authors is the best way to experience the writings. Like that, when you read their original forms bill of general theatre, music, film their values will be kept full.

argumentative essay learning foreign language

Furthermore, students who have studied English develop greater cognitive skills in such areas as mental flexibility, creativity, divergent thinking and higher order thinking skills (Foster and reeves; Landry; Rafferty; Ginsburg and McCoy). Data from the Admissions Testing Program of the college board show a positive correlation speaking between sat scores and the study of English. Verbal scores of students increased with each additional year of language study. Interestingly, the verbal scores of students who had taken four or five years of English were higher than the verbal scores of students who had taken four or five years of any other subjects. Learning English to research and study about culture in the world. And due to the fact that you can be entertainment and learn about people, cultures in the world. Initial, that is traveling.

looking for people who are proficient in speak english. Such skills are needed in service industries (hotel, tourism, food publishers and entertainment industries (films, radio, and sound production corporate offices with overseas accounts; and also in other areas such as medicine, law, business, journalism, and more general government work. Knowing English provides a competitive edge in career choices in todays and tomorrows world. The study of English affects academic areas as well. Research has shown that children who have studied English in elementary school achieve higher scores on standardized tests in reading, language arts, and mathematics than those who have not (Masciantonio, rafferty). The results of the louisiana report on foreign language and basic skills (Rafferty) show that regardless of their race, sex, or academic level, students in English classes outperformed those who were not taking English. Learning English has also been shown to enhance listening skills and memory, and the development of second language skills can contribute a significant additional dimension to the concept of learning Foreign Language communication.

Academic benefits to student,. Get better job, vii. Learning Foreign Language, the cause of garden learning English, learning English is very important. English is a language which is spoken and understood by many people in most countries of the world. It is, in fact the most important means of communication among the various countries of the world. Knowledge of new discover ies and inventions in one country is transmitted to other countries through English for the benefit of the world. In this way english help to spread knowledge and progress.

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Over the past two decades, countries in the world have become more and more interdependent and new technologies have erased many existing borders. So, learning English is very importance to economic development, Academic benefit to students, cultural understanding, expand relationships, and get better job. Learning Foreign Language, outline,. Introduction, thesis statement: learning Foreign Language help learner have change to get better life. Learner can extend knowledge about many cultural in the world, get more relationships and good job. We will write a custom essay sample on learning foreign language specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on learning foreign language specifically for you. For review only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on learning foreign language specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, iii.

argumentative essay learning foreign language
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IntroductionAs a result of globalization Professional argumentative essay editing sites for university and technological progress, English as a language started to be widely learnt cheap. Some people say that the only reason for learning a foreign language is to travel or work in a foreign country.

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  1. These essays are sometimes called argumentative essays because of this. Also, studying foreign language helps people to keep their mind opened for new things. Evona york has said that, sometimes learning a foreign language helps you understand your own language and culture better through comparison.

  2. Students who have learned a foreign language in high school have proven to have a show more content. Fluentu language learning Blog, m/blog/reasons-to-learn -a-foreign -language /. Ten Amazing reasons Why you should learn a foreign Language.

  3. This is just a sample. To get a unique essay hire Writer. Introduction Thesis statement: learning Foreign Language help learner have change to get better life. The Importance of learning Foreign Languages Essay.

  4. The benefits of college students in teaching, and details into one would try to write a foreign language not so, so that the. Mendocino student shares why it would be more beneficial to learn a foreign language in grammar school instead of in the later school years. It would be a waste not to use a childs natural ability to learn during his or her most vital years when learning a second language is as easy as learning the. Learning foreign language Essay.

  5. Name: kevin koku donkor Essay type: Argumentative topic: does foreign. Essay will be analysed in many second language efl learners ' argumentative essays. Learning english is better for.

  6. Some experts believe that is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Foreign language is a language native to other nation. Learning a foreign language is becoming essential nowadays and it can change the way of life.igcse first Language English: coursework paper.

  7. Foreign Language Essay - foreign Language Essay innehållsförteckning learning any foreign tongue has become both Argumentative persuasive learning a foreign Language Essays : you can comment below on this learning a foreign language essay to help the student improve their score. Learning a foreign Language Essays. By Dhruvisha Shah (Ahmedabad, gujarat, India).

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