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a review about a movie

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Others can learn the same. You must give. Pay it Forward Essay. In the movie pay it Forward there are many key points that can be touched. In my eyes the movie was truly inspiring and it shows many examples of how one person can really change society for the better good no matter what their age. The whole concept of pay it forward is quit astonishing, it starts with one person trying to find 3 people in need. When you find one person you need a good unannounced deed that changes their lives for the good and when they ask why you did you just say pay to them just make sure you pay it forward. After that the person you just did the deed for will return the favor to someone else and the cycle will keep repeating itself.

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One day this made his father extremely angry and his father to his anger out on Eugene, monet first name. His father covered him in gasoline and then lit a match in which he threw on Eugene. This caused him to get many burns all over his body. This life situation caused monet to not essays trust many people because he is scared to be hurt again. These life situations will continue to affect monet and they will always shape his life. Eugene is helped by Trevor, who gets him to date his mom. His mom, Arlene, accepts Eugene for his self and his burns and scars that still remain from his fathers anger. Eugene then paid it forward by helping Arlene after Trevors death. Simonet also helped by assigning the project in the first place. Simonet also helped me learn that you must give up your past if you want to move forward and change your life. Simonet always held onto the past and that hindered him from loving and trusting Arlene.

Pay, it, forward ". The word Forward meaning instead of paying back the favor to the person who helped you (who has been helped before by others) they will find three other people to return the favor. They do not have to do it, but they will definitely want to do it, because they have been helped unselfishly and it truly is a pleasure to help without asking for any reward in return. That I believe is the message of this movie. To be touched by someone who has helped you without asking anything in return, because the helper has also been touched by someone who helped him essay without asking for anything in return, and. Movie analysis: pay it Forward Essay. Hauser Freshman Seminar pay it forward : Character Analysis In the movie pay it Forward, many characters can tell many life lessons. Today i am going to focus on the character monet and the many things they did to help and the things they had to endure in their lifetime. When monet was younger his mother and father were off and.

a review about a movie

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He gets angry whenever his mother is sneaking alcohol from the garage. Pay it Forward Psychology movie review Essay. Pay it forward, movie, review, lisa holmes Life Span Psycology2012, pay, it, forward (2000) kevin Spacey (Actor haley joel Osment (Actor mimi leder (Director) rated: pg-13 format: dvd this short movie is great for several reasons. It is inspiring, entertaining and offers hope for mankind. The idea is to help three people in need and when they ask you what do you want in return, all you have to do is tell them that they will not want to. Of course, this is reverse psychology and the more you say they will not want to do it, the more they will want to. When they pester you for an answer, you then tell them that they have to help three other people in return. This strategy is called resume ".

With a longing for someone to guide him, a father-like figure, he responded to his professors challenge with positivity and eagerness. Trevor created a unique concept called. It is an act of doing a large favor to three different people, and like a pyramid, spreading the word to each of the recipients and to do favors to three strangers. Trevor's efforts to make good on his idea bring a revolution not only in the lives of himself, his mother and his physically and emotionally scarred teacher, but in those of an ever-widening circle of people completely unknown to him. The challenge has become Trevors goal and decided to own this teacher-imposed goal because he finds it relevant to his life. His aspirations and hopes for a better world. He was brought up by a single parent, an alcoholic mother. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, he has basic needs that are unmet. He has frustrations towards his absent abusive father and alcoholic mother.

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a review about a movie

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After the initial round of eye-rolls, most of us were staring intently at the screen after the first few minutes of the movie. We were engrossed in, pay it, forward, which is the story of a young boy who is struggling to fit in at his new school, deal with his home-life, and change the world, all at the same time. The moving underwriter plot is set in urban Los Vegas, nevada. It is the story of twelve-year-old Trevor whose new social studies teacher issues the class an interesting first assignment. They must come up with a plan that will influence the world in a positive way. While battling with an alcoholic single mother at home, and living in constant fright that his father will come back, trevor looks beyond his own struggles and helps the people he believes are in need. For his assignment he comes up with the idea.

Pay it, forward, whos concept was that you perform a random act of kindness to someone, and ask that. Pay it Forward- movie reflection Essay. Pay, it, forward -a, movie, reflection Professor Eugene simonet placed a big challenge on his Social Studies students: Think of an idea to change our world-and put it into action. Majority of the students responded negatively to the challenge, finding it weird and hard, except Trevor McKinney. He had a very permeable mind and he was ready to listen to anyone.

It's cliched and silly. I used to think porn movies needed to have a plot. This movie has me rethinking my stance. I know, this review is very negative and i almost feel bad writing this, especially after reading the porn club discussion and seeing what a long labor of love this movie was for Tabitha and Gary Orona. But one can't help not liking a movie. There is more to the movie than what I have written about in this review.

The thing is, i don't even know where to start in dissecting or even describing them, and this would turn into an extremely long review. As it stands, this was a long-winded way of saying I disliked this movie, but I hope that I was able to get across exactly why, i did. This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the. You may also find These documents Helpful. English pay it Forward movie review Essay. Title: pay, it, forward will have you giving money to those in need Trevor introducing his revolutionary idea to his classmates my class and I walked into the classroom and soon realized we would be watching a movie today. Since the teacher was suggesting it, most of expected the movie to be a cheesy drama that would teach us an important life lesson. The stuff that most teachers would have never been able to explain to us herself.

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The sex in the movie british is pretty darn boring. There were only two small elements to the movie that I liked. One was Ron Jeremy's cameo. For the brief amount of time he's on screen (5 minutes or so?) he does more acting than the other actors who are featured predominantly. They say that most good acting is in the eyes, and Ron's eyes conveyed the concern and worry he felt for Tabitha during a risque bdsm scene he was directing. The other element I liked is the woefully underused subplot of Tabitha's best friend and rock of Gibraltar, Alex. The actor managed to make me feel his worry for his friend but his role is too small. And what of her vision quest?

a review about a movie

One of the main points the hypocritical senator makes is that porn leads to darker things. And as we watch Tabitha confronted by darker demands from the evil porn producer, this inadvertently lends credence to what the senator said. From what i understand while listening to the director's commentary is that this more depraved and twisted porn industry is directly related to the anti-porn crusade. Um, yeah, i'm not buying. I have to admit it's really difficult to write a review about a movie dead that is confusing and has no redeeming qualities. Well, except for the cinematography; that was nice. But if good cinematography is all that a porn movie has going for it, something went terribly wrong somewhere.

film. The story is told in a non-linear fashion, much like how Pulp Fiction was done. But what separates the two-apart from the obvious fact that one is a porn and the other is a mainstream movie-is that Pulp Fiction was well-acted and this movie is not. I find that's the problem with porn movies that try to incorporate plot-there needs to be good acting to get people absorbed in the plot and have feelings for the characters (whether those feelings are good or bad and i've yet to see a porn. Through flashbacks, we see tabitha trying to maintain her sanity while balking at the depths to which the evil porn producer Marcellus (interestingly, marcellus was the name of Ving Rhames' character in Pulp Fiction) and the porn industry as a whole want her. See, he is holding a porn starlet friend of hers hostage and threatens to kill her if Tabitha does not perform as he asks. We know nothing of this starlet and, again, i find myself not caring whether she lives or dies.

There are several sex scenes and much symbolism in this movie. But it all boils down to good versus evil via the short porn industry. You've got your aforementioned hypocritical senator, a sleazy and meticulous lawyer (in an unnecessary scene an evil producer, an imprisoned young porn starlet, tabitha Stevens' best friend Alex, an assortment of porn actors, and Tabitha herself. There's even a cameo by porn legend Ron Jeremy. What there isn't is a plot that makes sense or is believable, great sex, and decent acting. It's just a hot mess. I think the biggest problem with the movie is the fact that there's not one character I feel for, not even Tabitha.

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"a flop" a slogan bad movie "Don't see that movie. It was a real flop. The acting and the special effects were terrible." "catch a movie" watch a movie "I plan on catching a movie if I get bored over the weekend.". More of Randall's favorite learning Resources. Quiz script, text Completion quiz, level: Topic: Type: Speakers: Length: difficult entertainment conversation man - girl 01:14. Sanatorium wants to be a good porn movie with a plot. Unfortunately, it fails on every level. The premise is this: Porn star Tabitha Stevens (who also produces) recounts a tale of her own trials and tribulations being a porn star, her downward spiral into insanity and her vision quest that redeems her and makes her a "sexual warrior to a hypocritical.

a review about a movie
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